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  1. Time to convince them they can watch the new one without having seen the original.
  2. Of course it is sarcasm. They have American Made in a bigger screen than mother lmao. Likely. Unsure if I will see both in the same day but it is very likely I do.
  3. Smart move. Meanwhile in Almada, NOS has Kingsman playing in 3 screens
  4. Annabelle Creation drowing the haters in the good WOM that drove it to the 100M.
  5. The trailer is similar to the first one. It still looks fun to me. It seems to be a good option for families over the holidays tho.
  6. Eurocorp has fucking nothing. Distributors bought this because it was directed by Luc Besson, who was hot from Lucy, plain and simple.
  7. It would be a surprise if Nun didn't hit Annabelle 2 numbers tbh. WB would have to fuck up marketing badly.
  8. Reviews seem to be positive across the board. Still excited to see this.

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