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  1. Not yet but I plan on watching both episodes on the weekend.
  2. @MCKillswitch123 monster opening for Bad Boys Forever. Will Smith DOMINATING the box office. https://www.ica-ip.pt/fotos/downloads/ranking_fds_16_a_19_janeiro_2020_87535e25a2a282f8b.pdf Jumanji is now just 2.000 tickets below Star Wars' total after doubling it this weekend. It is fucking happening any day now. Solid starts for Just Mercy and A Hidden Life. Hysterical numbers for Dolittle. It is time to let Universal movies go. This is ridiculous.
  3. What about Halloween? What does that one prove? Horror movies are just usually weaker OS besides one or two exceptions.
  4. The fact that Dolittle is gonna do 30M 4 day OW speaks a lot about RDJ's star power.
  5. Dolittle - 16/20/53 Bad Boys For Life - 27/32/84
  6. I would understand connect the MCU with Venom, at least that was a hit, but this?
  7. Scarlett needs to say more racist and tone deaf shit. Maybe next time she gets 3 noms instead of 2. Also, lmao at JLo missing for Scarlett. Awkwafina was robbed because the Academy needed to nominate someone black and they went with Cynthia.
  8. @MCKillswitch123 Horrendous weekend. Insane drops all around. Poor openings for most stuff except The Informer. https://www.ica-ip.pt/fotos/downloads/ranking_fds_9_a_12_janeiro_2020_40305e1c5996a4cf1.pdf
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