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  1. Don't forget the TV show The Continental and the Halle Berry spin-off. This is gonna be their MCU.
  2. This Is Us' will probably get nominated but the 3rd season was easily the weakest by far. Killing Eve is also having a meh 2nd season but it will get nominated for sure, I actually think it can win with the backlash GoT is getting. Ozark won't get nominated, the 2nd season was straight up bad. I don't watch Saul or know what Succession is.
  3. The meltdowns tonight are gonna be LEGENDARY. D&D will be fired from Star Wars by the end of the year.
  4. It is a good/bad idea to put Maria Cerqueira Gomes as the host of Your Face Sounds Familiar. On one hand, if it works it might bump the morning show. On another hand, it might sink even harder the Sundays for TVI. I honestly think at this point it is a worthy risk. A Prisioneira has a shit ton of marketing on the streets that sells Joana Ribeiro vs Kelly Bailey as the big hook. Lets see if those two are the draws TVI expects them to be.
  5. @MCKillswitch123 A Tua Cara Não Me É Estranha returns... THIS SUNDAY?!?!? TVI IS FUCKING STUPID
  6. They have always dubbed live action family stuff. Dumbo was dubbed, and so will Aladdin and Dora.
  7. I was aware, that is why I went at night to watch the original version.
  8. I watched all of it. The entire 5 seasons. It was legendary. Now I am taking a medicine for all the side effects it caused from his trashiness called Chernobyl. Shit is AMAZING.
  9. I watch them all and I fell like I have lost years of life doing it. I am hyped for Batwoman tho so I will watch that as well next Fall lmao.
  10. @MCKillswitch123 RAP went all out on Berardo, this is the most savage thing I have ever witnessed, he teared him a new one (this probably exploded big in ratings but the TVI primetime will still die lmao)
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