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  1. IT Chapter 2 Saturday bump is similar to the one IT had on his Friday the 13th weekend.
  2. People are forgetting IT 2 got a bump because of Friday the 13th. It won't increase much today.
  3. @MCKillswitch123 people talking about Nazaré at my work. First time this has happened at my work. Everyone mentioned the scene you talked about 👀 ICONIC. Carolina Loureiro is a DRAW.
  4. FUCK I will watch the episode tonight. With scenes like that 30% share daily will be the normal.
  5. This movie was a hit here over the Easter holidays. It defeated Wonder Park actually. People love Corgis.
  6. Silly MCK. Portugal didn't crush Lithuania. Ronaldo did Also yeah, no surprise. SIC is just destroying right now. RAP is dead. Na Corda Bamba is dead. Masterchef will be a blip in the radar with 11-12% share.
  7. THE FUCKING QUEEN. I never had any doubts. She is way too appealing as a star. Golpe de Sorte is gonna make Na Corda Bamba and Masterchef sink next Sunday. Fully expecting under 20% share for the soap and under 15% share for Masterchef.
  8. Brutal heatwave destroyed cinema this weekend here @MCKillswitch123 Massive drops all around and a disappointing opening for IT Chapter 2 (68.900 tickets sold with Wednesday previews), with previews added in it barely beat the opening of IT in 2017 (68.694, and the first movie didn't had previews at all). Decent opening for Dolor Y Gloria while Official Secrets straight up flopped. https://www.ica-ip.pt/fotos/downloads/ranking_fds_05_a_08_de_setembro_2019_18455d76350ccd9d6.pdf The drops are ugly as well. Everything I look at plunged around 50%. Hopefully there is rain or something this coming weekend.
  9. When are reviews dropping for this one? Seems like WB is dumping it but still hoping for some decent reviews.
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