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  1. It feels like the marketing for Alita turned good a bit too late. Decent 5 day OW. Should end with 90M or so. We will never get a sequel and I certainly wanted one after that ending.
  2. The forum is dead. Bury it.
  3. This is a sad weekend at the box office. The weekend the Jason Blum brand dies with an ultra bomb. Also lmao at Alita. Jim loonies on suicide watch?
  4. The Mule and Aquaman were ages ago. AGES AGO. CENTURIES AGO. I WAS JUST A BABY WHEN THOSE HAPPENED.
  5. We like our animations like real animations. Not these trashy gimmicks inserted by Lord Miller. This is why LEGO and Spider-Verse will always underperform/bomb OS. Always. We like the real deal, not some crappy looking shit that hurts the eyes. Lord Miller doing animations is a MISTAKE.
  6. Visionary Robitel Da Gawd deserves this success. Blum should be locking this man into a 5 picture deal or something like that.
  7. LEGO Bomb 2 is doing 100M now and leading next weekend. Still one of the funniest box office crashings I have ever witnessed. Suck on the Illumination tit, haters.
  8. You know what, usually Futurist's take are quite weird but I have to agree with this. Maybe not 130M+ grossed but at least over 100M. Even in his death he still pushed Imitation Game to 90M+.

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