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  1. Well guys, this was... fine I guess? I am very disappointed to see what BOT has become. Hopefully the forums are still around for the big dogs of 2019. I wish you all good stuff for the next few months. Maybe we will talk again in the future. Meanwhile, @MrPink will have to continue to serve as my go to guy when it comes to random rants and crazy old man ramblings.
  2. I tried to start the weekend slightly early and it nearly got deleted. Fun just isn't allowed anymore.
  3. Man BOT has truly died. Big ass weekend and we haven't got 40 pages yet. How much longer until BOT dies for real?
  4. It has more identity than Ant-Man & The Wasp, that is for sure.
  5. If I am alive by then, Avengers probably. I must be here for the inevitable 300M OW.
  6. Only a few more hours until I fly away again until 2019. Esme and Lorna will help me keep going. 👀
  7. Jurassic World and Fifty Shades by a wide margin. Deadpool by like 500 tickets, but hey, a win is a win. It is gonna end well below it in total, tho.
  8. @MCKillswitch123 The Nun smashed IT's previous horror OW record here by a different of 43.000 tickets sold. It was not even a competition. It was the 3rd biggest OW of the year only behind Avengers and Incredibles. It is also the biggest horror movie by far here. So there you have it for box office PT news.

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