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  1. @MCKillswitch123 JOKER WON AGAIN LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO Disappointing opening for Ford v Ferrari. I expected more. https://www.ica-ip.pt/fotos/downloads/ranking_fds_14_a_17_novembro_2019_40575dd2790fc831e.pdf
  2. Ford v Ferrari was fucking awesome. I loved it. Hopefully it has really long legs and plays into December and even January with the Awards season.
  3. They had Sandra FREAKING Bullock as the lead. Plus Cate Blanchett and Anne Hathaway in the supporting cast.
  4. Naomi Scott was one of the leads of Aladdin and Elizabeth Banks isn't an unknown either.
  5. I was not gonna buy Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order but somehow ended up on FNAC and bought one copy.
  6. @MCKillswitch123 We are Joker. Monster drops all around tho. Expected but still holy shit. https://www.ica-ip.pt/fotos/downloads/ranking_fds_7_a_10_novembro_2019_163765dc9455cf3e55.pdf Solid starts for Midway, Playing With Fire and Countdown.
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