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  1. I don't think I ever complained? I actually liked them. I don't have much free time for moviegoing anymore. I am sure I will see GvK over the next few days as well as the Awards movies I am still missing.
  2. Of course 20M would be good. "Good" but bad. This movie is available on HBO MAX and torrents. Doing 40M instead of 20M is better, but in the end it is still a theatrical flop. Hopefully it brought in some good subs to HBO MAX. I have embraced my streaming Gods.
  3. I will renounce Nolan and Snyder if this beats King of the Monsters in America. Huge gross isn't 110M tho either way. This should be doing 200M in a normal market.
  4. Lmao at saying a 80-90M grosser is a big grosser This shit cost like 200M, it is a bombastic FLOP.
  5. I can't do predictions with the pandemic on going, but I am gonna say high 30s on the 5 day.
  6. If 10M OD is confirmed what are we looking at? 10M-6M-10M-10M-6M? That would be 41M. Less than King of the Monsters. FLOP.
  7. What do you mean 10M OD? Are people in America aware this is available on HBO MAX and torrents? I have tons of friends and people on my facebook feed here in Portugal who saw it last night.
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