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  1. @MCKillswitch123 So apparently TVI is already stretching Na Corda Bamba with stockshots of cities and flashbacks that reuse old footage. They probably won't have enough episodes to last until the end of May. The same goes for the new soap Quer o Destino. My only question is: why the fuck are they still airing them 6 times a week? Are they insane? They should have went with a mix of repeats and new episodes of Mental Samurai for Fridays and Saturdays, plus repeats of Ver Pra Crer and Kitchen Nightmares at 11 PM as soon as filming stopped. Also, how is SIC dealing with this? I haven't read anything about Nazaré or Terra Brava?
  2. Forget any big movies, games and other content until Summer 2021. We will be dealing with multiple waves of this virus. PS5 and Xbox One 2 will get delayed. Same with all these movies. I legit loled when I saw Disney scheduling Mulan for July 24. That thing ain't coming out earlier than 2021.
  3. Divergent was insane. At least FOX was smart with Maze Runner.
  4. @MCKillswitch123 TVI gonna premiere Marco Horácio's new comedy show against... RAP? Straight into death.
  5. I am well past that and I haven't started it yet. I watched Far From Home today. Maybe I will try go backwards. Yup, that is exactly what I am gonna do. Endgame tomorrow.
  6. I was about to say this. The big majority of OS markets moved it to September-October.
  7. I was literally about to give this example. Universal can sit on FF9 for a year but other studios can't? Lmao.
  8. These European lockdowns are nearly useless. Every country is still jumping a lot in new cases day by day. We are all going to be Italys, it is not a matter of "If" but "When".
  9. He is our all mighty God and FATHER. Get that man a statue!
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