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  1. If it makes 10M opening weekend and around 20M total like The Rise of Skywalker then that would be horrendous.
  2. Scream to me is such a 90s franchise. I love the first three movies but the fourth one did very little for me. And I don't think anyone involved with the film is to blame. It's just hard to recapture the 90s feel of the original trilogy 10 or 20 years later.
  3. Don't think it will open that high either. WB's biggest OW this year is still GvK with 32.2M. Dune making twice as much is a tall order.
  4. 60M opening weekend would be great imo. Even if HBO Max absolutely destroys its legs it should reach 100M domestic.
  5. You really think a movie about Venom could never appeal to critics? I kind of hate the fact that so many people have just accepted that these movies are trainwrecks. If we reward garbage then we're only going to get more garbage. '
  6. https://deadline.com/2021/04/godzilla-vs-kong-box-office-profit-hbo-max-1234732050/ Anyone remember this? AT&T paid Legendary back Legendary's share of the production cost (75% of 165M) of Godzilla vs Kong in order to release it on HBO Max and, therefore, the theatrical break-even point was only 330M worldwide. Surely, sth similar happened with Dune behind the scenes (Legendary also footed 75% of the 165M bill)). So even if Dune cost 165M and another 165M was spent on marketing then it should have a similar break-even point as GvK had.
  7. Venom doesn't come out until Oct 15 in most international markets so right now we only have to worry about Bond. (Oct 1)
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