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  1. They should do a sports movie based on Quidditch Through The Ages. I'd pay good money to see that.
  2. I just hope the titular "secret of Dumbledore" is his romantic relationship with Grindelwald. It's been, what, 14 years since we established that they had a thing? I think it's time we saw it on the big screen.
  3. Oh, it goes beyond that. One thing that always irked me about the series is that the wizards have what amounts to INSTANTANEOUS, GREENHOUSE-GAS-FREE TRANSPORTATION. If Portkeys and broomsticks were made available to Muggles, Al Gore would be proud. But wizards are content to let muggles keep polluting the planet.
  4. I'm kind of afraid she'll make it so the evil wizards were controlling the Nazis the whole time, which to me feels dangerously like holocaust denial.
  5. So apparently it's set in the early 1930s, and it takes place partly in Germany and partly in China. Does this mean our heroes are going to be dealing with both Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan (remember, Japan had already invaded China by this point)? Or is that asking too much of Rowling?
  6. Disney will probably win, but their total will still be very low compared to pre-pandemic years.
  7. Sort of a shame the poll's still not up, but when do you think that'll be?
  8. How does one review a movie like PAW Patrol? That is the question. In theory, a movie should be judged by its ability to appeal to its intended target audience, and to accomplish what it was intended to do. The problem is that, in practice, when you apply this standard to movies designed exclusively for the enjoyment of the six-and-under crowd, it doesn't work as well as it should. No, there's nothing inherently bad about PAW Patrol: The Movie, but even if one were to review it by the standards of what it is supposed to be-- a mindless two-hour distraction for your preschooler-- i
  9. It seems poised to make about $20 million in its opening weekend worldwide, which is better than I would have imagined. But like a lot of movies this year, it might end up being heavily front-loaded, especially since it's also out on Paramount+ already. I predict a worldwide total of around $45 million, give or take. The question is, will that be enough to cover its budget? The production values definitely look higher on this movie than they are on the TV show, but then again some very good-looking computer animated movies have had surprisingly low budgets. And in any case, as a P
  10. Are you sure? This movie is tracking to open in the mid-single-digits. I'm normally wary about assigning budgets to movies that don't have them, but if it's like other low-tier CGI movies, it could be somewhere around $25 to 30 million. Even with a budget like that, a $7 million opening weekend is weak to say the least.
  11. Let's see if that score lasts. Remember, Space Jam: A New Legacy also had a 100% score early on in its release.
  12. I think a big reason this movie didn't do as well as everyone thought-- at least in theaters-- might just be the title. It's called The Suicide Squad. We already had a Suicide Squad movie five years ago, with one of the same main characters, no less. So when people saw ads for this one, they most likely thought "More of the same? I'm going to skip it, or just watch it on streaming." If they had called this movie something else, that wouldn't have been an issue.
  13. Agreed. The 737 MAX was controversial, but not to the extent that a documentary about it would realistically break box-office records. I know CAYOM isn't supposed to take place in "our" world, but since this movie is based on a real-life event, its performance should reflect people's reaction to that event. By the way, what are the worldwide totals right now?
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