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  1. Fossil Record Animation For those of you who aren't aware, Fossil Record Animation specializes in low-budget, high-concept animated feature films that pack the visual punch of those from bigger studios. The majority of our works are aimed at teen or adult audiences, but the low budget gives us the flexibility to work with different genres than more expensive "mainstream" animated films. Year 9 Projects Year 10 Projects Projects with a director, but no set date Announced projects with no director
  2. I thought you were talking about movies already on the official calendar.
  3. It is if the entires want any hope of being "successful".
  4. I actually think the deadline should be sooner rather than later, since it would keep the schedule from being crowded with too many films being released on the same dates.
  5. Sorry to double post, but I figured it would be relevant to this thread to compile a list of all the upcoming American adult-oriented animated movies currently planned. Many of them are comedies, but other are not. They are: Fixed (Sony Pictures Animation comedy) The Black Knight (Sony Pictures Animation action/adventure movie) Bob's Burgers: The Movie (Comedy, TV series adaptation) Bubble (Comedy, based on the podcast of the same name) The Peasants (US/Polish/British co-production, historical drama)
  6. Well, part of the reason I'm asking is because I was wondering whether in-universe audience awareness of the property (fictional or otherwise) would have an impact of the movie's success.
  7. Are we allowed to submit a movie that is described as an adaptation in-universe, but whose "source material" is completely fictional? Like, say I wanted to make a movie that's based on a book, but the book only exists in the CAYOM-verse. Is that allowed?
  8. Thanks for clearing that up. Although, I do want to give other creators a chance to breathe, since there's a limited number of slots left.
  9. So why are only two movies listed on August 9th, even though I've written up another one?
  10. How many movies am I, as a creator, allowed to submit? I've done two so far-- one which has been added to the schedule, and one which has not. Is it worth it to put in a third?
  11. I thought Frankenstein Jr. was also scheduled for 8/9/Y8.
  12. Avatar still uses a lot of human actors and live background, which to me disqualifies it from being classified as an animated film. That said, if there were ever a film in the franchise that took place entirely on Pandora, with no humans and all-CGI backgrounds (sort of like what the 2019 remake of The Lion King did) it would qualify as an animated film, and most likely meet all of the criteria.
  13. I'm going to count motion capture, but Beowulf itself doesn't count, because it wasn't financially successful. Also, the issue with motion capture is that it's extremely expensive-- Beowulf earned $190 million, which is a lot by most measures, but because it cost $150 million it wasn't profitable.
  14. Big things really do come in small packages, it seems. Fossil Record Productions, the indie animation studio behind this year's The Insect God, has revealed its next project, the Pacific Northwest-themed fantasy Raven Island. Pre-production on Raven Island has been under way for some time already, but the famously secretive Raleigh, North Carolina-based studio has waited until now to make it public. "At Fossil Record, we work with lower budgets than the big studios," says studio head Mark Pierce. "That gives us more freedom to explore new genres, since we don't have to make as much money to be profitable. But at the same time, we don't want to have a reputation for only making a certain kind of movie. Raven Island is our first 'kid' movie-- it's aimed at a younger audience than The Insect God, and we're shooting for a PG rating-- but it's still more serious than most animated movies out there." Raven Island will be released in Y9.
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