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  1. I was sort of picturing the sequel doing something more in line with the tone and themes of live-action Marvel Cinematic Universe movies-- which, while rated PG-13, are nevertheless widely viewed by children and families.
  2. Which just proves my point even further. I'm not saying it's necessarily likely, but it's a distinct possibility that can't be ruled out, not the way it could be ruled out for 99% of other animated movies.
  3. ABC Warriors (comic series) Fire-bringer (novel by David Clement-Davies) Silverwing (novel by Kenneth Oppel) Molly and Emmett (children's book by Marilyn Hafner) The first three of these are for Fossil Record Pictures, the last one is for The Workshop.
  4. How much could you see it making from a theatrical release?
  5. Not always. Alien vs. Predator was PG-13 while Alien vs. Predator: Requiem was R. The first four Harry Potter movies were all PG, and the last four were PG-13. Scary Movie and its sequel are rated R (hard Rs at that), but 3 and 4 are PG-13. So it does happen.
  6. Considering that Sony has already committed to making more adult-oriented animated films, that Into The Spider-Verse itself was somewhat darker than an average PG-rated movie of its time, and that live-action superhero movies are typically PG-13, is it possible that Across The Spider-Verse might be PG-13?
  7. Disney is still contractually obligated to give Bob's Burgers a theatrical release, whether they want to or not. The tagline on the poster even says "In Flippin' Theaters". I could see Disney continuing to delay the movie if the pandemic doesn't subside. Not because they're particularly invested in its success, but because they're required to give it a theatrical release and they don't want to lose money in doing so. The big question is, how much can we expect this movie to make from a theatrical release?
  8. That was based on an already-popular Disneyland ride, so it had built-in appeal that these other movies didn't have.
  9. In all honesty, that's probably the best solution to all this. Warner Bros. should just purchase the entire Harry Potter franchise off J. K. Rowling's hands, the same way Disney bought Lucasfilm from George Lucas. Then-- to continue the analogy--they could do what Disney did with Star Wars, and declare Rowling's tweets and Pottermore posts non-canon, so they wouldn't have any more bearing on the franchise. As it stands, I have a hard time seeing where the movies will go from here. Assuming Secrets of Dumbledore makes about $500M worldwide, which would be a decent amount of money f
  10. It's not going to get pushed to Hulu. They already made a poster for it that says "In Flippin' Theaters."
  11. What are you all's predictions regarding the Bob's Burgers movie? It comes out in May, but there hasn't even been a trailer for it.
  12. I'm intrigued by this movie. See, straight-up action/adventure animated movies, as opposed to buddy comedies, fairy tales, and family dramas, have never been Disney's forte. Their various attempts to venture into this genre, such as Atlantis and Treasure Planet, were box-office flops. It's symptomatic, I would argue, of a greater issue Disney has had for many decades. Basically, the teenage male audience is the great white whale Disney has always failed to catch. They tried in the early 1980s with horror and sci-fi movies like Tron and The Black Hole, as well as their first PG-rated a
  13. Screening In-Competition Shadow of the Comet Studio: Fossil Record Animation Director: Harold Kingsley Genre: Action, Science-Fiction Rating: PG-13 for language, violence Budget: $25 Million Runtime: 2 hr 25 min Format: hand-drawn animation Main Cast: Samuel L. Jackson as Lee Richards Janet Maheswaran* as Valerie Acharya John Wilkins* as Michael Schwartz Peter David Meyers* as Ian Seymour Andrew Harrow* as Joseph "Big Joe" Creed Plot Summary
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