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  1. The question is, how much is this movie making from HBO Max? There's no chance it'll earn back its $150 million budget from theatrical revenue alone at this rate, but could it do well enough as a streaming title for Warner Bros. to deem it a success?
  2. Maybe so, but there's been a big shift over the past couple of years over how movies are evaluated. It used to be that movies made all their money in theaters. If they were lucky, a movie that failed to earn back its money in theaters could make extra money on home video, but studios usually didn't care about that-- they considered a movie a lost cause once it failed in theaters, regardless of how well it did on video later. Take the case of Warner Bros.'s own The Iron Giant. It flopped in theaters, but it was a strong seller on home video. However, studios are usually only interested in theat
  3. So I'm hearing projections of a $20 million-$25 million opening weekend. Normally, that would be pretty weak in context of such a huge budget, but considering it's also going to HBO Max, that could change things.
  4. This: https://web.archive.org/web/20200420142010/http://film.ca.gov/wp-content/uploads/CA-Tax-Credit-Progress-Report-2019.pdf And no, I can't believe it either. That is, like, stupidly expensive for a Warner Bros. animated movie.
  5. What I'm wondering is, how much will this make in theaters? It apparently cost $150 million, which is a lot by the standards of a Warner Bros. animated movie.
  6. Regardless, there needs to be a rating like that for movies, so that G can be reserved for things actually aimed at General Audiences. That way PG can mean Parental Guidance again, and the whole rest of the rating system can go back to its original meanings too.
  7. I think a good solution to that would be to create another new rating for movies that are aimed specifically at young children, as opposed to truly "general" audiences. The ESRB, which rates video games, has such a rating-- EC, for Early Childhood, which is distinct from the E for Everyone rating. We need something like that for movies.
  8. It's apparently rated PG. The MPAA is officially dead to me. (grumpy old man voice) Back in my day, PG actually meant Parental Guidance.
  9. I'm making a list of 50. They are in no particular order, just think of this as a list of the 50 I like most. 1. Fritz The Cat 2. Pinocchio 3. Akira 4. Wizards 5. The Iron Giant 6. Toy Story series (I'm giving this place in the list to the series as a whole) 7. Antz 8. The Prince Of Egypt 9. Big Hero 6 10. Heavy Metal 11. The Secret of NIMH 12. Beauty And The Beast 13. The Lion King 14. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind 15. Moana 16. Coco 17. Inside Out 18. Up 19. Isle of Dogs 20. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse 21. The Incredibles
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