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  1. made a map of worldwide release http://tiebapic.baidu.com/forum/w%3D580/sign=7032eab4239b033b2c88fcd225cf3620/bf529b2f07082838bb282ba4af99a9014c08f103.jpg
  2. I saw this official graph says in argentina DS 15586 admissions = 5076435 peso, so the average ticket price is 325 peso, if total admission is 21000, the total gross would be 6,825,000 peso, around 72837 USD http://tiebapic.baidu.com/forum/w%3D580/sign=96a01eca37a446237ecaa56aa8237246/73e9b24543a98226347e4f979d82b9014b90ebf5.jpg
  3. Why drop 70% is a bad thing? It still contribute top 1 box office during the weekend. Compared to other anime films it's good. Compared to hollywood films is bad. There is no absolute good or bad, just data.
  4. MORTAL KOMBAT $6.23M Weekend (Est.) 3,114 Screens / $2,002 Avg. Weekend 2 / -73.2% Change $34.08M Total (North America)
  5. DEMON SLAYER THE MOVIE: MUGEN TRAIN $6.42M Weekend (Est.) 1,905 Screens / $3,370 Avg. Weekend 2 / -71.8% Change $34.1M Total (North America)
  6. $1.8m DS $1.3m MK Monday $1.8m DS $1.2m MK Tuesday $1.5m DS $0.9m MK Wednesday $1.4m DS $0.8m MK Thursday Looks like DS will beat MK opening week... source:http://www.worldofkj.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=88074
  7. In australia before covid Dragon ball: Broly drop 85% 2nd weekend, while DS drop 70% after covid, maybe we can assume DS do better at retaining than other anime films
  8. I'm thinking 60-65% drop $7.5-8.5M considering low competition, good reputation and added imax. In australia the 2nd weekend drop is 70% due to 2 new strong competitor raya and chaos walking,
  9. I just searched and the pirated versions already out!
  10. I don't think there is any way to stop that, it spreads faster and more easily than covid.
  11. Well, I believe it's a human mistake, it won't do much to North America's BO, but as soon as the hd version can be found in any illegal site, it's going to be a box office disaster for countries lack of copyright protection.
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