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  1. I think I will go to the movies after the quarantine. I'm really looking forward to it. This year my life has changed because of the coronavirus. Most of my plans I could not realize. I planned to move to another apartment, more spacious and more expensive. But because of the pandemic, I lost my job because the company could not withstand this crisis and closed. I started looking for another job, but it was not easy to do because of the situation in the world. I found a part-time job, it's good that at least there is one. It is clear that I stayed to live in an old apartment. The situation wit
  2. I’ve just watched Wonder Woman 1984. I’m disappointed, the first part (2017) was much cooler, more emotional and touching. The beginning of the film is incredibly prolonged, the plot, more or less, begins to spin only after 40 minutes. As for epic scenes, fights, etc., there will be ONLY THREE of them in all 2.5 hours! This is probably why I was very bored watching this film, so I wanted to press rewind in order to quickly start looking at something dynamic. The first significant and exciting event comes only after 80 minutes of the film !!! Therefore, I did not like it.
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