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  1. The beauty of this post is that I don’t know if you’re trying to be unfunny or if you are actually unfunny.
  2. Yeah. Where are the official numbers? WB is scared to release them. Keep living in your own dream world though. Oh and cool of you to use a ten year old gif. Had that ready eh? Can’t wait to watch the suicide squad fail.
  3. Completely wrong. Sorry, but do some research. It was #1 on the U.K sales chart four times when it was released as a rental/buy. It was watched by over ten million people worldwide in the first 45 days of release. And it wasn’t marketed except by Snyder. WB tried to sabotage it by leaking it and it still found an audience. It was also over 3 hours and 45 minutes long. People are asking for it to continue on hbo max as it’s own universe but wb execs are losers and only care about their egos. That’s the truth. Why not release the streaming numbers if it was a failure? It wasn’t. That’s why WB wo
  4. Is that 6.72 to 6.88 number just for preview shows? I mean Thursday night? Seems improbable as of right now. There’s so little buzz for the Suicide Squad. Seems like nobody wants to watch another film with these characters. Do you have the numbers for Friday? Thank you!
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