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  1. so what? doesnt answer my question regarding its views against the phone movie
  2. trailew views stcuk at 16m the black phone trailer which came out the next day is at 21m already with less SM hype. whats up?? wait, just check and H:kills only has 14m lol
  3. i dont know much about the saga, i hate superhero movies. all i saw was dr strange in the trailer playing with tom holland. with covid cases going up and the new variant + being very near xmas i think a lot of people wont wanna go to the theatres right now
  4. yes for me too, in spain. at least i got before soho and resident evil but not like those movies didnt flop completely lol
  5. it never had a chance even with no covid. movie's still big? where? its iconic, but its not current at all. its pretty much a product of its time
  6. this wasnt that bad. enjoyed the first hour a lot, then it was pretty generic, i dont understand why they made leon borderline retarded tho
  7. the trailer is AWESOME. def. wanna see this, and im not a big fan of the saga
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