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  1. Everywhere the legs of the movie have been great expect for Japan. In a non pandemic context this movie would have made easily 550-600M
  2. Men always decide what is better in every corner of art, nothing new. There are so many unoriginal gangster movies with such an undeserved consideration by critics and academics over so much better romantic movies only because men feel them more. That's the point, the difference is more in the feelings than in the surface of their opinions.
  3. Movie was ok. I mean it's just a marvel movie. The only reason those male critics born in the 70s and 80s hate it is because it's not the indiana jones meeting back to the future formula every marvel movie has. Or at least it's a little bit different. There is no real cinematic reason to say this is worst than the last 2 spider man or captain marvel or whatever, it's just harmeless cinema like every marvel movie. If you can love more than a type of harmless blockbusters you can love this too. It's not a disaster. I don't know how someone can call this boring while the first half than Av
  4. International box office seems really good for this, definitely the stronger start in pandemic for every movie, not only marvel. International reviews are a lot better too.
  5. the secret life of Pets 2 first movie 368.5M domestic 875M total sequel 158M domestic 430 M total
  6. This is gonna have the same "average" multiplier of every Marvel movie LOL I don't know why people are so over dramatic
  7. The movie has already 262K votes on imdb. For example Shang Chi has 118K votes and Black Widow on pair with 263k (released on may and already on home video WW). So yeah i think piracy numbers are really big for Dune.
  8. and why the characters are talking in english but with the italian accent when the movie is set in Italy and they are italians?. This choice is so stupid 😅. To be loyal to the original in italian they should dub it like they are italo americans when they are just italians?
  9. Trailer is so terrible it hurts. Looks like one of this cheap biografical series full of stars out of character made by Ryan Murphy. And they're still trying to convince us Lady gaga can act.
  10. Villenueve is gonna make a Paul Autrides trilogy. Also i don't think warner plans are to follow the books. They're gonna explore the universe in a different way. The last books of the series are not that appreciated or famous. From what villenueve said in some interview even for the second book he has some different ideas from the original source.
  11. Just a -36% from the first day last week in Korea. Total after 8 days is 4.5M. Definitely coming for 10M+. What we can say about this movie is if it makes a good debut than it has great legs. This is happened everywhere.
  12. a 45M opening is really possible with these previews. Really good with the Hbo Max release.
  13. Numbers in Italy are not just good but great. Without limitations and green pass it could have reach 10M. For a first chapter of a new franchise great numbers in Italy.
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