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  1. Dune: 108M Domestic (Total run) +272 M Intl actual = 380M Australia : 15M ; New Zeland: 2M ; UK: 1M ; Vietnam: 1M ; Korea: 1M = 20M 400 M done !!!!
  2. Really bad numbers from UK and Mexico... Encanto is about colombian family
  3. Box office mojo: 267,2 M international total... This is -1,7 M from estimates... Australia must be massive if u want Dune +400M WW
  4. -62% last week... I thought weekdays would be sub 50% after the good hold of the last weekend with the loss of imax, etc..
  5. True xD. I think Eternals will gross 10M € here if wom allow it
  6. 100M Domestic is locked I think Dune gross 23,8M since last Sunday (222,7 to 246,5) so I think Dune can add another 23,5 M in current markets up to 270M With OZ 10-15... 280-285 overseas. 380-385 Total
  7. Korea total run 12 M while Japan just 6 M... I think Warner release Dune too early in Japan. We all know piracy its not a problem in Japan and i would prefer Jan/Feb 2022 with the boost from good reviews and Academy nominations Too early for a unknown ip
  8. Big markets: China, Autralia, Japan. Maybe some asian countries too , like Vietnam , Philipines ; New Zeland too
  9. Box office Italy (Dune) Thursday: 62k/5,99 (-40% LT) Friday: 72k/6,06 (-51% LF) Without new big openers this weekend, this is big drop... 😥
  10. Yesterday was the Uefa Nations League semifinals between Italy and Spain. That could have affected
  11. Please stop this.. Domestic; studio takes 50% China: studio takes 25% International: studio takes 43% The production cost are offset by profits from box office. Marketing cost are offset by profits from DVD/ Blue-ray / television rights / streaming.. About streaming: HBO Max pays a small part too (10 M?) and keep in mind that there coud be new suscribers that also help to make a profit to offset the marketig costs as well
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