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  1. Hahaha, seriously? How is saying I don't understand how people considered a movie good "insulting" them? This'll be my last post so don't worry, but damn. I thought this place was full of adults but if someone else's opinion on bad movies causes this much buttcheek-clinching I don't think this is the place for me. So later y'all.
  2. When was the last time you watched them? -The fight scenes in the first one have aged like unpasteurized milk -All the "teenagers" look like they're in their mid 30s -Peter alternates at breakneck speeds between turning MJ down and trying to win her over -LEAVE SPIDAH-MAN ALONE BECAWS THIS IN NEW YOHK or something -Nearly all of the tension between Peter and Harry in the trilogy could've been resolved by a five second conversation -Doc Oc, who has no super powers, takes dozens of full power punches and kicks to the face from Spidey, tanks them, then gets kn
  3. I think it's a huge mistake to bring in characters from the other two Spiderman movie franchises. I think all the Maguire and Garfield movies are utterly horrible. I liked the original Spider-Man in 2002, but I was 12 at the time. Going back now I can't even sit through any of the Raimi or Garfield films and I truly don't understand how Spider-Man 2 was ever considered a good movie. I fell asleep at the theater when it came out, even. Nobody ever liked Spider-Man 3, which they shouldn't, but I consider the other movies nearly as bad.
  4. He was complimentary about the movie before it tanked but the closer he got to the end of his life the less positively he spoke about the movie. I genuinely think he was just trying not to poison the well for the movie. But even if he did genuinely love it? It's still a horrible movie. He was a great author but that doesn't make him a film critic, nor is he an unbiased source.
  5. I hated Lynch's Dune decades before I ever read the book. It's an utterly horrible movie. The decision to have characters dub over whispered internal monologues on top of close ups of constipation faces is, by a wide margin, the stupidest decision in the history of film. Second stupidest would be having the first ~15 minutes of the movie be various characters speaking exposition directly to the audience. The first rule of cinema is show, don't tell. If you can't find a way to convey that information to the audience visually, you've utterly failed as a filmmaker.
  6. Lynch's Dune is one of the worst movies ever made. An atrocity against both literature and cinema.
  7. https://www.cordcuttersnews.com/dune-on-hbo-max-had-the-top-streaming-opening-weekend-of-2021-so-far/
  8. I must've missed the episode where Diana cried alone in the dark for 60 years over the death of a guy she knew for a few days, then used a stranger's body to have sex and do incredibly dangerous stuff without his consent, only agreeing to give the man his body and free will back when it became clear it was the only way to save the world.
  9. I am not saying all the actors in the movie are bad actors. I'm saying all of their performances in the movie were bad, just like nearly everything else about the movie. David Lynch was as equipped to tackle Dune as a horse is to tackle brain surgery.
  10. Utterly horrible performances on both of their parts. At least Kyle proved he could act later on, which is more than can be said about Sting. But in this movie every line Kyle delivers sounds like he's in a high school play and he just read the line off the script for the first time in his life.
  11. No. Nobody in that movie turned in a good performance. Not a single one, not in any of the different cuts out there. The only people from that movie who don't owe me pain and suffering damages are all the people who worked on the soundtrack.
  12. Baldwin is a producer on the film and as a union actor he should know to only take the weapon from the armorer and to see for himself that it's clear before taking possession of it. Baldwin absolutely deserves his share of the blame here, among many others. The AD who handed him the weapon, the armorer, every producer who ignored safety concerns, the propmaster. Plenty of blame to go around, there's no excuse for this happening.
  13. He has a good connection with all four of them. That's why Yueh's betrayal and Thufir's ultimate fate carry so much weight in the story.
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