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  1. The Batman has 21 days to itself, maybe 28 if Lost City is a bomb. $400m dom should be achievable
  2. You can be a part of an extended/connected universe and not have the other characters show up
  3. Sony intentionally messing up the marketing so that when the movie disappoints Holland will sign on for tons of Spider-Man movies
  4. It was still stupid of the CEO to say on day 46 The Batman is going to streaming cause if its got really good legs and he changes that then the HBOmax subscribers are gonna be pissed
  5. Looked at quorum this morning and A2 is #3 in awareness and #5 in interest for the 2022 release schedule
  6. I stand corrected but thats still significantly below 150m so if anything a lot of us might be overestimating The Batman
  7. Most people here see this opening up somewhere around the 150m range, thats not sleeping on it thats being realistic, remember S-M Homecoming opened to like 98m and that was apart of the MCU, The Batman is in its own world and DC doesn't have the fanbase/trust that Marvel has
  8. Are there any covid restrictions that might be causing the huge drop or is it just competition?
  9. https://twitter.com/Franspeech/status/1484538009995329538?s=20
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