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  1. I think 10%-15%, without omicron/restrictions here and there But the most ciritcal thing is that this whole Covid pandemic area has been changing people's way of watching movie, especially the number of repeat viewing in the cinema. In the past, people can watch a movie 2-3 times in cinema but now, they can watch a movie one time in the cinema then will wait for it to be released in digital version due to the increase in Covid's cases. They still go to cinema to watch movie for the 1st time for the experience. But Covid can make them hestitant to go to watch it again and again i
  2. I thought EG had more since NWH has to share with other big movive JJK
  3. Far From Home (46,638 -> 94,767 -> 149,951)Endgame (92,022 -> 154,583 -> 248,394). Endgame seemed more frontload than FFH in the OD tho
  4. From Corpse At the Usual Locations, on Friday (OD), (2pm -> 7pm -> Final) Far From Home (46,638 -> 94,767 -> 149,951) Endgame (92,022 -> 154,583 -> 248,394). NWH so far noon 12:00 am: 57675
  5. Didn't majority of Mugen Train's run happen in the cinema capacity restriction period of time in Japan back then?
  6. what is the difference between Emergency and preventive measures?
  7. That is a good marketing strategy. Why they dont do that? It will be stupid if missing that opportunity
  8. How is the buzz/marketing for NWH in Japan so far? (Internet, media, public,...)
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