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  1. I am happy this movie ended up being a commercial and a critical success. My childhood winning! I was grinning under my mask like 50% of the time watching it. Will see it again soon.
  2. Scream 4 grossed almost 60m overseas, what are the predictions for this one?
  3. Oh wow. I am now overly excited. Lets fucking go!
  4. Scream 3 is great in its own way. Iconic.
  5. This is the worst possible time covid wise, half of the population is sick. But it still looks good, buzz is nice, marketing is on point and people are booking the tickets. I also have covid so I cannot see it this week.
  6. If this gets good reviews, it will break out. 75+ on RT and we are getting a 50 million ow.
  7. Ok, this actually looks promising. Thanks. Do you have any IT comparisons maybe?
  8. Everyone underestimating Jurassic World again. That will be #1. This is doing amazing.
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