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  1. Such a shame. Here in the UK it just hit a 5x multiplier and it’s back up to #4.
  2. Scream -25% $1.55m. Pleasantly surprised. How much do you think this will help the current films?
  3. Glass did though. And Scream’s Tuesday drop was already 8% more.
  4. I wonder how Scream will do, maybe another -45% Wednesday and a smaller drop on Thursday since nothing of note opens.
  5. I know, I just thought -46% was harsh until I seen the other films.
  6. At first this drop (-46%) panicked me then I seen the drops for Spider Man (-64%) and Sing 2 (-76%). Phew.
  7. That seems to be causing a bit of trouble in the fandom. Some are angry because Wes Craven specifically clarified, numerous times, that she’s dead. But there we go, the film comments on fandom so well that we don’t have to say anything else lol. I liked it because I loved Kirby, but I know Hayden has a very troubled private life just now and hasn’t worked in so long so I doubt she’d be back for 6.
  8. Nah I really liked the Meeks twins and the two sisters. Jenna Ortega and Jasmine Savoy Brown are scene stealers.
  9. That oven scene is amazing. It got a huge reaction from the audience too. “Fucking Hand sanitizer?!!” 😂 One of the killers always comes back one last time, so it was needed. The knives through the necks and faces were excellent. Fantastic practical effects work on display too. The toxic fandom angle is just *chefs kiss*. I can’t believe no one else has thought of that, and I didn’t see it coming. So appropriate for both Scream and the way people behave today. Scream is a step above other horror films, because you care about the characters. I’m not ofte
  10. I’d have expected it to beat Shang Chi considering less people went to see it cinemas. And this is 5 days instead of 3 so it’s hard to compare.
  11. 14/01, 20.10 Scream sold out/202 people Trailers: Moonfall Top Gun Maverick The Devil’s Light Unwelcome Before the film: Scream trailer used to tell people to stay off their phones and not speak. Ghostface addressing the audience telling them not to spoil the ending. This went down a storm. This was hardcore fans. Even the smallest references and nods got huge reactions.
  12. Wow, imagine how much it would have done without the pandemic.
  13. Here in the UK the bus stop adverts and billboards are up already. This is early.
  14. There’s an Irish joke to be made somewhere about their silly curfew 😂
  15. Scotland social distancing ends from Monday. Not sure about Wales and Ireland yet.
  16. Biggest horror opening in the UK since It Chapter 2 in September 2019
  17. Thank you so much! Where did you get the details, especially for Scream 1?
  18. I haven’t seen it yet but tweets about his English accent are all over my time line lol ”Dick Van Dyke school of accents” 😂 Ello guvna!
  19. I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s so hard to discuss without spoilers.
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