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  1. And no shocks with either NFL game today. Hopefully it makes for a good Super Bowl but if I had a rooting interest, I'd have to say the Chiefs
  2. Congrats to the Chiefs for getting to the Super Bowl. Now let's see if Reid can get the monkey off his back
  3. Basically my exact take on this movie which is why I don't come in here much. Although I think it will do good to great business. So we may be farther apart on that point. Heck I may even watch it just because it still says Batman 😛
  4. So nice to see one of my favorite Eagles, Harold Carmichael, finally get into the Hall of Fame. Long overdue
  5. It was an ok trailer. I'm not that all interested in the character so not sure I'll see it in a theater but I've seen worse trailers before
  6. I'll leave that for my exclusive article and podcast 😛 kidding of course lol
  7. My friend had Oscar Isaac over her house. It's a long story, but she got to meet him, get some photos and have some time. It was a family thing for him but my friend is not part of his family. But it was awesome experience for her
  8. Yeah, I am either cheering for them or the Vikings
  9. And there goes the Eagles season. It actually went better than I thought about Midway during the regular season. Didn't really see the playoffs or even a playoff win, so in a way it was good, but it's never good to see it end ugly like that
  10. I was liking them better about two weeks ago. Sadly, they hit a lull here and lost a lot of games in a row and kind of badly too
  11. Oh I'll definitely watch it till the end, but at this point while I'm trying to be positive, still can't say what's going to happen yet. At least even after the game's over, I know I could skip the Golden Globes and that mess. Thank goodness for Disney plus and other stuff
  12. Hate to be negative since I'm normally not, but that touchdown probably ends the game already. Yes I realize there's over a quarter and a half left, but the offense can't do anything, the defense can't stop anyone so don't know where to go from here
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