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  1. 75Live

    Halloween over 80 million OW club

    hopefully Michael can stab it back to life
  2. 75Live

    Box Office Casino 2.0

    I'm glad no one took me up on my bet for Halloween's preview #
  3. I think that's the problem with most sequels period. They try to hard to be different sometimes. Yes most people don't just want a rehash, but like you said, don't reinvent the wheel either. Part of the original film's success was based on its simplicity. Plus it seems some writers just don't get that sometimes, we don't need some cooked up explanation of why the bad guy/girl does what they do. The reason people were scared of the movie is this could really happen. No mongoloid with a mask, no dream killer, just a guy who was evil and did evil things. That's more scary than anything because it's real. We don't need, "hey he had a bad childhood so it's ok he went slaughtering people". Yes that's looking at you Zombie. Sometimes, the evil can just be evil. Let the other reasons be for other movies that are more cerebral. This has always been about atmosphere and music and suspense. Not why he does what he does. So yes if the new movie goes back to that premise, then I should really like this film sorry for the long rant lol
  4. guess this is why no one took my previews bet in the casino game 😛 big number for Halloween. Sadly due to work causing me health issues, I was not able to see it last night, but plan to see it tomorrow morning
  5. probably part of the reason is this isn't a remake unlike those. Plus there hasn't been a clear definite ending to the series since they decided to do Resurrection after H2O. Sometimes people just need closure 😛
  6. yeah I think that's a big part of it. Even if this didn't break out money wise, which I think it will obviously lol, the idea of needing to wash away the awful taste from Zombie's two movies was enough to get me into the theater. even if this wound up being the last ever, it would be worth it to end in a positive way
  7. 75Live

    Box Office Casino 2.0

    i'll take this one
  8. I'm guessing because the title has the words men and black? 😛 other than that wild, out of the box guess, yeah I don't get it either lol
  9. 75Live

    Box Office Casino 2.0

    thought so but figured I'd confirm before I started screwing up right off the bat 😛
  10. 75Live

    Box Office Casino 2.0

    I'll bet 50 points to 3 people that Halloween makes over $10 mil in previews
  11. 75Live

    Box Office Casino 2.0

    before I jump in on this. basically if I take the bet, it is for the opposite result correct? Like if i take the one for over 85 mil for Halloween, it would have to go under for me to win, right?
  12. yeah I'm hoping tonight but if I don't, most likely Saturday morning. That's sounds great about the Scareacon. I haven't met Wyss for years, not that she knows me or anything lol just saying. But you should have an awesome time there
  13. sadly, not sure I will be able to see this tonight. Work has been literally torture and last night, I was on some coughing fit that kept me up almost the whole night. I coughed so hard I basically gave myself whiplash and one time, I even puked in my mouth. Luckily I caught it and was able to walk to the bathroom. But maybe I will have enough juice left in the tank to get out after work, assuming I even get out on time which is never a guarantee
  14. 1. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle - B+ 2. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - A- 3. The Post - B+ 4. Black Panther - C+ 5. Annihilation - A- 6. Tomb Raider C+/C 7. Ready Player One - A- 8. Rampage - B- 9. Avengers: Infinity War - B/B- 10. Deadpool 2 - A- 11. Solo: A Star Wars Story - B+ 12. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - B- 13. Skyscraper - B+ 14. Equalizer 2 - B+ 15. Mission: Impossible Fallout - C+ 16. The Meg - B 17. Venom - B+ 18. Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein - B 19. Frankenstein - B+ 20. Young Frankenstein - A

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