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  1. Yeah sorry, with the new job and shift, I didn't have time for this list. I usually do it but can't this time
  2. I know it was probably a slip of the tongue but one guy on the NBC halftime show said "it sounds like Pittsburgh is playing a home game with all the terrible towels" 😛 those must be made of some heavy, loud material lol
  3. This Sunday night game is awful so far which isn't that all unexpected but still, the Chargers are at home and have less fans than the visiting team. Yes I know that isn't new but still crazy. oh and NBC, the green zone thing is one of the dumbest things ever.
  4. This trailer didn't work for me. I guess another trailer could change my mind, but not feeling this movie after that
  5. Oh my goodness, I just saw that Dallas lost to the Jets! To the Jets? That's nuts
  6. I'd rather talk about hockey anyway so no worries. Yeah the Flyers are looking good early this season and of course I'm loving the way Hart is playing right now
  7. Maybe the Eagles or get Jalen Ramsey now. Their defensive backfield should all be at some college right now
  8. Well I guess the Eagles forgot there was a game today.
  9. I'm just more worried about when tickets go on sale because I have to score two for the huge IMAX in my area to complete the new Trilogy with me and my friends.
  10. I work at the call center for Spirit Hallowwen as a temp job since I've been with no job for 4 months and just needed money lol
  11. Probably not impossible for this club to happen, but I'm going with OUT
  12. Congrats to the new mods
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