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  1. I like the finale. Especially the ending which I wont say a lot about yet since it's still kind of early, was really done well. There were lots of little things in the episode I like. The ending did feel a little abrupt like said above but over all these last four episodes completely made up for any mistakes this season, not really saying there were any. But this is basically the third really good ending to the series.
  2. Yep, they have a bunch of stuff for the 4th since it's star wars day and they bumped the finale up, I guess to add to it
  3. Another good episode. Can't believe the series is ending...again...again...again But lots of good nods and tie-ins to other movies and even just other seasons of the show Can't wait to see how they wrap this all up in Monday
  4. Easily the best episode of the season so far even with some of the other really good episodes this season. Liked the old school Lucasfilm opening too
  5. Yeah pretty good episode that moves away from this arc. I believe it's just 4 more episodes so let's see how they get to the finish line. I'm sure it will be good even if it doesn't fulfill everyone's expectations. But I'm sure I'll enjoy it
  6. It's how I feel. I mean I love the series and even like the last 3 episodes, "filler" or not. But yeah I'm ready for this arc to end and the show to move on. I guess part of it that the sisters aren't all that interesting to me. I get the line in today's show add to them but overall, it just feels like things stalled like you said.
  7. And 2 entirely filler episodes in a row. I know every season has a few so hopefully it will start to change over starting next week
  8. Nice. I didn't k ow you were involved but I already planned to watch and now I definitely will
  9. My neighbor apparently came to my door, so I called her to see what she wanted and she proceeded to tell me she is sick (not with the virus, probably bronchitis) but regardless, why would you come to my house to tell me you are sick and try to spread it? That's the exact opposite of what to do
  10. Yeah very insane and zero chance I will rent any movie for $20 But I get why they are trying this model with what is going on
  11. Yep NJ shut down casinos, gyms and movie theaters. I think I saw a curfew at 8 pm too but that may not be true yet or at all. May have been a misleading headline Also restaurants are closed except for take out and delivery
  12. Liked the new episode. I won't give much away but some obvious foreshadowing and wonder if someone will come back for the third time Can't wait to see what the next arc is
  13. One of the movie conventions near me was canceled until their other show later in the year around August. Shame but I get it. My friend was going to go so hopefully he gets his refund quickly.
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