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  1. if anyone hasn't done this yet, on Facebook the character posters are in 3D so when you move your phone around you can see what I mean
  2. ok, now this is the first point or quote that has made me think about seeing this in theater
  3. nice pickup. He isn't what he once was, but he should still be a good addition
  4. I guess I missed the early rush since I see the RT score at 78% which is I personally think is a good number for this, so far
  5. yeah I like when teams win their first titles too. Obviously yes, somehow wishing for a miracle with the Eagles, but in reality, I wouldn't mind a first time winner this season.
  6. yay, this has Goffe's seal of disapproval which means it will be good sorry Goffe, just playing with you, no offense meant
  7. I love Foles for what he did for us, but yeah, other than that 27-2 td/int that partial season, he's never been able to sustain. The next year he was bad, with the Rams he was bad, but that wasn't all his fault and even his games this year, he wasn't good. He is the very definition of streaky, but when he's on, yeah I want him at that point too 😛
  8. easily the best trailer of the past 10 days or so ok, before there are fights or something, I guess I have to add the qualification of, best to me 😛
  9. Yeah the scale is what they really got correct in the first movie and looks like they get it spot on again in this one.

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