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  1. finally got home later than I thought but here are some of the pics I took when I was at Notre Dame just this past September shows the spire that is now gone
  2. I'll have to share my photos of my Notre Dame visit when i get home
  3. At work so can't read yet but did they say what caused it yet?
  4. Have to say that I was very underwhelmed by the trailer. Very bland to me which is hard for me to say since I love the original But I'm sure the remaining trailers will win me over
  5. Captain Marvel - C+ Spider-man into the Spiderverse - A- Hellboy - C
  6. Kind of cool they are staring at one of the Death Stars remnants so this is really coming full circle
  7. since i usually stay out of big threads like this so this was probably already touched upon, but I do love some of the parallels in this teaser to some of the other films and even the touches like Leia reminiscing over one of the medals she gave either Han or Luke.
  8. yeah it's not a knock at all for me either, but I did notice she slimmed down too. I'm sure she has been training a lot for this film
  9. Finally saw the trailer and eh, not good, but not awful either. Probably passing on this one
  10. Captain Marvel - C+ Spider-man into the Spiderverse - A-
  11. Off the grid. 😛 Nah, just checking out of the franchise after this movie. I'm just trying to get to the finish line because as for me, I'm just watching out of habit now except for a couple of the last batch of films that I liked

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