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  1. Nice. I didn't k ow you were involved but I already planned to watch and now I definitely will
  2. My neighbor apparently came to my door, so I called her to see what she wanted and she proceeded to tell me she is sick (not with the virus, probably bronchitis) but regardless, why would you come to my house to tell me you are sick and try to spread it? That's the exact opposite of what to do
  3. Yeah very insane and zero chance I will rent any movie for $20 But I get why they are trying this model with what is going on
  4. Yep NJ shut down casinos, gyms and movie theaters. I think I saw a curfew at 8 pm too but that may not be true yet or at all. May have been a misleading headline Also restaurants are closed except for take out and delivery
  5. One of the movie conventions near me was canceled until their other show later in the year around August. Shame but I get it. My friend was going to go so hopefully he gets his refund quickly.
  6. Suspended and not postponed? Wow, that could be just ending the season period. Not saying that will happen but at this point, who knows how they will decide to handle it after time. No real loss but still just showing how dominos are falling
  7. Well one positive take from the virus is that my ignore list has been getting some love with new additions 😛 But anyway, I finished watching McMillions and it was a good docuseries. I always said the thing was fixed from the beginning and seeing how in depth it all went and how he did it was interesting.
  8. Yep, sadly, sounds correct. It is even happening here. Some people just don't know how to have actual human interactions. And no, I don't mean they won't interact due to the virus 😛
  9. Well my state just went under a state of emergency basically because of the virus. Yes, I know it's mainly for funding and stuff like that so they can get supplies and such, but still it is what it is. It won't stop me from doing anything, but there were some events coming up in the next few weeks that may or may not be affected now.
  10. Probably the best trailer for this movie but still probably won't see it in the theaters. I will definitely see it at some point on blu ray or streaming though. I still think it will do solid numbers, at worst
  11. Probably old news by now but I caught up with the latest Simpsons episode about spoilers and all the inside details like a second weekend percentage drop. It was pretty funny. All based around Endgame
  12. Stuck in a power outage. It's rush hour and I don't know if it's affecting traffic lights so I'm not going to drive and be stuck like that. Guess I better break out the Kindle and start reading so I don't drain my phone completely
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