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  1. Yay my New Coke shows up on Wednesday. Yea I got the limited edition Stranger Things coke package that has has the 1985 new coke 😛
  2. Oh I believe it about the lines. I got lucky and had special events so I didn't have any for Star Tours but I have seen the crazy waits. Yeah I want to go to Galqxys Edge but me and my friend are like, we have to wait otherwise we need to stand in line now for August lol
  3. I have the Pac-man one but I'm on my own so no complaints from anyone in my house lol Mine is in my living room/dining room area since I turned my downstairs into a cinema theme so it's the arcade section of the "theater"
  4. Yeah it's not like Disney started the Celebrations. Don't get me wrong Disney will milk everything for what it's worth, no argument there. but the Celebration was already a thing way before they owned Lucasfilm
  5. I have been to 2 od the Celebrations and part of me wanted to do this one. But with no wing man, this time, I decided to not even try
  6. So I didn't even ask for it but someone, not here, told me about the supposed credits spoiler and it really is nothing and yes I do get what it is. Not saying it's good or bad and won't even hint at it so don't ask in PM, and not even going on that people won't like it but it's being very overblown
  7. Yeah that's bad and this keeps getting worse, FOR ME. Figured I'd put the "for me" part since people get defensive 😛 I realize this is going to be massively huge though. There is no argument from me about that.
  8. I guess I achieved another badge of BOT. I actually got called a Disney fanatic. This is a guy as in I mean me, who has said every live-action Disney film remake is pretty much horrible, I have zero interest in seeing any more Marvel films, etc, etc. But somebody who's argument was so awful, got caught with that horrible argument, that they had to come back with that I'm a Disney fanatic lol . I guess that's one way to move up the BOT achievement scale Where do I pick up my badge for that? 😛
  9. Come on, only killing and chopping up real people so the studio doesn't have to pay the dead actor's contracts is the way to go. It the best way to prove you're committed to one's craft. This is all he's asking for
  10. yay the snack bar and arcade are open! 😛 yes I'm making my downstairs basically a theater, not a home theater, but like walking into a movie theater
  11. ah hate to do this, but I am flip flopping. While I don't think it will go to some of the over the top numbers some are saying, but I have been swayed so I am now OUT of this club. Sorry baumer
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