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  1. Well that's a given Regardless, I still see the two sides making a deal. Either way, if they do or don't make a deal, I'm fine.
  2. Sounds like Disney PR move. So say the 30% thing is true. So their counter offer after Sony says no is to go up to 50% later? So something isn't true in the story either timeline wise or just not true at all, or someone doesn't know how to negotiate 😛
  3. i have no more likes to give out or else I would
  4. if we can still do bets for 3 people, 25 points that IT Chapter 2 opens over $115 for OW
  5. i hope that goes higher. There was a good deal of lists for the comic book one so hopefully this subject starts to get more contributions
  6. who can save this dilemma??? the negotiations are really about Disney wanting Spider-Ham
  7. yeah didn't mean to rant or argue if I did, was just trying to make you feel a bit better. I do get what you mean about it not feeling the same and I can 100% agree with that part
  8. nothing is being wiped out. So he is only Spider-man if he says the name Tony or Happy now? Yes they are a part of his history and that's still part of his history. No one is taking that way. so like I said, you are worried about the future, so the character is still the exactly the same. You want him in Avengers movies, which I don't blame you, but that doesn't change the character one iota up to this point in time. I get your upset but still nothing about his character has changed....yet
  9. because literally nothing had changed. His arc is still there, it hasn't changed. This doesn't remove any movies beforehand or his appearances in any movie beforehand so he is literally the same exact character he was. No story has been removed so his history is even still the same You are apparently under some illusion that this cancels out his story somehow, which in no way it does. So it just comes off as you like Marvel, hate Sony so are making up some reason to hate this situation. WHICH IS FINE. I didn't even say I like the move, or it's good that he will no longer be with Disney, just this all of a sudden we hate the character that is the same because we overreacting to something that isn't even true. You can say, hey Sony will ruin what they already built with some dumbass movie, Ok, I'm right there with you, but literally this character is the same as he was before this announcement.
  10. Wait? All I keep hearing is everybody loves Tom Holland, this version of Spider-Man, but if it him and his movie doesn't have a Marvel studios logo on it now people are going to hate the character and not want to see it? Interesting. So maybe it wasn't about the character then 😛
  11. Not surprised at all with this news. But they can still work things out if both sides really wanted to do so
  12. Ah so reactions and stuff will show up soon? Time to check out of the thread. But I'll be back after I see the film on probably opening day
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