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  1. Eagles with a big comeback win. Ok they played bad for about 2 1/2 quarters but when Wentz got going, they couldn't be stopped
  2. I liked the trailer. Nice touch with Egon being the grandfather which is why all the stuff is there. Seems like it could be a good mix of comedy and "serious" which it should be. I'm hopeful but even though the trailer is ok, it still really doesn't show all that much either.
  3. It's a decent enough trailer. Seems like the movie could be okay, but nothing that really makes me want to go see in the theater. However I'm sure I'll catch it on either Disney or somewhere
  4. Yes, I caught that. But thank you for the reminder. I'm just saying even past that I have no idea what's going to happen with Simmons or Brown anymore
  5. Yeah not sure how I feel about all this but won't he surprised if Brown is back as coach for the Sixers. Unless they really do poorly in the playoffs
  6. Yeah last Watchmen episode was pretty good. Probably third best (obviously out of 6) so far for me
  7. I don't know which was worse watching today, this Eagles game or watching the movie Us. I guess at least the Eagles game had a point to it. Us was just terrible on every level
  8. So sorry to hear that. You have my prayers and condolences
  9. Thanks. Yeah I have to gwr some blood work and then they'll figure what meds to give me Hopefully it won't be too much of a diet change but I'll keep you in mind if I have to, so thanks Thanks. Yeah not the best news but I'll take the positive out of it. So far just seems they want to do meds so hopefully that's it
  10. Well biopsy came back and I have ulcerative colitis, which I guess isn't the worst thing I was way more worried when I called back for the results and the person was like, you have to talk to the doctor directly. I said I'm at work so can't really get a call back until later. So she had me hold more and I was getting worried that it was very serious. So yeah my emotions were going full throttle until she finally got down to it
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