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  1. Nah had better things to watch and I just caught the highlights and still glad I didn't see it. Only good highlight was the Embiid move near the end which being a Sixers fan was a plus
  2. Glad I watched that. I have zero interest and will never watch the All-Star game, but at least tonight's festivities were good
  3. Actually I have to say this is one of the best dunk contest I've seen in a long time. Probably because there's two people that are very good and there's not a lot of misses. Very impressed and maybe the best competition between two people since '88.
  4. Surprisingly, this dunk contest has been pretty good. Yeah it doesn't touch some of the other great ones, but I'm glad to see it actually be pretty good
  5. Decided to watch NBA All Star Saturday. The skills thing was ok this year but it's always been a little dry. I really only care about the 3point and dunk contest but they usually suck
  6. Was out last week so missed it but watching the XFL and I like a lot of the different rules and other changes such as to the kickoff
  7. Don't use your Marvel/Disney shilling to try to influence this list!!! 😛 But seriously whatever decision is made is fine by me
  8. I read the Trevorrow ideas and I didn't like most of it and don't think it would have made this movie any better. Kylo fighting Vader, him killing Rey's parents, just too many contrivances. I get why people that didn't like this movie wanted that movie because it would have been different than the one they didn't enjoy. since people are bringing up all the trilogies. I think, just like with the PT, the outlook on the ST will change. Unlike most movies, this whole franchise is not just handed down, but with the 3 trilogies being released so far from each other, it is literally different generations for each one. The OT people that don't like the PT don't get that the generation that grew up with the PT like the prequels better. The generation that are now growing up with the ST are going to have a different take on that as opposed to the other 2. It really is a franchise that is being handed down but not static like other franchises that have just their moment in time. Maybe the PT isn't made for fans for the OT, and maybe the same can be said for the ST. But that should be the beauty of the fanbase as it brings all those generations together. However, with it being the age of everyone is just pissed, some of the fanbase just doesn't want to accept that things change or bring in the differing part of the base. Before anyone goes off on saying that means all the movies should be loved by everyone, I don't mean that at all. People can hate or not like any movie they wish. Some will like all 9, some will just like the trilogy they grew up with and some will pick and choose. All are acceptable options. Geez, I have issues with some of the movies too and have "less best" films in the franchise too. That doesn't mean people have to like the same ones that I do. It's part of it all sorry for the long post and anyway that's just my useless, two cents
  9. My call is I guess exclude superhero stuff but I get the argument why they could be there. My main reason as someone said already is there was already a list for those specifically. But I'm good either way
  10. Didn't watch the show but just read the results. No surprises, as expected, but I can't really complain about any of the wins either. Had a feeling they were finally going to let a foreign picture win.
  11. So did this thread effectively become the Fanboys War thread now? 😛 it maybe time to close this thread for replies already lol
  12. Basically my take. Not a great movie but I had fun and it was exactly what I expected from the trailers I saw. So yeah I liked it and give at least a B
  13. It's been so windy and rainy that part of my fence blew down. Luckily it was just the horizontal top part that held it together came out of the post and the slats just fell out. so I could just put the slats back in like a puzzle and then I'll have to work on getting the bar back into the post. But for now at least there isn't a big hole to walk into my yard. So glad I got the vinyl fencing
  14. I never noticed there's a weather app 😛 but my real weather around me ironically has a flood watch
  15. It's good rule. It's also why I didn't turn on my computer for like a week and always take a break from online or my phone
  16. Yes does Milwaukee want to trade their whole team for the Sixers in a straight up swap? 😛
  17. I couldn't agree more, but more and more people on every side of everything just get worse and worse. It's almost like everyone is fighting for best a hole. It's why I rarely post and just read any more
  18. Yeah, that's what I'm "worried" about too. I told my friend about the news who really likes Raimi and we're probably going to see him at a convention, but he didn't seem thrilled about this news. He doesn't feel he'll be able to do what he normally does in a Marvel movie.
  19. Wow, the possible Raimi signing is the first interesting piece of news for this phase that got my attention
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