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  1. He and Madonna share birthday and The Queen is born on Aug 15. All the great minds are born around the same date.
  2. GotG is going to own SW7! It's an unpopular opinion now but you just wait when both come out. GotG is going to be so much better.
  3. TH digital stuff looked great in HFR. Gollum especially looked like a real deal. Trouble is, no scene was particulary memorable and Goblin King was just gross. I couldn't help thinking how amazing Avatar would look though. We'll see. PR definitely hyped me for more Avatar.
  4. Wrong movie for HFR. I really liked HFR but it's fantastic only for digital sets and creatures, which is what Avatar is. Seriously, if Cameorn shoots it in HFR it's going to be insane.Like unbelievably insane.
  5. Eh, 3D wasn't the way to go while it was only cheap horror movie gimmick. HFR has potential.
  6. Avatar looks awesome in 2D too, especially on BD it really pops up. But 3D was perfect too so lucky you. I hope they make sequels in HFR. Avatar is perfect for it because HFR makes digital characters really pop up and look real. TH was totally wrong for the medium because of fake sets, make-up and prothetics that aslo popped up. But digital parts were ace.
  7. It was a bit a head of its time. Made in 80s when the type of a hero that Ed Harris played was not the fashion yet, had a mix of 3d Encounters-like sci fi and Cold War thriller. But it's by far the best Spielberg movie that Spielberg never made, eat your heart out JJ. This is how you do homage to Steven.
  8. True yet the movie's holding remarkably well now. The romance is as complelling as anything Cameorn did in that deparmtent and the chemsitry between the leads is amazing.
  9. Incredible, my personal favorite being "Thou shall hate Transformers but praise Pacific Rim (a film like Transformers only not as good)" and "Thou shall claim Bay action is hard to see (yet praise action films like Bourne Ultimatum even though its as it the fighting was being filmed by someone with Parkinson's desease.)". Aint that truth.
  10. Pretty much. His natural charm and likable perosnality saved his ass. Unless they cast Mangiello(sp?) Batman won't get away with next-to-nothing character (and considering that they are keeping the same team that's pretty much guaranteed) becasue other candidates on WB list have ZILCH of it.
  11. No, I'm just surprised becasue general agreement is that he is Superman but the script was lacking on all accounts.
  12. How's that unpopular opinion? That's exactly what everyone thinks. He wa sgreat in a nothing of a role.
  13. Ewan was great in MR and has fantastic singing voice. Should have played Javert instead of Crowe who has better presence but totally couldn't hit the notes required for Javert numbers.
  14. I want to go to the bottom of Pandora ocean and to one of the moons so whatever rocks his boat. Bring it.
  15. I think that,contrary to popular belief, he isn't someone who thinks he knows everything and shouldn't keep learning. And there's a lot of evidence that he's very supportive of his peers and wants them to succeed because good competition creates quality. I'm telling you that The Prequels would turn much different if there was competition during those 20 or so years of TP gestation that would challenge Lucas to come up with something worth putting on the screen.
  16. All phenomena are connected to time and place. It's never just a movie itself but many invisible factors. For exmaple, who could forsee that blue Na'vi would stike a chord with Hindus whose Gods are blue and that their forced relocation would stike a chord with Chinese people who were forced to leave the country side and move to the cities? OTOH, I think that Cameron, unlike Lucas and PJ, has a good sense of what's current so sequels won't feel like they were made in 2009. At least I hope he retained the eye and ear for keeping in touch with audiences. T2 didn't feel like it was made in 8
  17. That would actually make a spelendid musical if Baz Luhrman was involved.
  18. Well, it would unrealistic to expect that humans wouldn't return because no country that ahs to leave their colonies ever go away without return. But that's just one way they can go with the story. The other is inter-Na'vi politics. It can't be all Kumbaya between different clans, can it? Also, didn't JC mention a possibility of exploring one of Pandora moons?
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