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  1. As a 35 year old...well I dressed as supes and batman a lot too. Had pajamas of all 3. Some nights wore batman, some superman, and some spidey but the 'rents tell me I liked spidey the best haha. But yea just never have found any of the spidey movies moving for me besides the first...and maybe that's just because I was younger and we finally got to see him in live action on the big screen. And of course the last film did well and there's still a ton of kids and adults who love the character but I'm just saying some of the films have been very underwhelming.
  2. Congrats to Spidey #100. I saw this towards the end of the run, and it's entertaining, but absolutely nothing specials at all. I used to dress up as spidey in the daylight...like not on halloween...I loved Spiderman so much I'd just randomly wear the costume as a kid and jump around from bush to bush. I'm sure adults were like "that kid must have mental issues" . I really thought I was spidey. I love the character. This movie though. Eh. Its such a marvel production. Imo...not one of the spidey films has ever got the spidey I loved besides maybe the first ramie spidey. All these others have been so stupid and money grabbers. I will say tom holland isn't bad...but it's been so stupid. We've had 3 spider mans already. It's just...it doesn't work. None of them work. Spidey will always be amazing in the comics, but on screen...garbage
  3. Haven't seen mother! yet...not sure I want to. But yea, this was pretty meh. Not bad simply for the reason Keaton is in it and Dylan does a pretty good job. It's just like wtf? tho. Like the ops they show in this are so dumb. I'm like, so this is supposed to be the best ops the us could put together. Idk, it's a rental...but it would be a good rental...it's just not worth theatre viewing. Tho the last nuclear bomb scene was actually pretty well done.
  4. As someone who loved those games growing up...of course I'm always happy to see a Tomb Raider movie. I don't know what people are whining about with vikander though. She looks pretty solid as the Lara from the two newer games. I thought she was a little skinny even for the newer version of Lara, but after watching the work she put into the role and some of her movements, I actually think she'll end up a great casting. Like all vid game movies adapted from games I loved, I'm going to cross my fingers and hope for the best. One of these days someones going to get it right and the trailer was good enough to keep my hopes afloat.
  5. F'in right bruv...I had so much fun with this movie. I was fearful of the run time going in but I pretty much was smiling and having a good time the whole movie. I actually like it more than the first and I liked the first quite a bit. Elton stuff was hilarious...he has a few lines that had me laughing harder than I have in a theatre in awhile. You obviously have to like the highly stylized, crazy camera movement action of Vaughn, and in these movies I love that. Good emotional stuff, some really good laughs, crazy action...I want to watch it again, now. Between this and It, September is by far the best month of the year for me. Still gotta check out American assassin also (but not huge expectations there).
  6. So this is prob my fav movie of the year. For those of us a little bit older who were kids in the late 80's/early 90's, this is special. Haven't seen a movie multiple times in the theatre for awhile- mad max is prob the last which I saw 5 times lol, but I'm def going to see this 3 to 4 times in the theatre. So stoked its making bank and can't wait for the sequel.
  7. LOL at the total wtf comments (bkb being one makes it even better) in here and the baumer cube followups. Pretty happy to see WW cross 400M. Deserves it. It's one of my top movies so far this year.
  8. Me too. Elba was awesome...tho I could just watch Elba gunslinging for 2 hours and have a good time
  9. Im not sure how to really give a quick review of this. It was crazy on the fx and some really interesting action scenes, but I still couldn't wait for it to be over. I was checking the clock way too often. DeHaan - I haven't seen him in much but the guy just doesn't impress me at all. Thought Cara did a good enough job. The story actually wasn't bad, and again the fx were great but just didn't connect for me. I was somehow bored with all the stuff going on - didn't care for the heroes at all. Oh well, at least it was pretty unique.
  10. So jealous - been watching a lot of the his concert footage. Going to try and pull something out of my ass to get tickets for the San Diego show. How great was it? Had planned on seeing this at the Irvine spectrum Imax this weekend but my buddies bailed. Valerian was my backup plan...but couldn't resist and just got back from seeing it on a smaller screen. Awesome movie. Really captured that moment in time, and just how helpless those soldiers were out there. Really liked the way Nolan weaved the stories. Lots of amazing shots, and Zimmers score really gets you on the edge of your seat. Can't wait for Imax - I can just tell this is going to be on another level in there.
  11. Exactly what I was thinking. Gave me a Dr. Seuss adaption cgi vibe...no Bueno for me.
  12. Also just wanted to throw in the score for this was amazing. Downloading now.
  13. Also just wanted to throw in the score for this was amazing. Downloading now. Giacchino - good shit.
  14. This was f'ing awesome. Definitely my favorite of the 3. I love outdoor adventure type movies and this was just gorgeous. I agree the first half definitely is better, and it does slog a bit after the mid way point - though the last 20-30 or so minutes are really good. One of if not my favorite movie this year.

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