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  1. Saturday was not as busy as expected at my theater, management came to the conclusion that Cinco de Mayo and Prom prevented some adults and teenagers from coming to the movies. This may have been the case for many areas if they were similar to mine.
  2. This happened at the theater I work at. I saw Lego Batman in IMAX and La La Land started to play. Luckily I told them and they changed it before Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone flipped each other off. I was secretly hoping it would stay long enough to finish the opening number so I could see it again on the big screen.
  3. Cars 2 had a 20% bump on the same July 2nd Saturday albeit with much smaller numbers and was on its 2nd weekend. Going by that too, Dory will have a strong Sunday hold at the very least. So Around 41-42 for the 3 day.
  4. Didn't like it. The first hour and a half was bad except for a few scenes. The action with doomsday at the end was okay but looking back is pretty forgettable (this sucks because I actually like Man of Steel). Amy Adams was horrible and Wonder Women was pointless and felt like a throwaway. She served no purpose except to beef up the action at the end and build up Justice League. If her role was more ambiguous or she was introduced like Cyborg or Aquaman were I wouldn't have a problem with it. Affleck was good as Batman, his scenes were the only ones that I had any
  5. It was fantastic! That Breaking Bad reference was gold. Seemed really strong but I never though an animated movie like this would do something like that. I felt the subject of racism was handled very well too.
  6. I loved it! My favorite Pixar movie since TS3. I thought it was quite emotional. Hoping to see it again.
  7. I love OMAM so the fact that they were used makes me love the trailer more!
  8. I kind of saw it coming. I choked up a little but it didn't hit me like some other scenes. That scene of Joy crying over the memories; the emphasis on Joy expressing another emotion...I lost it there. Great animation and voice acting during that scene, it was executed tremendously. Makes you wonder what goes on in their little heads...
  9. The first half was a little infantile and kind of boring except for the occasional laugh. The 2nd half was fantastic and one of Pixars best, incredibly emotional. Also the abstract thought scene was brilliant! Very reminiscent of Toy Story 3 in that I feel it affects my own way of looking at the world. When I saw Toy Story 3, I felt bad for all the toys I forgotten and tossed aside, inanimate as they were. Inside Out is just going to make me think that everyone has little voices inside there head and whenever an emotion becomes visible I'm going to dissect the cause. Weird but impactful upon m
  10. Very moving, very funny, very awesome! I loved it! It's easily my favorite Marvel movie the only exception being The Avengers, I might say it at least ties it. It looked amazing, the 3D was okay at times but nothing more though. The casting is spot on, every member of GotG is exceptional in their roles and as a group. The chemistry is the best I've seen within Marvel. They had some great and very humorous moments. Everything worked very well together. A+
  11. A+ How to Train Your Dragon 2 A X Men Edge of Tomorrow The Lego Movie Captain America A- Godzilla Neighbors B+ 22 Jump Street B Robocop Mr. Peabody 300: Rise of an Empire B- Transformers 4 Amazing Spider Man 2 Maleficent C Rio 2 A Million Ways to Die
  12. I'm going to see it again soon too. I was really tired when I saw it the first time. I had woke up early and had worked all day so the length hit me more than it might have otherwise. I want to see if my opinion changes with different circumstances.
  13. I would first like to say that I loved all the other Transformer movies. I really did. This one, this one though, yeah, um... WAY TOO FUCKING LONG. Most of it falls into what I love about the series. Pros: -Good action. -Good visual effects. -Better camera work. One thing I thought was better about this one then the others was that Bay really reeled that shaky cam in a bit, I don't recall much of it at all and made the action a little more clear. Also there was some cool shots, Lockdown walking down the country road with the ship in the background was awesome. -I actually like Whal
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