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  1. Saturday was not as busy as expected at my theater, management came to the conclusion that Cinco de Mayo and Prom prevented some adults and teenagers from coming to the movies. This may have been the case for many areas if they were similar to mine.
  2. This happened at the theater I work at. I saw Lego Batman in IMAX and La La Land started to play. Luckily I told them and they changed it before Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone flipped each other off. I was secretly hoping it would stay long enough to finish the opening number so I could see it again on the big screen.
  3. Cars 2 had a 20% bump on the same July 2nd Saturday albeit with much smaller numbers and was on its 2nd weekend. Going by that too, Dory will have a strong Sunday hold at the very least. So Around 41-42 for the 3 day.
  4. Neither do I. If you look at images of some power lifters (not body builders) you get a similar physique. Maui is thicker and more stylized but never came across as obese to me.
  5. How come Zootopia is expected to drop 50% on Sunday? That seems like a really harsh drop for mothers day. No other animated comp fell like that which.
  6. Nothing, that is a normal school-day drop for a kids movie. Jungle Book was down 82.6%
  7. Zootopia heading for $7.5m and 47% drop. Batman heading for $8.5-9.5m depending on what Friday is and 59-64% drop. It looks like Zootopia will be ahead of it next weekend and should finish ahead overall. Who saw that coming!?
  8. Um, that's a 91% increase. That's great for it! It will finish around 14 million for the weekend. That is down less than 30%. That is great for it! Also, it will very likely enter the list for top 10 6th weekends unadjusted. That is great for it!
  9. I did not forget that, I was noting the situation.
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