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  1. I guess I'm one of those few people who enjoyed both Maleficent and Cinderella, but Cinderella was still better. I feel that each of these Disney remakes improve upon the previous one. Both films are light years ahead of Alice In Wonderland. IMO
  2. Let me just start by saying, I am in no way the target demographic for this film unless a 25 year old male is who they were aiming this at. Having said that, this is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. The team that put this together showed us that you don't have to have a particularly deep plot to tell a profound story. Sometimes the simple stories are the most difficult to pull off, but the immensely rewarding when they do. Everything worked here. The acting, directing, costumes, effects, music. Everything. It was the perfect Fairy Tale. Light years ahead of the animated version. I don't think this story could have been told much better. Kenneth Branagh is a genius. Anyway, it's an A+ for me.
  3. This is definitely the most surprising box office run for me. This film wasn't even on my radar until it came out. I'd heard a few people talk about wanting to see it, but I hadn't paid much attention to the hype that was there I guess. Looks like we could be looking at a 65M+ weekend and a 400M+ total! Totally shocking!!
  4. If you care about the story how could you not care about the outcome of the battle? The only reason I know the answer to many of my questions is because I've read the book. One other not so important note. Where did the mountain goats come from? It's like they just magically appeared. So is there an interview about what will be in the extended edition?
  5. Yeah, for the first time I'm anxiously awaiting the extended edition of a Hobbit film. I really feel like there was a lot of stuff near the end that was left on the editing floor that will hopefully be included.
  6. The Hobbit book? Yes. But this final movie was about so much more than Bilbo. The main plot points were left hanging. I think the worst is not letting us know what happened with the gold since that was the whole conflict of the first half of the film. Did people get their share of the gold? Was the sickness that was over the goal magically gone?
  7. I quite enjoyed the movie, but the ending was poorly done. Almost nothing was resolved. We are just left to assume the eagles finished everything off, but the battle never really felt like it ended. Who has the Arkenetone? Is Bard just keep it? Who ended up King under the mountain? Did the elves, dwarves, and men ever reconcile things? Did the Elf King ever get what he wanted? What happened to Tauriel? They should have at least shown a resolution between the different races of some kind, and shown us who would be the new King under the mountain. It just wasn't a very satisfying ending.
  8. Me either. I've probably listened to it about 20 times in a row and I can't stop. Such a powerful scene.
  9. The Hanging Tree sequence is almost reason enough to give it 5 stars. (Just kidding, but seriously it is such an awesome scene and the highlight of the movie to me. The movie as a whole wasn't bad, it just was too drawn out. It became increasingly clear that this should have not been split up. I think when part 2 comes out I'm going to edit a version for myself that condenses part 1 and combines the two parts into one film. I did the same thing with the first 2 Hobbit films and it worked great! Overall I think I'd give the film a 7/10.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKQGw7JHFZQ Was anyone even aware this is coming out in a few months?
  11. Such a strange movie. I laughed during the movie several times but just because everything was so bizarre.
  12. Well, it is understandable that she would say something like that on Woman's Hour, and considering her focus on such issues I can see how she could say she was aware of the metaphor. That doesn't mean it was the directors goal for the scene. And even if it was, I think they pulled it off well, thanks primarily to Jolie's performance.
  13. Umm. Portraying date rape or even offering a commentary on the issue was not the goal of the director. The motivation behind Maleficent's revenge was convincing IMO. I was feeling Maleficent's pain along with her.
  14. I cannot understand how people think this was boring. I thought it was am amazing story of greed, betrayal, revenge, redemption, forgiveness, hope, and love.
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