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  1. Yep I believe they killed off Libby too at the same time because they figured people wouldn't care if Ana Lucia died
  2. @Rorschach In 1.0 Strangers in the Town was a Coen Brothers film lol
  3. MASS EFFECT: REVELATION SOUNDTRACK Original Music by M83 The film score for this film shifts into heavily electronic based, with a lot of pulsing rhythms and synths to give a more artificial and mechanical tone to the events. The action music in general contains a lot of flares and blasts of tempo shifts and volume changes to reflect the shifting and volatile nature of the artificial intelligences opposing the main characters. A handful of character themes/motifs from the prior films do carry over, but with a synthetic rework to fit with the style of the film score.
  4. Sawyer was an easy audience favorite. The actor missed his chance to make the leap to movies. Got killed off early in MI4 and that's it
  5. Aside from writing an episode or two at the start of season 3 Abrams basically had no involvement after season 1
  6. There's several characters Lost had trouble introducing through its run. Whatever you feel about Ana Lucia, it's nothing compared to how much of a thud the infamous Nikki and Paolo were when they got introduced in Season 3. @Plain Old Tele can back me up there
  7. lolololololol The middle of season 2 through the first 9 episodes of season 3 is overall the weakest stretch of the show
  8. Wow inadvertent confirmation that you're bombing The Exchange: European Studies
  9. QUARTER 4 Olive's Hallowed Eve - 70.1 OW/244.4 DOM/601.8 WW Out of Order: The Decline of the Arcade - 2.8 OW/8.4 DOM/9.7 WW World of Trouble - 42.4 OW/150.5 DOM/404.9 WW The Tale of a Guinea Pig - 11.2 OW/34.1 DOM/45.8 WW Dirty Hands - 18.6 OW/63.7 DOM/95.7 WW Everything We Miss - Limited OW/4.5 Wide/8.6 Wider/44.9 DOM/75.8 WW Returning from Hell - 0.26 Limited OW/5.3 Wide/7.9 Wider/40.4 DOM/71.6 WW The Three Caballeros Ride Again - 7.4 OW/16.7 DOM/22.8 WW The Bronx is Burning - 33.5 OW/122.
  10. QUARTER 3 Meme Th(II)evies - 4.5 3-Day/9.8 6-Day/21.5 DOM/27.4 WW The Gnashing - 24.2 3-Day/37.8 5-Day/78.2 DOM/104.2 WW Eminem-esque - 4.2 OW/15.5 DOM/19.2 WW Fullmetal Alchemist: A Tale of Two Brothers - 40.1 OW/102.6 DOM/252.1 WW Animal Crossing - 42.6 OW/148.2 DOM/411.6 WW The Exchange: European Studies - 17.4 OW/55.6 DOM/81.2 WW Static Shock: Frozen Summer - 101.2 OW/277.1 DOM/653.8 WW The Wave Heist - 18.3 OW/49.2 DOM/75.8 WW Frankenstein Jr. - 24.8 OW/74.6 DOM/150.2 WW The Space Between Tree
  11. This wasn't supposed to happen. So, I guess, This Wasn't Supposed to Happen
  12. QUARTER 2 Numbers Theory - 20.3 OW/68.2 DOM/117.2 WW Doc Dreams - 2.4 OW/5.7 DOM/7.0 WW The Idiots - 7.8 OW/24.4 DOM/28.9 WW Snow Monkeys - 4.4 OW/15.7 DOM/21.4 WW No Mercy - 26.5 OW/63.7 DOM/100.2 WW Up in the Sky - 12.1 OW/39.2 DOM/86.1 WW The Insect God - 11.3 OW/35.2 DOM/81.9 WW Mass Effect: Revelation - 144.2 OW/380.1 DOM/1.08 B WW Walking with Dinosaurs: The Cinematic Experience - 6.6 OW/23.1 DOM/40.5 WW Wet Willy - 10.4 OW/24.7 DOM/31.2 WW Monster Bug Wars: The Spider Path
  13. QUARTER 1 Losers Weepers - 10.2 OW/23.5 DOM/36.8 WW Gunman Clive - 13.0 3-Day/16.2 4-Day/37.3 DOM/57.8 WW The Lost Empire - 61.2 3-Day/74.2 4-Day/202.5/DOM/543.8 WW White Wyvern - 6.4 OW/16.2 DOM/25.9 WW Home Invasion: Part III - Hunted - 11.6 OW/28.8 DOM/53.8 WW Christie Monteiro - 26.5 OW/70.4 DOM/154.7 WW Romance Road - 18.7 OW/73.9 DOM/136.2 WW A Very Adam & Cindy Valentine - 12.4 OW/38.0 DOM/61.2 WW Funny Business - 8.8 3-Day/10.6 4-Day/34.4 DOM/50.6 WW Pokémon: The Case o
  14. Since I'm now done with reading/reviews I'll aim to start predictions tonight for Q1.
  15. Okay, so Blank retains his prior pre-read YM gets Heremias Cookie gets Untitled Fantasy Franchise Starter
  16. Congrats to @cookie for taking #1 of the year and congrats to @YourMother the Edgelord for winning the Game! You have both earned a pre-read for a Year 9 film. You can choose the same film if you wish. Your Options Are (in planned release order): UNTITLED FANTASY IP STARTER Directed By: Jeff Woolnough (Vikings, The Expanse) The first film in a new fantasy IP by Numerator Pictures, set in a world where technological development stalled as a result of the proliferation of magic, and where spiritual avatars of magical schools visit practition
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