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  1. It’s not. But it means the character still has more recognition than others at some level.
  2. I just can’t help but feel like the DC movies are still bigger than most of the Marvel movies because the characters are more well known. Shazam (Captain Marvel) was rivaling Superman in popularity at one point, and Aquaman may have been known as a joke in some aspects, but people still knew that character in popular culture. Ant-Man was never known outside of the comics and a couple of short-lived Avengers cartoons.
  3. 4K release on March 12. I am salivating over that fact!
  4. Hopefully these Dragon Ball numbers let Fox know that people will go see a DBZ movie. I want a $150 million+ blockbuster.
  5. Glad you enjoyed Book Club! I didn’t have high hopes but was pleasantly surprised. It was a ton of fun.
  6. Disney has released tons of R-rated movies. They wouldn’t change a winning formula like this one.
  7. Hopefully you’ll finish this one before it’s time to put together your 2019 list.
  8. That won’t stop studios from spending $80 million on a fucking movie about Dick Cheney, though.
  9. Marvel has definitely proven that unknown characters can breakout. I’m glad DC has taken notice. Warner wouldn’t make a Green Lantern movie in the 90s, but they would make Steel. Blech.
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