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  1. PDC disappeared for ALL of A Star is Born’s excellent box office and soundtrack run but reappears when she loses the Golden Globe. Gaga is not winning the Oscar, regardless. This is a legacy Oscar year. She will win for Song, though.
  2. Glad you enjoyed Book Club! I didn’t have high hopes but was pleasantly surprised. It was a ton of fun.
  3. Disney has released tons of R-rated movies. They wouldn’t change a winning formula like this one.
  4. Hopefully you’ll finish this one before it’s time to put together your 2019 list.
  5. That won’t stop studios from spending $80 million on a fucking movie about Dick Cheney, though.
  6. Marvel has definitely proven that unknown characters can breakout. I’m glad DC has taken notice. Warner wouldn’t make a Green Lantern movie in the 90s, but they would make Steel. Blech.
  7. It was the #2 movie of 1976. The soundtrack was also a smash. 5x platinum and a #1 single with “Evergreen,” which won Streisand her second Oscar.
  8. The song went to #2 on the Hot 100 in 1992 thanks to Wayne’s World. That was an event.
  9. After a $10 million weekend, there is no way ASIB misses the $35 million needed to cross $200m.
  10. This was filmed in 2016, when her face was really botoxed to hell. She looks way better now.
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