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  1. In any case, Gaga is locked to win Best Original Song. She’s walking away a winner no matter what.
  2. Gaga looks not terrible in these clips. That nose video would have been way more effective before her nose job, though. I’m excited.
  3. Told y’all that CRA would break out. ~* Four years ago there wasn’t a single housewife I know who wasn’t reading that book. It’s very fun.
  4. $17 million to go. I2 should comfortably cross $600 million with Labor Day weekend on the horizon. This is the last week of summer for kids in Louisiana. They start back next Monday.
  5. That’s just the leftist media. Literally anywhere else on earth is at least as racist, and usually more racist, than we are.
  6. Incredibles 2 needs $28 million. Hope it can crawl to the finish line. In typical Disney fashion, the Blu-ray does not release until November.
  7. I saw MI6 and Teen Titans today, and I thoroughly enjoyed both. Lots of fun.
  8. Crazy Rich Asians is going to have crazy good legs. Quote me. The book is so much fun, I see another Help situation.
  9. MM2 will have a healthy multiplier. Its audience will trickle in eventually.
  10. I know, and a song doesn’t necessarily have to be a Pop hit to be a popular seller. “This Is Me” is very well known but has not been a radio hit. It has sold quite a few albums.
  11. Well, the Hot 100 doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story. The Greatest Showman soundtrack has been huge this year on the album charts.
  12. TDK was a fun weekend at the old forums.
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