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  1. WOW. I doubt all three will get over $30 million, but what a great weekend regardless!
  2. The only thing I really hate about BOM/BOT forums is the incessant need for short-cutting movie titles. I hate having to sit and wonder what "TTSS" stands for.
  3. Why does it matter what your personal feelings are toward Margaret Thatcher? I'm going to see it for Meryl Streep's performance, plain and simple.
  4. What does her appearance have to do with the character? Pretty sexist, imo.
  5. The 24 hour news cycle creates faux-controversy everywhere. They need stories to eat up air time.
  6. I hope this doesn't say anything for The Muppets legs.
  7. BD2 should shatter all of the records next year.The Help is only $892,725 behind Bridesmaids now.
  8. I can't believe people thought it would do less than DH1.
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