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  1. I am an expect. You could not be more wrong. There is nothing wrong with being trans. By showing your discomfort is showing that person less respect. Your personal beliefs are wrong. There is nothing wrong with being trans. Do you also think it wrong to be gay, bi, or lesbian. Do think it would be okay if someone beliefs thought someone of different race or ethic group was wrong and made them feel discomfort. What makes you you feel uncomfortable? Maybe you should try to learn more about the trans community. There no reason to feel uncomfortable. We all humans why feel discomfort around a group of people. Go to lgbt center and learn more about the trans community. You beliefs are irrational. There is no logic to your beliefs. You are the same beliefs let hate rule the world. Your discomfort is why there are wars since people do not understand group of humans. Why not learn to let go of discomfort and learn to love and accept. You would be happy person. You might even make great friends in the process. Start to learn about trans community and hear there stories. Being trans is only one part of thier life. You most likely would have a lot in common with person who is trans. All you are doing is limited yourself from other people just some belief which has no ground in reality.
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