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  1. Island Of The Doctor Moreau's musical is looking lit. Only lacked some Val Kilmer's realness.
  2. I'm really looking forward @StevenG 's 1999 retrospective list that will certainly be more valuable and thoroughly researched than any of ours.
  3. Check out the other ones in the edited post. It looks so crisp on youtube and it's not even the official HDR grading supervised by James Cameron.
  4. Someone tried to test HDR grading on this 10 years old movie...
  5. Gyllenhaal would have killed it in a Raimi-directed Mysterio movie. (And his theme is more epic than the official MCU Spider-Man theme indeed. Too bad, it was a red herring). The attempt at meta-irony digs lampooning the MCU's derivative process through Mysterio's character is neat but once the illusion twist gets finally revealed it just back to the usual stale third act mush of CG it tries to subvert. B-.
  6. Way better than Knives Out's trailer. The caustic black humor tone lands way better while being dark and violent.
  7. An interview with supporting actor Keston John who plays a Na'vi in the sequel called Va'Ru. http://www.afterbuzztv.com/avatar-2s-keston-john-praises-james-camerons-vision/ Avatar 2 bit starting at 18:39:
  8. To be honest, I've dreamt about an Alita directed by Bong Joon-Ho. No offense to Robert Rodriguez but yeah, Cameron collaborating with Joon-ho, that's a potent mix.
  9. When Endgame gets nominated in 9 categories and wins Best Picture next year.
  10. I think JCS uses an idiomatic expression in this context. It means "That ride is so impressive, there's nothing like it, it's a sight to behold".
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