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  1. dashrendar44

    Bad Times At The El Royale (2018)

    A scriptwriter's movie. As in, a scriptwriter so in love with his ideas on the page that he doesn't question if the whole lot makes any coherent sense on the moving screen. It doesn't gel. At all. A boring exercice in Indiewire's onanism 20 years too late in the quirky pulp department. (Even a random Xavier Dolan's cameo doesn't elicit much of the batshit WTFuckness it wants to conjure up). C.
  2. If Ready Player One and its abysmal marketing could rake 137M Dom in March, I don't see why this can't in February which has proved to be a potential blockbuster slot already.
  3. #TheCoopering© #Gaganaissance® Dear Twitter, PM @dashrendar44 for my copyright fees (Direct debits).
  4. It's totally ripping-off riffing on The King Of Comedy, isn't it? (Not that I mind, it's one of my favourite Scorcese and Sandra Bernhard is like The Joker and Harley Quinn all rolled into one disturbing package).
  5. I think the producers judged his directorial abilities on True Detective season one (Who Goes There episode comes to mind) and Beasts Of No Nation rather than Jane Eyre.
  6. (That one is less shoddy....That jaw line tho) Did you find Brie a bit too cheesy?
  7. Except one glaring shot but you only catch it if you know Paris geography. When the helicopter containing the "asset" flies over Paris, it goes from west to south-east where the landing zone is located basically following the river Seine. But there's one flyover shot of Notre-Dame when the helicopter clearly flies from east to west as you see the chevet-apse of the cathedral which is facing the east side. The helicopter should be flying opposite because on this shot the landing zone is situated behind the helicopter and not forward. Though it's really impressive in the Paris chase, when you pick up a detail in one shot (like a passer-by or a car) that is still present in the next reverse shot filling up the continuity seamlessly while maintaining the thrill and adrenaline-fueled flow of the sequence. No shaky cam, fluid takes, logical cuts. Dare I say that it's what TDK tried to do in a confusing way but McQuarrie actually did it in a tighter, more logical and more seamless editing.
  8. dashrendar44

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Rest In Peace, Queen Aretha.

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