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  1. His Alien queen concept arts are ace too even though he's inspired by Giger's art. As someone who is passionate by graphic arts/illustration and love to sketch/draw, this is why I love James Cameron as an artist beyond his directing talent. I don't know many directors that can paint traditionally their own movie concept arts (George Lucas had to rely on Ralph McQuarrie's talents to visualize his ideas for SW for hence). When I saw Avatar, I told myself "That kind of movie is why I'm drawing my imagination out. Movies like Avatar which is an ode to dreaming artists that inspire in return many graphic artists to let their imagination roam wild and pursue their own artistic endeavour". The power of creation and the craft to manifest your imagination into reality is something I value dearly and tremendously respect in one another (Because it epitomizes the divine beauty of the human mind's capacities, everything surrounding us started as a sketch from someone's imagination). I have the Avatar artbook and it is truly inspiring to see how it basically started from this Cameron's original sketch and became a juggernaut of science-fiction and fantasy on that massive scale:
  2. Yeah it takes combining 6 different franchises (Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, GOTG, Spider-Man) to beat 1 Avatar. You just proved their point.
  3. Trudey would either shackle up with Grace or Tsu-Tey than dorky Norm. She might have been really thirsty.
  4. I can buy blue cat people, floating mountains, Ethernet trees but this...This shatters my suspension of disbelief.
  5. "Avatar will rehash old material!" By the same people who pin on 40 years old characters being still exploited like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Han Solo. I mean the whole ST selling point was about bringing back the oldies.
  6. Let's call a spade a spade, the "Thanos was right" online crowd are western white goobers that subscribe to eugenics and white supremacy. When they say "Thanos the wise making the decision that nobody has the balls to do", they actually want to wipe out the third world's population seen as "parasites" (Africa is always first on the list because of the precious resources there they want to loot so bad for free to sustain western societies while leaving the population behind dying in poverty and illnesses. When Africa's countries like Nigeria is catching up to western development standards and has a birth rate way higher than any western countries, they freak out and get on this darwinist genocidal bandwagon because they're afraid to lose their stranglehold as the power dynamics are in balance), whether it be by sowing engineered diseases, famines or set up wars by proxy to destroy them from within by corrupting local leaders. Those keyboard Mengele don't want to alter their over-consumerist way of life that is actually ruining this planet, they want to commit genocide to keep their unsustainable system afloat even if it leads all of us to self-destruction and keep all the resources that are actually enough to feed everyone on this planet.
  7. I think he can now do it on the spot with his Simulcam tool. At 5:12: Yeah, that's the thing that most people didn't understand why Avatar was touted as a "revolution" in moviemaking and all they could muster is "Muh Avatar not revolutionary, it's Ferngully/Smurfs/Dance with Pocahontas in space". The revolution was mostly behind the scenes for the artists. Basically, there are no cameras rigs that take hours to set up with the according lighting to cover specific angles that are needed because if the director came up with a new angle on the spot or changed his mind, it takes whole unforeseen hours for the DoP, camera operator, gaffer and assistants to set that new angle up, the actors to prepare in between takes required per angles etc. James Cameron just has to put his actors on a set, let them act a whole scene, perf cap cameras record their whole performances (body movements and facial expressions in one go), uncut. Then, Cameron can watch those performances projected in a 360° virtual environment from every angles for him to zoom in/out, pan in/out, close-ups, handheld, steadicam, travelling, dolly, change focals etc. toying with a virtual camera without altering nor reshooting those performances to get those angles on the spot. Because he can set his camera everywhere on the set on a whim without uttering "CUT". Only the people that know how a pain in the ass and time-consuming the "normal process" of moviemaking production and post-production is can assess how Avatar's moviemaking method is innovative: production, post-production and editing are intertwined right on the set and not consecutively. That's why Spielberg and Jackson went apeshit trying to play with that simulcam as well. Shout out to Robert Zemeckis that actually had to pioneer and experiment to convince his peers how that could change the blockbuster directing game. The audience didn't understand back then and most still don't.
  8. I'm pretty much convinced after that Flight Of Passage ride video that Cameron asked the VFX teams to build 360° full CGI photorealistic environments mapping the Pandora's world in which the stories will take place like some giant VR playground made just for him. They basically built Pandora from the inside out stored in computers farm so Cameron can free ride wherever he wants with his camera, put his mocap actors anywhere and the rough end result appear in real time as he shoots around at random. (On Avatar, Cameron could watch a rough render of the actors as Na'vis on his monitor as they were live performing simultaneously on the volume set but it was really low poly and animatic like. Now imagine with next-gen graphics...). In the VFX world, they think like live shooting, you don't model and render sets that don't appear on camera angles to save time and money. Cameron is like "Make Pandora a giant photorealistic map for me to play inside in 360° HFR" That's crazy.
  9. You should watch that Titanic special from 2012 (The Final Word) when Cameron is teaming with engineers and researchers fending off about water dynamics and hydraulics using latest technologies to re-assess what exactly happened compared to the movie which was a hypothesis based on what scientists knew back then. They built a miniature to reproduce the conditions in which the Titanic broke in two. At one point, after Cameron explained his theory about the boat's exact breaking point and how to rig the miniature to perfect the conditions, he gets a bit fed up after few mishaps and goes "You guys didn't listen to me when I told you to do this and that. That's why the experience fails". Those experts are like I have never seen an artist/director so enthralled and knowledgeable about the science behind the movies he makes. Most directors will claim imagination and suspension of disbelief supercede everything in fiction, not even bothering to come up with a theoretical approach to what they depict because "poetic license". OTOH, Cameron, as an avid technological forecaster, can hold his ground, discuss technology and theories with NASA engineers, hydraulics experts and oceanographs so he can keep tabs and debate on real life scientific researchs to enrich and inform his stories. Also he has a knack to break it down in layman's terms. The guy could have been an hydraulic engineering college professor, a concept designer or a hard scifi novel writer with equal might. (Considering he's a drop-out that drove trucks for a living, that's mighty impressive and awe-inspiring).
  10. I laughed out loud when T'Challa basically put all Wakandans lives into the pit of certain death to save...ONE sentient (blonde) BOT (?!) created by a billionaire douchebag (even though the bot didn't even care to sacrifice himself. Like I'm supposed to care about Vision LOL). T'Challa, the Kanye West of the MCU. (And I agree that the Strange's "odds line" doesn't quite work beyond face value when there's plenty of "Don't do that stupid character!" moments priorhands that altered the course of events resulting in a multitude of possibilities without Thanos's direct actions dictating the outcome).
  11. Thanos female goon that looks like a WoW reject was played by Carrie Coon?! They definetely should have put her in make-up instead of Steppenwolf-ing the eff out of her.
  12. Alfred Molina should open an acting school to teach how to do the "Marvel dude with a monster alter-ego talking to himself like a suburban dad strung out on crack" Because Mark Ruffalo and Tom Hardy need to apply for a bootcamp ASAP.
  13. That actor must be so bummed out to lose such a part... Thanos perfcap CGI were mostly ace (they nailed the eyes, the hardest part) but they should have put a real actress in make-up that played one of his humanoid goon.

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