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  1. dashrendar44

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Rest In Peace, Queen Aretha.
  2. The only thing that was sorely lacking is some Kittridge's smugness.
  3. Really? Because the last two years, I grew annoyed how baby boomers, gen X and early millenials (born early eighties) would massively rely and share the most asinine memes and conspirationist fake news on Facebook (when they're not flooding FB with stupid copy/pasted "inspirational quotes" to cope with their midlife crisis) without even reading it or fact checking it. They're also prone to comment everything clickbaity on public for everyone to see. I'd say Facebook is still holding on because of that generation as the younger ones moved to Instagram and Snapshat.
  4. I prefered Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation to an extent. That one feels like an overlong remix of those two with some MI 3 (Monaghan) sprinkled on top re-using protagonists/antagonists/plot lines to pad up a narrative that seems to run in circle despite trying hard to fill up the screen with momentum and action extravaganza. "Why do you run, Ethan?" I think the franchise has reached its ceiling in terms of "ZOMG Craziest Stunt ever!" in between tunnels of bad exposition and double-crossing. The only way Cruise goes crazier is halo jumping from space after crashing a space shuttle into a satellite. Question: That shot at 2:23 wasn't in the movie at all, was it?
  5. You're joking but I'm convinced that a resort modeled after Home Tree with a bunch of bungalows suspended onto trees and rocky structure to imitate the Hallelujah mountains would make a killing especially if at night it becomes bioluminescent. A bit like in Indonesia you have this:
  6. dashrendar44

    Overlord | October 26, 2018

    Somewhere Gary Kurtz is seething...
  7. dashrendar44

    Glass | Jan 18, 2019 | Trailer on Page 10!!!

    That's what makes Unbreakable a great movie. The fact those characters live in our mundane world and all of a sudden discover that even though they're being gifted abilities that defy human limits, they're condemned to be alone and cast off as crazy because nobody can make sense of their existence and actions that are expressions of delusion and lunacy from the outside aka the rest of the world because the real world doesn't work like comic books. It's the sad realization that such alienated people would end up outcast and belong in an asylum when we, the audience, want to believe they're not lunatic because we want to believe in superheroes and supervillains. SLJ's performance as Elijah/Mr Glass managed to be cruel and deeply heart crushing at the same time. That Unbreakable ending always gets me teary.
  8. Nope. It was Ligeti's Lux Aeterna. You must be mistaken since both were featured in 2001, A Space Odyssey.
  9. Mothra spreading its wings at night looks like something out of Fantasia 2000.
  10. It has bomb written all over it but I see a cult following like Speed Racer. Also, where's the motorball sequence?
  11. I'm a Cameron fan and I don't think Alita will do big numbers at all even with Christmas time boost. (At this point, i think Sin City numbers adjusted are more likely).

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