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  1. I remember when I was 7 how my neighborhood buddy would constantly go "Georgie...Georgie...You'll float too!" (in french) imitating Pennywise with a creepy voice. He would trigger me with images of Pennywise's sharp teeth. In fact, I only watched the mini-series in its entirety when I was in my late twenties, I couldn't make it through part 1 as a child to avoid nightmares. (Whereas my childhood buddy would watch the VHS recording on repeat learning and imitating Pennywise's lines when he was 7...). I guess IT had a powerful sway on an entire generation of kids worldwide because it taps right into childhood's psyche and primal fears.
  2. American Made | 9/29/2017

    So who has really shot this movie this time?
  3. Somebody should make an "Everything wrong with Cinemasins" video.
  4. NFL football players wear armor pads and helmets. That bike rider had no helmet on riding a Ducati while stunt driving aka the safety basics of motorcycle riding. How you can profess that all safety measures were ensured when you have an aggravating risk right there. That just increased the accident and fatality risks ten fold for no reason whatsoever but spare money for the production (Production claim they didn't have time to fit an helmet for her even though she was replacing a stunt driver that had an helmet hidden under a wig for the same gig... so keep up with the shoddy excuses but they had no problem CGI-fying the hell out of the stunts in the previous entry as the reel above showcased). She was a rookie, that was her first movie as a stunt so she didn't want to rock the boat (something more or less internalized in the industry it seems within the stunt driving profession) and express too much concerns for optimal safety or else she would get the boot but now she's dead.
  5. You mean those "real stunts" like the following ones at 1.00 featuring...Wait for it...A FULL CG MOTORCYCLE BIKER WITH AN HELMET ON (the tragic irony...)? Nobody said "ALL CGI OR NO CGI". It's actually more like stunts using CGI to minimalize fatalities and increase safety first. I don't care about the "purity" of the stunt, I'm not into snuff movies watching people getting hurt for real. smh. And it's even more ironic when you watch this reel revealing how much they relied on full CG stunt doubles then act like that poor gal riding that bike unprotected was really necessary. (on a tighter budget so no excuse that it cost too much touching it in post. If they can generate full renders like those, they can seamlessly remove safety harnesses and helmets too for a head swap. A lot of movies have that kind of process, nobody dies and audiences are still amazed).
  6. I found the (unrefined) remix tune of the second half of Thor Ragnarok trailer, a longer clean version is supposed to get released later on:
  7. Well, there's a little difference between risking your life because you do a job that basically is a cog of industrial society providing primary needs, goods and services for the collective vs risking your life in a disposable job to entertain masses after work...The latter is unnecessary when everything is fake and make believe. (Between this and Deadpool 2, I can't believe people are justifying the harm and death of entertainers like "shit happens (shrug)" with no liability and no accountability just because "Hey, that's the name of the moviemaking game, nOOb, nobody's responsible!" When has making movies become a kamikaze job? (Yeah I know right, since Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd. That doesn't make any less right when you have state of the art VFX, full body protections and wires to ensure safety first)

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