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  1. dashrendar44

    Pitch a movie idea...

    Columbo The Movie starring Mark Ruffalo.
  2. At least, the main character is not a piece of wooden furniture. That's already a big leap in quality over Godzilla 2014. Also you're not gonna play the "less is more" and "hide & seek" cockteasing schtick all over again with Godzilla & Mothra vs King Ghidorah vs Rodan going at it in Imax scope. This movie is "LET THEM FIGHT"! I'm hoping for Skull Island type entertainment, keeping Godzilla 14 imagery is fine, the rest can be tossed in the garbage can.
  3. It seems that my man Rodan gets all the coolest money shots so far:
  4. "We Need To Talk About Kal-Hell"
  5. Now I know why the trailer seems so dull. The main character is "Bucky-fied" so if the trailer showcases more of the character's emotional journey, you'll get spoiled why she seems so monotone in delivery and demeanor like a T-X.
  6. The trailer seems to be a bit divisive (outside of the "Boo Feminuts!" crowd) because this origin story already sells you this character as a super badass superhero right from the gate without the emotional journey to hook you outside the usual whizz-bang. A super badass superhero that falls from the sky and strikes badass pose after badass pose while delivering lines in a monotone way with a slight smirk (because that's what badass hero does). The stake here seems to be "how can I remember who I am already", not "how I become a superhero" since she's already an intergalactic superhero off-screen at the beginning of the story. Which is strangely similar to the plot of The Long Kiss Goodnight starring Geena Davis and...Samuel L. Jackson. (But there was the emotional journey of seeing this typical midwest soccer mom rediscovering her past as a badass special ops assassin).
  7. Yeah, now I can safely say the next trailer will not get buried by Captain Marvel's latest one.
  8. If the new trailer keeps the same intensity as that Comic Con teaser (or, better, match Godzilla 2014 trailer), those other trailers won't drown it as much. (A4 is expected to lead on trailerviews but this could be better received than CM's). Would be cool if they put McCreary's relecture of the main theme on the mayhem imagery.
  9. dashrendar44

    Mortal Engines | December 14, 2018 | Universal

    Looks like some Miyasaki shit in real life! YEAH, PRACTICAL EFFECTS!
  10. I loved the Desplat's relecture (the only thing I really enjoyed about Dullzilla 2014) but I can't wait to hear McCreary's version of Ifukube's iconic theme blasting in the theaters, that crescendo!
  11. The video is not available "in my area" according to Twitter. Could someone link a watchable link for europeans peeps, please? Thanks in advance.
  12. Yeah and they can sell James Cameron action figures to replace their unpopular SW toys being left on the shelf: https://geektyrant.com/news/james-cameron-gets-his-very-own-aliens-colonial-marine-action-figure

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