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  1. Avengers Endgame has literally no chance of topping Avatar in France in attendance (Endgame would have to get a 185% tickets sell increase from AIW), let alone Titanic. For the latter, Endgame would have to stay at least one year in theaters to increase more than 320% from AIW. And I didn't include the re-releases data to be merciful...
  2. Noomi Rapace () is the main attraction of this trite dystopic mashing of Equilibrium and 1984 with countless scifi cliches. But the european atmosphere and Noomi playing seven roles (VFX are astounding for a B-movie like this) provide enough meat to sustain this 2 hours romp where brutal action meets a weird tale about identity, birth control and family ties. Glenn Close plays an Orwellian mash-up of Margaret Sanger and Joseph Mengele while Willem Dafoe's character makes (too) brief appearances as a grand-dad doing whatever it takes (if your stomach is firmly attached, some gore ) to ensure his granddaughters's survival in a hostile world where siblings are banned. The closing song is amazing though. B-.
  3. Waiting for the blu-ray pre-orders to be announced (they don't seem in a hurry at DisFox...), this is the french interview I mentioned back then. I ripped, edited and roughly put english subtitles in. Enjoy: Alita: Battle Angel. French Interview. January 28th 2019. from Dashrendar4483 on Vimeo.
  4. It wouldn't surprised me if that post was literal like Doug Liman is actually playing a ping pong tournament with his bros on the studio dime while the second unit director is busy reshooting the movie.
  5. dashrendar44

    Us (2019)

    The "Who controls who?" made little sense unless you contort what is given to suit your interpretation. The clones were supposed to control the originals above but it "failed" per Red's exposition dump, the originals control the clones (that creepy flashback of the fair) but how did the original Adelaide get to be controlled by her clone above (the dance). Like you said, that dance triggered her "untethering" and clones uprising plan, she never stopped dancing (unlike her clone above who stopped at 14) but still let the clone controlled her (being impregnated, giving birth to two unwanted children) so what was the point of that dance? Also how does a dancer who can't even snap in rythm on a simple beat get to be a ballerina?
  6. That last trailer...The actors delivery is a bit corny and hammy. "Oh my...","Damn right"...Ice Cube jr seems to be sleepwalking through his lines. It's a typical Godzilla movie, all right. It comes with the territory, got to suffer tunnels of hammy acting in between the apocalyptical monsters rampage.
  7. Yeah, AFTER developing a Tron sequel involving Kosinski/Hedlund/Wilde as far as March 2015 and greenlighted a Tron animated series that ran for two seasons on Disney XD to lead up and drum up buzz for that eventual third movie. Then after the second season was a bust due to abysmal decreasing ratings, Disney decided that it wasn't worth it anymore and pull the plug on everything. So in a sense, Disney only stopped it because of the fanbase not even sustaining and supporting the Tron franchise where it mattered. Check the timeline before making a blanket statement.
  8. The guy who spends the majority of his posts in Cameron related threads ranting against Cameron-related movies just because he has a petty vendetta against 2 "Cameron fanboys" he hates passionately, is now trying to cast stone and lecture about "bias" and "chip on the shoulder"...
  9. Yeah, I'm going to ignore outside analysts who have a clear chip on their shoulders against Alita peddling its flop prematurely moving the goalpost for break even point. Can't even agree on a number as long as it is unreachable theatrically it seems.
  10. Thanks for proving me right meanwhile blindly parroting same outside analyst like Deadline who are never known to spin or being flat out wrong and off, right: The same Deadline that parroted Alita had a 237M budget before retracting their false information. That's who you trust more than the ones who actually produced the movie.
  11. Deadline is full of shit. Come on now. If you want to play this game, Fox said the breaking even point was 350M officially but I'm sure you won't acknowledge that as it doesn't fit your narrative. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/box-office-alita-battle-angel-scores-needed-win-62m-china-debut-1189685 Here you go Mr "Outside analyst".
  12. You were assuming an Alita sequel would be on-par with PR2 sight unseen when I was only infering that PR getting a sequel could also make one hope that Alita could get a sequel which was always the point. What you said is the definition of putting the cart before the horse. Also, I never said Captain America = Alita. I said Captain America still made a hefty sum in its post-theatrical run compared to its initial theatrical run (thanks to Avengers boost but the point is video sales save it from being a BO disappointment overall) but you're adamant that Alita can't find a healthy post-theatrical run. Yeah I'm greatful it ridiculed and disavowed all of the asinine GITS and Mortal Engines predictions that were thrown around here.

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