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  1. It might seem unfair but the fact is the conservatives have been in full power in the US therefore criticism will fall more at their feet. I don't believe all conservatives are Trump stans but there is a very cult like sect of the Republican base who have been poisoned to think any idea not from Trump is evil and against America. The fact that Trump has made this issue bipartisan is sickening enough. I feel a lot of your anger should be directed at the people who have hijacked the conservative movement to be a Trump cult. Thousands of people are dying and what the world needs is strong leaders who will put away petty politics and stand up for their people. Trump has shown himself to be woefully lacking in any skills to do this. America's healthcare system will collapse if people don't heed the advise of WHO and 95% of all medical and scientific experts.
  2. Also, Boris testing positive is crazy. Maybe a lot more people will take this far more serious. Now it's to see who else he might have spread this to.
  3. J Yet no criticising of the President and his complete inept handling of the situation. I despise Fox News and this video is such a load of garbage I can only hope you posted it in irony.
  4. I sadly think Trump will survive this no matter how poor he deals with it The division's are sown so deep no one is willing to admit they are wrong.
  5. I still think it is too flimsy worded. There is a lot of people I know who still are going to work as their place of work hasn't closed. They need to be blunt on who is considered a keyworker and just put a list of what is open and what must close. The ambiguity is still here.
  6. So we are getting a lockdown in the UK. Although flimsy worded it is a lockdown
  7. It doesn't change the fact that he has been one of the worst world leader's in response to this pandemic. His response is putting thousands, if not millions at risk of dying or getting serious life debilitating diseases.
  8. In your opinion. Let's not make this a thread about a talentless TV host. Anyway. The latest news from UK seems to be suggesting that more strict measures will be enforced very soon.
  9. No he isn't. He is usually wrong. And people hate him due to his arrogance and shoddy past including being the editor during the phone hacking scandal, blatant racism and blind favouritism to his mate Trump.
  10. Why it has taken them this long is ridiculous. Also, I went to my local grocer's and saw so many people panic buying non-essential items. I have never lost my faith in humanity so fast.
  11. Well fortunately I don't think of people as expendable so we should be trying to reduce the fatalities period. We don't even know if this virus can mutate and start harming more people outside of the more vulnerable. What we need now is logic, calm and humanitarian support. I understand that isolation is not appealing but we are living through extraordinary times and we have to work together to look after our most vulnerable members of society...PERIOD.
  12. Doubtful to have any immediate impact. Also, where are you quoting that from? I'd definitely like to have a read of that. It's possible there was already some background research into a cure months ago from China.
  13. I do think some of you have to read into how drugs are developed and given MA (Market Authorisation). Even if medication is readily available and used for another symptom/illness it still takes a considerable amount of time to get it on to the market for other illnesses. This is due mainly to GCP standards. Everything will not be solved in a week or even a few weeks. The existence of a potential cure can help manage the economy/market but isolation and other extreme measures will still have to be in place for a while.
  14. I've had a dry cough since last week. I have self isolated for everyone else's safety. A few of my friends I met last weekend have also isolated after getting mild to medium symptoms. I hope everyone takes care of themselves and doesn't dwelve too much into panic mode, but does take this as serious as possible. Sadly, this situation has shown how poor a lot of countries politic leadership is.
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