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  1. What is going to be the biggest film of February? Nothing seems to stand out at the moment to my knowledge. Unless if Sonic really goes fast (from what I understand Birds of prey is not getting the best trailer reactions-then again neither is Sonic)
  2. What will be the first blockbuster of the year? Possibly Dolittle I am guessing. Or maybe Bad Boys.
  3. Aquaman Batman seems to be at a point where he isn’t as popular (still better then how hated he was in the late 90s/early 00s) Dolittle or Dr. Dolittle 1998 version
  4. Ummm Justice League Galaxy 3 or Age of Ultron
  5. Chris Cooper There are tons of older games to do as well
  6. My favorite is probably either Endgame or Ford. I still have not seen Knives Out which I do want to see though and I heard 1917 is pretty good. (Out of what I want to see)
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