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  1. Why the heck does the title say 8%? It has a 76% right now. Unless if it somehow zoomed up really high, where did the 8% come from?
  2. Well out of the December releases I've seen the most advertising for Bumblebee. Though the Aquaman and Spidey ones I've seen more for as of late. (I actually have not seen anything for Poppins surprisingly) I still think either this or Aquaman should of moved. They are likely going to kill each other.
  3. Well my favorite characters are probably Thor and Star Lord-which of course only half of that can be seen in the trailer.
  4. Unless if Aladdin moves (I do think one of Disney's live action films will move as they are too close-also Aladdin seems more like a holiday film-then again so did Beauty and the Beast...)
  5. Okay I just realized something odd-I don't think I've seen a film in theaters made by Fox since Logan. (Yes completely random) Out of any December releases I might see-maybe Aquaman and that is it. (Sorry kids I don't get a chance to see films as much as I use to!)
  6. I was going to say that earlier, Beats 2 was okay, not that good though to be honest, I was rather disappointed. It is the worst film of the year I've seen (before anyone jumps down my throat about that-I have not seen as nearly as many films as most of you and rarely go to the theater anymore, heck that was my first film since The Meg!)
  7. I guess that is what happens when you go off the plot from Wikipedia. It sounded unappealing from it. So forgive me for that.
  8. So I decided to see what the limited films are to see if any of them have ANY potential of going wide.... *Looks up The Favourite* *Yawn* sounds like your typical Oscar bait boring film. Heck they all do! On another note-other then Aquaman, not sure what I might see in December.
  9. I put this on the weekend predicts-but dang next week is even worse. I didn't realize it until now that NOTHING is coming out next week! Surprise nothing moved to that date.
  10. Wow-there really is nothing coming out next Friday? I never noticed that till now! Surprised nothing moved to that date.
  11. Yeah-week after Thanksgiving is pretty weak. 2 exceptions are The Last Samurai and Star Trek 6.
  12. Well I've seen the trailer a lot for Bumblebee-I actually have yet to see a single ad for Aquaman. (Actually I have not seen one for Mary Poppins either-it probably was at my showing of the Incredibles 2, but I got tickets for the wrong day and missed all the trailers when I was exchanging them. Then again just because its the same studio does not always mean there is a trailer from that studio-heck at The Meg I didn't see a single trailer for a WB film)
  13. Neither this or Bumblebee seem to budge from there dates-I think they might kill each other as they are the same audience. (Though at least I've seen trailers for Bumblebee, I have yet to see a trailer for Aquaman, heck I saw a trailer for Shazaam (as well as Bumblebee) at Beasts 2, but none for Aquaman!)

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