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  1. I actually haven't seen much for RPO-well just a trailer at Star Wars and part of it at Black Panther (walked in 15 minutes after the showing for BP due to traffic, at least for once the theater that shows way to many trailers was actually helpful as I didn't miss the opening, usually I hate how many trailers that theater has) I'm not even sure what RPO is about.
  2. Not sure if I'll see anything this March! What do you think will be the next 50M+ OW?
  3. I found Titanic better then I was expecting it to be, I know quite a few were disappointed at the time since they were hoping for a more historical film, not a love story, which was why I didn't want to see it either. I did like it, but it wasn't amazing.
  4. There are some opinions I'm afraid to say to some. (Such as how I feel Hocus Pocus is beyond overrated, but that only seems to be with girls my age)
  5. Recently I was looking at what was on and 2 Pixar films were on against each other. And apparently The Incredibles was from 2003-I was going "must be a really rough edit that makes it very sloppy"
  6. As I put in the Black Panther thread-wish other Marvel films did as well, I liked it but didn't find it to be OMG THE BEST FILM EVA! (it's not even my favorite phase 3 film-that is Thor 3) At least something finally came out after a long dry spell!
  7. I have no clue about that. I really can careless about Netflix-I got it too late and there is not much that I enjoy on it. That's what happens when you actually had a video store up here that didn't close till a couple years ago. Which caused me to never get any streaming services.
  8. Wait-didn't realize it only cost 40M. I read it as 140M. BTW-how much did Early Man cost?
  9. Looks like Annihilation is the first bomb of the year, unless if overseas can really save it.
  10. Well I did like it-but it's not the best Marvel film ever (not even my favorite phase 3 film, that would be Thor 3) Still nice that it's doing well, just wish some of the other Marvel films did that well though.
  11. Okay upon thinking about it-I put Black Panther at probably number 3 for the phase 3 films. Behind Thor 3 and GOTG2.

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