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  1. My first review in a long time-saw a 6:30PM showing on it's pre opening night. Anyway-this is probably my favorite out of every MCU (heck comic book movies), which I thought nothing would top Thor 3 for phase 3 for me, but it did. The film was really great, couldn't believe it was 3 hours. There were some emotional parts (Black Widow, Cap and Tony among that), funny parts (fat Thor? That was GREAT), StarLord back. I'm not sure where they will go from here (other then Black Panther 2, Spider-Man: Far From Home, AsGaurdians of the Galaxy as I call it, Ant-Man 3 and Strange 2, among any other new ones). This should be nominated at the Oscars, probably wont unless if they grow desperate for ratings (they have become such a joke, but that's another convo for another time) Anyway A.
  2. The White Crow will make 400 million next week. As for that indie called Avengers Endgame....umm 200K (I honestly have no clue what the film White Crow is)
  3. Dumbo did less then I expected, Unplanned did right where I actually was expecting it.
  4. Well I have not been paying attention to anything other then the major films. You know for a animated film by a major studio, Wonder Park really isn't being advertised. (I guess at least-from the sound of it)
  5. I wonder what will replace Captain Marvel at number one? Probably Dumbo. Unless if there is something I don't know about in the next few weeks.
  6. The next thing I will see will either be Dragon 3 or Captain Marvel. (Only thing I've seen this year in theaters is Aquaman) (Yeah I know yesterday I said I didn't see anything this year, thinking I saw Aquaman at the very end of last year but then edited that) (Now what I'll see next at home-I have no idea. I could just watch some random film now if I wanted to)
  7. Wow 291.5M???? Ummm wow. We need a Owen Wilson wow smiley.
  8. Wait-I saw Aquaman the first week of January, so I have seen something this year. (I was sick the week it came out, and basically snowed in for the next 2 weeks)
  9. This is the first year since....I don't know when-where the first film I will in theaters see will be in March. (Well the last 2 years in a row I didn't see a single film in September or October which was the first time in a long time in 2017) Edit: oops-saw Aquaman this year, not last year (I put that in another post)
  10. "Aquaman is not realistic" no *bleep Sherlock. And I suppose a movie where a guy turns into a 10 foot tall blue man and falls in love with a 10 foot tall blue woman and everyone is basically a hippie or evil is? Um yeah....
  11. Remember back when people thought Alita do big numbers? Then it had a rather creepy looking teaser at Episode 8..... And it looks like it might be number one, but it has to fight against Lego 2.
  12. Never heard of Miss Bala until well, yesterday when I was looking up what comes out next week.
  13. Although there always is a chance that Kid could be number one depending on it's opening and drop, considering that it's the type of movie that doesn't get hit as badly as others.
  14. So...how badly will Superbowl weekend be? Glass looks to remain number one that weekend, but...it wont do that well.
  15. This is what happens when you look at the clock when editing the title thread-I almost put 8/27 as the date. Gee we are now in August or we are still in August!
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