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  1. Well something I was predicting could happen which just might is that Jumanji will win next weekend. (Saw that on Thursday, it was quite fun)
  2. Another year has gone by (well almost), another thread to start!
  3. Well if I see anything else this year in theaters it will probably be Jumanji. (I never got a chance to see Coco-glad I didn't see it though when I wanted to in November, considering it had a short that should of just been made for TV, I could still see it though)
  4. Well Jedi and Ferdinand will both have nice Monday drops as this Monday schools are out for Christmas break! (Earlier than last year when it started a little too late)
  5. Next week: No idea, week after-some sci fi film will win the weekend
  6. Friend Request made 8 dollars. The fact it is still being tracked....
  7. Awesome for Thor 3-saw it on Thursday night, first film I've seen since Dunkirk at the theaters. Didn't like it as much as GOTG2, but still great.
  8. Not going to lie-I actually kind of want to see Murder more than Justice League-then again I love the 1974 version of Murder and really want to see the new updated version!
  9. What will be the next 30M opener I wonder? Thor 3? Or something before then?
  10. Wow-usually the week after Labor Day is the worse one of the year-but this year it looks a lot different with Labor Day weekend being the worse one. They should of moved It up a week or even Logan Lucky to Labor Day weekend. Well they could just reissue any early Summer release! (Other then GOTG2 which is already on Blu Ray I believe)
  11. Dang, Labor Day weekend has nothing coming out-something should of moved there-hey its not to late to move some random film! Really what are you scared of?
  12. Dunkirk (2017)

    Forgot to grade this! Saw this a few weeks ago-it was really good, the cinematography was awesome also. My only complaint was that at times it was a bit too jumpy between the stories. Other then that though, I really enjoyed it. A Doubt this will be topped as my favorite of the year.
  13. I didn't even realize that Nut Job 2 was even coming out-or rather I forgot.
  14. Crowd Reports Thread

    Okay I saw SM on it's opening day and it was odd-there were only about 12 people in the theater! (Granted other showings were more crowded-there was a IMAX showing about 30 minutes after that and another showing about 20 minutes earlier) Anyway it was pretty good, can't remember all the trailers right now-I don't remember them being that great though-oddly there were no superhero trailers!
  15. Men in Black (1997)

    Tomorrow is this films 20th anniversary!

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