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  1. Dang is Ad Astra really tracking that bad? I figured it be number one (or 2 depending on Rambos opening) but not that bad (figure it do better then Hustlers)
  2. The only film I have seen a trailer for this month is Ad Astra. I have no clue what The Goldfinch is.
  3. So long and we will miss all the noodles!
  4. I wonder what will be the first 2020 film to be number 1.
  5. I am so glad you put the year, I thought you meant the 1994 version!
  6. For the heck of it-predictions for the number 1 film till the end of the year: 8/30-9/2: Angel has Fallen 9/6-9/8: It 2 9/13/9/15: It 2 9/20-9/22: Ad Astra 9/27-9/29: Abominable 10/4-10/6: Joker 10/11-10/13: Joker (though Gemini Man or even Addams Family could be number 1) 10/18-10/20: Maleficent 2 10/25-10/27: Maleficent 2 11/1-11/3: Terminator 11/8-11/10: Terminator 11/15-11/17: Charlie’s Angels (almost went with Ford but that seems more like a leggy type film then one that will actually win the weekend) 11/22-11/24: Frozen 2 11/27-12/1: Frozen 2 12/6-12/8: Frozen 2 12/13-12/15: Jumanji 12/20-12/22: ummmm cats??? Lol okay Star Wars 12-27-12/29: Star Wars
  7. The next film I might see is Ad Astra, which I do think looks good.
  8. So how bad will Labor Day weekend be? Funny till very recently the week after was always or usually the worse of the year! Though as I said I do wish something finally break the record-I am tired of Halloween having that record, as well as Saw 3 having the Halloween record (is Miley Cyrus still the Super Bowl record? If so that needs to die to)
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