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  1. "Aquaman is not realistic" no *bleep Sherlock. And I suppose a movie where a guy turns into a 10 foot tall blue man and falls in love with a 10 foot tall blue woman and everyone is basically a hippie or evil is? Um yeah....
  2. Remember back when people thought Alita do big numbers? Then it had a rather creepy looking teaser at Episode 8..... And it looks like it might be number one, but it has to fight against Lego 2.
  3. Never heard of Miss Bala until well, yesterday when I was looking up what comes out next week.
  4. Although there always is a chance that Kid could be number one depending on it's opening and drop, considering that it's the type of movie that doesn't get hit as badly as others.
  5. So...how badly will Superbowl weekend be? Glass looks to remain number one that weekend, but...it wont do that well.
  6. This is what happens when you look at the clock when editing the title thread-I almost put 8/27 as the date. Gee we are now in August or we are still in August!
  7. I'm kind of not surprised by Upside doing well-it did have a Bucket List type vibe going for it.
  8. I liked Ant Man and Wasp more then Aquaman, but I liked Aquaman more then other Marvel films (I probably have Avengers, Ant Man 2, Aquaman ranked in that order for 2018 superhero films) (Sorry I found Black Panther overrated, it was good but not the best ever, didn't even have my favorite Marvel villain not named Thanos/Ultron/Loki)
  9. I actually liked it more then Black Panther. Though I liked Avengers 3 and Ant Man more then this.
  10. Well I finally saw Aquaman today. I was sick on Christmas week and was snowed out the next! It was pretty fun and good. While I didn't like it as much as Ant Man 2 I actually kind of liked it more then Black Panther. I liked how it was basically a fish out of water story-but the twist is that the one who was the fish out of a water was the normal person like us getting use to other stuff. (Actually I have to think of how I would rank the superhero films of last year, of course since I saw Aquaman the most recent its the most fresh in my mind and my opinion could change)
  11. Well I'm finally going to see it tomorrow probably, I was sick during Christmas week and then the next week I was snowed in.
  12. I went back and looked-2007 was the last time the first release was not a horror film. Before that it was 2004, where the first release was either a rom com or a thriller for the most part. Now most people seem to say the first release of the year usually bombs. But let's be honest, they don't cost THAT much. Now there are some exceptions and they don't do that bad. Like Hostel, Devil Inside and one film that is completely different from those 2-Save the Last Dance.
  13. What will be the first 2019 film to be number one? I'm guessing Glass. Unless if Dog's Way Home somehow REALLY breaks out. (Okay that film doesn't look that bad, it just is one of those it shows the whole movie in the trailer. Actually that and Glass are the only January films I've seen trailers for and know that much about)
  14. Impact

    Best films of 2019!

    I wonder if I should pin this topic or not?

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