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  1. MI6 has been advertised to death. Saw the trailer for First Man, it looks good (I honestly thought Gosling was Tom Hardy at first)
  2. Well The Meg also reminds me of how Geostorm looked comical, which that didn't help either (I didn't see Geostorm though) Whoa-that high for Mama Mia 2? I honestly forgot they made a sequel....meh and yuck. I might see the Towering Die Hard this weekend.
  3. I think The Meg could be a breakout next month. (Well the reactions both times I saw the trailer have been really good-then again at something like Jurassic World that is expected, the other one was at Ant Man where I saw the trailer)
  4. Skyscraper looks like one of those films that shows the ENTIRE last 40 minutes in the trailer. The Meg surprisingly looks funny meanwhile. (It was like how Geostorm last year looked funny, didn't see it though)
  5. Not able to see Ant Man 2 this weekend, hope it does well though. The first is one of my favorite phase 2 films (Thor 3 is my favorite MCU film), going to see Ant Man 2 on Monday. Avengers 3 was great, but the ending made me wish I didn't have to wait a year. (Black Panther was good, but not as great as people made it to be, GOTG2 was really fun meanwhile)
  6. So will Ant Man remain at number one or will Hotel 3 or Skyscaper pass it? (I thought Skyscaper came out on it's 3rd weekend, don't know what will be number one then) I'm seeing Ant Man 2 on Monday. Ant Man is actually one of my favorite phase 2 films.
  7. Saw JW2 last night-better then the last 2, not as good as the first 2. (When I saw the Incredibles 2 last Saturday I got tickets for Friday by mistake, luckily I didn't have to pay twice and they exchanged our tickets, I missed the trailers and most of the short, but at least I didn't miss any of the film)
  8. I nearly missed the movie-since I got tickets for YESTERDAY instead of today. Thankfully they traded them in and I was able to see it without paying again (I missed most of the short before it and have no clue what was going on-something about a sweet roll, that is all I got)
  9. Speaking of films I still have yet to see-I still want to see Darkest Hour. I was going to see that in theaters, but stuff happened and then I missed it.
  10. I didn't see Coco because...nobody else wanted to see it at the time (I'm glad I didn't see it in November though when they had the 30 minute short that should of been made for TV) I didn't see Moana till last Thanksgiving either. (My nephew is 15 he doesn't want to see princess movies, I don't have a niece so yeah)
  11. Awesome for Incredibles 2, I hope Solo can somehow make more money meanwhile. I just realized that Incredibles 2 will be the first PG rated film I've seen in theaters since Lego Batman, dang I guess I didn't see a lot of family films last year! (I'm seeing Incredibles 2 today) This has been a great year for Disney (Avengers 3 was great, still not as good as Thor 3 which was my favorite one, I'm seeing Jurassic World 2 next week)
  12. I was just thinking "Wow Mission Impossible looks to be the first film of the Summer not made by Disney, Universal or Fox to be number one" Completely forgetting about Ocean's 8 already! (Hotel 3 could be number one though, depends on Ant Man 2's drop-though I do see Ant Man 2 increasing from the first quite a bit, I do think it looks better then Black Panther, but not as good as Avengers 3 or Thor 3 (my favorite Marvel film), of course this is my opinion) I do wish Solo could do better though, it had something the recent Star Wars films were missing-humor! You wouldn't expect Disney to be missing humor in there Star Wars, but they were.
  13. Too bad Solo can't do better. I actually thought it was one of the better Star Wars films. Yeah I know-I really thought it was actually really good and quite funny at times.
  14. I'm going to say something that might cause some controversy-but after thinking about it............. I liked Solo more then Episode 7, Return of the Jedi, the prequels (oh wait, that isn't that hard) I liked how it actually had humor to it.

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