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  1. Awesome for Ford and nice to see Midway is doing good (planning on seeing both sometime) lol at how bad Charlie did.
  2. Wow they are remaking that? Okay I am pretty sure this is a different film but I had to say that.
  3. Okay I put this on the weekend prediction thread bit unless if I am not seeing it my favorite feature on the site since 2000 is gone (I first found the site in 98) that is the fact they had weekend data since 1982. Mojo was also the last site I still went to frequently out of the sites I first went to in the late 90s (the first box office site I found was some site that went down a couple years later) I stopped going to the IMDB years ago.
  4. Even worse-unless if I am not seeing it the feature I have loved on the site since 2000 is gone- weekend data since 1982. No other site had that till then. This also marks the first weekend where I have internet access in probably over 18 years where I didn’t go to there site to check for Friday numbers.
  5. Yeah I believe it will be, just pointing out that zombie land has gotten better advertisement then a couple months ago. I actually thought Maleficent would win the month, or come close, but now I don’t due to this week.
  6. Originally I thought zombie land 2 be lucky to hit 50 million due to no marketing but since then it has been tons, I now see it opening at number one (though 2nd week who knows, Maleficent 2 has had pretty good marketing also) edit: yeah I know that isn’t next week but was just bringing that up.
  7. Well I was wrong about this weekend. I didn’t even think Abbey was going to be wide.
  8. Actually last film I saw in theaters was Lion King, nothing has really interested me (though Ad Astra could be good) I do want to see some films next month though. (The film in November I want to see the most is Ford) Now back on topic I think Joker will have 2 weeks and Maleficent will have 2 weeks as well.
  9. Seems like people really don’t use this topic that much as they use to anymore, to be fair this is a slow time of year though.
  10. Dang is Ad Astra really tracking that bad? I figured it be number one (or 2 depending on Rambos opening) but not that bad (figure it do better then Hustlers)
  11. The only film I have seen a trailer for this month is Ad Astra. I have no clue what The Goldfinch is.
  12. So long and we will miss all the noodles!
  13. I wonder what will be the first 2020 film to be number 1.
  14. I am so glad you put the year, I thought you meant the 1994 version!
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