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  1. What is the next big release? Can't believe Godzilla vs. Kong brought zero discussion!
  2. I just realized something, this November it will be 15 years since I became a mod on a formerly great movie site that has now been ruined.
  3. Bleh it stinks where I live. It's basically the only state that theaters wont open... I thought for sure Kong vs. Godzilla get some sort of conversation here though...
  4. How much will Godzilla vs. Kong do on Easter weekend?
  5. Oh, didn't know that it was actually theatrical! Well let's see how well it will do!
  6. So Tom and Jerry had a big opening all things considered! How long will it be number one for? My attempt to bring back conversation in this topic! (I tried to bring back doing to games last year but no luck!)
  7. Me being random: There should be a cereal Avengers type film! The Capn Crunch Initiative!
  8. It's been a year since I have gone to the theaters. For reasons I wont get into. Though everything that is playing now is probably not that good, unless if it's a reissue of a classic.
  9. Here we go yet again! Going to be rather different it seems!
  10. Onward was the best 2020 film I've seen. Hmmm, I wonder why?
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