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  1. Here we go yet again! Going to be rather different it seems!
  2. Onward was the best 2020 film I've seen. Hmmm, I wonder why?
  3. How many weeks will Tenant be number one? I actually know quite a few people who have gone to a drive in this year meanwhile. I honestly don't know if I've been to one.
  4. Apparently some films are having there runs recorded and some theaters are reopening slowly, so repinned!
  5. The next would of been the letter W, not sure what this is about. Went
  6. Wasn't confirmed when I asked! Tenet Mulan or Maleficent
  7. So now 3 films from last week all probably just had a 95 to 99% drop, wow. To be honest though, of the 3 openers only I Still Believe did less then I expected pre all this media hype that turned into something else. And apparently My Spy is still coming out in April, the one film that looked DTV.
  8. Soul, though Onward could be rereleased in the middle of May No Time to Die or Spectre?
  9. Welp next film will be Black Widow. Since the hype and everything should be gone by May 1st. Till then: Onward: will it be number one with a weekend under 500k? (Well for anyone reading this topic right now I almost feel like I don't want to change the title)
  10. Yeah looks like one spoke too soon, I almost said under its opening weekend.
  11. Figured it wouldn't do that great Well Sonic will be my first 2020 film
  12. Sonic will be the first film that came out this decade I plan on seeing, yes completely random I know.
  13. Birds of prey total-over or under Jokers opening week?
  14. I would expect Bad Boys and 1917 to have the biggest drops due to Super Bowl.
  15. What is going to be the biggest film of February? Nothing seems to stand out at the moment to my knowledge. Unless if Sonic really goes fast (from what I understand Birds of prey is not getting the best trailer reactions-then again neither is Sonic)
  16. What will be the first blockbuster of the year? Possibly Dolittle I am guessing. Or maybe Bad Boys.
  17. Aquaman Batman seems to be at a point where he isn’t as popular (still better then how hated he was in the late 90s/early 00s) Dolittle or Dr. Dolittle 1998 version
  18. Ummm Justice League Galaxy 3 or Age of Ultron
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