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  1. It keeps updated now, from now seems like Thursday gross is around 3.3m which brings totals to around 7.7m. Still gross weak USD than TA2.
  2. Yes, but only for 2D screening starts from 5 to 9 pm. Also no discounts were available. And generally, SK's biggest movie chain generally raised the prices compared with last year, especially 3D and IMAX. Anyway, need to see tonight's USD conversion ratio to forecast future conversion.
  3. With a lack of competition through May, it is certainly on the track. (On admission scale) But USD wise, since AOU was more 3D inflated and Dollar was much soft last year. (One year ago 1 USD = 1070-80 KW, now = 1140-50) AOU grossed 4.9 Million USD out of 622k admission, where CA2 grossed 4.3m out of 728k admission.
  4. All Time OD Record 1. Captain America : Civil War 728,021 (2016.4.27) Theaters 1863, Screenings 9065 2. Roaring Currents 682,701 (2014.7.30) Theaters 1159, Screenings 6157 3. Avengers : Age of Ultron 622,165 (2015.4.23) Theaters 1731, Screenings 8844 4. Kundo : Age of the Rampant 551,941 (2014.7.23) Theaters 1250, Screenings 6252 5. Transfomers : Dark of the Moon 544,995 (2011.6.29) Theaters 1245, Screenings 6059
  5. TFA Friday (New Year's Day) 153,218 / 2,956,488 1.18m / 21.69m usd
  6. Thursday's NO.2 film Inside Men The Original is the longer version of re-release of the film Inside Men that hit theater last month The former version had admission of 7.04m as of yesterday. TFA's total USD gross is 20.50m as of thursday. It is more of a weekend film, so we can see whether it can reach 30m after this weekend.
  7. TFA Tuesday 65,299 / 2,629,200 Tuesday Gross : 464k (usd), Total Gross is 19.50m
  8. TFA Monday 63,399 / 2,563,579 Monday Gross is 451k usd / total is 19.08m Need a big buff between new year's day to cross 30m usd total.
  9. TFA Sunday gross is 1.554m 3-day weekend gross including Christmas is 6.989m The total is now 18.55m. 30m total is now target, 35m seems out of stretch.
  10. Sunday 2. TFA 208,822 / 2,499,506 3. HT2 159,117 / 661,825 6. The Little Prince 55,793 / 314,063 8. Peanuts 20,993 / 117,872
  11. Christmas Day has seen a big boost for many movies, and the following weekend will be plummeting. I kinda expect flat or small increase for TFA. TFA had 900k admission last 3-day weekend, and this weekend is look like around 1 million range.
  12. Definitely a target, it held well through Christmas. 4m admission would be a 30m usd total. And we have new year's day weekend also. ROTS was 1.5-1.7m admission in 2005, 3D and IMAX was a big boost for TFA.
  13. On Christmas day, TFA grossed 3.336m and the total is 14.899m Better increase than expected. For Saturday and Sunday, 500k+ admission and about 4m USD can be expected. (Goes to the total of 19m)
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