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  1. I didnt love it, but it was fine. The other two DC films released in the last 12 months were better IMO. However, Margot was very good and Ewan was excellent. 3.5/5 sounds about right.
  2. Dont think you can understate just how awful they trailers were for this film. Even as a die hard DC fan I'm struggling to build excitement for my showing tonight. The fact its seemingly good makesthe promo all the worse.
  3. This media spin for Disney Star Wars is nauseating. It's not gonna finish within 75 million of TLJ.
  4. WB killed Doctor Sleep by not promoting it. I saw little to no advertising on tv. Between this and their being so slow to begin pushing awareness to big films coming out early next year like BOP and Godzilla vs. Kong is bewildering. It's like new people in charge of marketing doing things totally different and outside the lightning in a bottle of Joker; everything they put out has either been disappointing or simply okay from a box office perspective in 2019. BTW I really liked Doctor Sleep so this number is very disappointing.
  5. Even with what I thought was a good show and the cliffhanger ending left me really upset ... it premiered to over 18 million viewers and by the end of season 2 was cancelled with less than 4. That was with only T3 being a sore spot for some viewers. Doing a new show now would be DOA after the last decade of bombs.
  6. Joker gonna try to sneak by BvS and if its lucky get just pass Aquaman. If it does that can't imagine it missing a billion.
  7. Joker could get 13 with 3.75 ... yikes at Dark Fate ... I'll check it out at a matinee tomorrow.
  8. I tell you what, Hollywood Reporter and their twitter has become an absolute embarrassment the last week. Every day they are constantly promoting 2-3 new hit pieces on the film. Their comments are filled with people telling to move on ... but they keep trying to tell their followers theyre supposed to hate this film.
  9. Well ... the percent might change a bit more than that at this point ... American males are absolutely demolishing the movie right now ... 6 of 8 rotten.
  10. Yeah ... Out of the 34 rotten I think 5 or so are overseas. Outside US this is getting like 90% ... but 65-70 in US
  11. I know screening reports have been positive and I'm looking forward to the film but that trailer was absolute trash.
  12. I know some will complain and I've seen it elsewhere, but WB is doing the smart thing. Nobody is buying tickets to see MEW... Smollett ... etc. Its the Margot/Harley Quinn show and you'll be introduced to a group of other women who will hopefully entertain and maybe lead to more down the road. The hyena and car posters are great. Can't wait to see some video tomorrow.
  13. Same ... can't stand it. They look like fools more and more and make the rest of us look dumb.
  14. Another US review. Amazing how different the film is going over with international critics.
  15. Sounds like the movie went over great in London. All sorts of glowing feedback from people who saw it on twitter.
  16. What a tv spot ... nothing but dancing joker. https://twitter.com/ComicBooksTalk/status/1176907169872207872
  17. He's not wrong ... the primarily left film twitter will walk into taking a right wing stance because of this particular film ... then complain in a few weeks when someone blames video games instead of guns.
  18. Regardless lots seem to think it's a great film which means at least a chance it will be a movie I can really sink my teeth into ... unlike so many 'its okay' 90%RT review garbage which usually leads to a movie I see once and never think about again.
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