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  1. Hideous #s ... as expected given no one was asking for a new take on Men in Black. ... and replacing Will with Chris solidified it as bomb city.
  2. I'd say it might be more of a Avengers thing. It seems to be swallowing hype from everything. It killed Shazam before it even opened with its presales and then when it released ... still going strong in the lead up to DP. We'll see what happens with Godzilla. Regardless WB just did 1.1 billion a few months ago and It 2 and Joker should be huge hits. They've at least avoided a bunch of big budget bombs.
  3. Love Harry Potter, enjoyed the first FB, but didn't even see the CoW and have no interest in this either. They've just killed interest in the franchise. The only thing left for them is to wait to do the next main HP installment in another 5 years when the cast is in their mid 30's.
  4. It was good, but not gonna lie, I was a bit disappointed. I think it just felt too long and the first two hours dragged on a bit. However, the last hour was really fun and had some great moments (Black Widow death, Cap using the Hammer, the Arrival of the 'Avengers', and some real tear jerkers with Tony's death and Cap growing old/dancing to the credits).
  5. I watched it because no point in trying to avoid it for 10 days as everywhere I go will put me in a situation where something could show up on accident ... especially twitter. Some cool stuff that will look good at the theater. I see it teased 'more spoilers to come' ... please no.
  6. It's a dick measuring contest ... ... so of course it matters. ... but yeah, they're going to make a Black Adam movie ... and a sequel, so it really doesn't matter for the people who liked it. I mean hell, Tomb Raider is getting a fucking sequel. lol
  7. Okay, now there was a lot of buzz for the trailer due to celebration, but yeah to echo what I've seen the last few pages. These views are pretty low IMO. The idea that the main channel is still under 20 million over 48 hours later is kind of concerning. I mean, I didn't like The Last Jedi and expected this to fall even more, but figured buzz of 'Palpatine' voice might spur more to check it out. Guess not. ... and for people asking about 'where is the news about 24 hour views' ... if Disney isn't releasing info about that, it's because they're not that impressive as they'll put out press releases about anything that seems good.
  8. Well when China drops around 80% and made 30% of that international opening you're gonna drop. It will stabilize in % next week.
  9. On the main YT channel, it had around 13-14, on twitter it was like 15 ... plus every other channel that was playing it and on facebook ... If it was a Disney film we'd have likely got some sort of '24 hour view thing' because they do that for damn near every movie ... but oh well, it did good. Now up to 34 million+ on WB channel and 986K likes.
  10. Youtube has been a real mess in recent weeks in terms of views being frozen and not property updating. Gonna guess they went back and updated the correct total as given the # of likes, the view count was probably much higher than was showing the first day or two.
  11. Boy, I'm really digging the new thing where we have a bunch of new members with letter/color boxes who seem to be completely negative about anything related to a DC property and praise anything related to Marvel in every thread. lol I mean, it's nothing new ... but weird that we just got inundated with new ones in the last month or so. Good domestic #, unfortunate overseas # ... whatever.
  12. 5.9 is a very solid # for the movie. Probably would have done closer to 8 without the preview showing on 23rd. Neighborhood of 50 million+ is good. It's not a 'bomb', it's not a huge success, it's simply solid ... and given it's budget, that's all it really had to be for WB/New Line.
  13. Well, it would be nice if it climbed closer to 5, but whatever ... expecting that will have close to 45 total (including the 3.3 special screenings) after Sunday. In other words, probably pretty close to tracking. Disappointing, but not unexpected. Just couldn't break out in this crazy window ... but the movie is awesome, so hopefully people spread good word of mouth in US/Canada.
  14. Don't even care what it makes this weekend, because this film will find an audience at some point either in theaters or for audiences at home and we'll get a sequel that does much better, because it's absolutely fantastic. All these characters are so fun to cheer on and get behind. Darla & Freddy are such standouts, but Zachary Levi is the perfect Shazam. A
  15. Of course it will because a generation of comic book movie fans have been convinced that if your movie doesn't have funny jokes, bright colors, sky beams and huge CGI fights, it's boring. Look at comments on comic book sites and the reaction is much more muted than you see on 'general' forums and twitter because the people who don't normally care as much see it as an interesting drama/character study set up that looks tremendously shot. Of course, half the negative comments on comic book forums and sites are just as likely to be attributed to this asinine tribal loyalty to one brand or the other.
  16. Yet a guy who just can't avoid shitting on DC the last few years says this. Jeff Sneider ... I'll spoiler it as he says a few lines from the trailer.
  17. There is a stigma at times, but at the end of the day in spite of it, most people are still going to the movies (ESPECIALLY if they're good) ... box office proves it ... WW domestic # is better than Civil War and every Iron Man solo movie ... and will likely finish ahead of CM ... Aquaman worldwide is higher than any film from Marvel that's not either Black Panther or a film featuring Iron Man. Shazam is tricky due to the nature of the film (more of a kids film/lower budget) so we'll see but the franchise still averaging 320/819 un-adjusted through 6 films. Of course ... the argument could be made that if ALL the films were competently made, those box office #s would probably be over 400/1+ billion ... as characters like Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman should have a high end much more than where they're at right now.
  18. That TV spot was really cool ... but to be fair, it uses Over the Rainbow and that will make anything seem better. Very excited to see the film. I thought Godzilla was 'ok' and Kong was good.
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