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  1. And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that I'm totally into the X-Force we've got set up--Colossus, Cable, Yukioh, Negasonic, Domino, I want to see more of all of these people. That's a movie I'll pay to see. As an aside, my biggest nitpick is actually that no self-aware mention was made of the dozens upon dozens of civilians who were absolutely violently killed during the big truck setpiece near the end.
  2. I'm surprised by this reaction. I went into it cautiously optimistic; the trailers were fine, the first movie was solid but I'm of the mind its freshness kind of made it feel better than it actually was. It's a constant risk with this character to get sucked into the one-liners and profanity and end up writing a big long meme instead of a film. But you know, I loved it. It took everything that I liked about the first movie and made it better, and my first impression is that it's my favorite non-Logan superhero movie in a very long time. There were some misses (most notably the dub
  3. If Godzilla 2014 had a good script I'm confident it would be really well regarded. I thought Edwards did an incredible job with they movie from a visual standpoint.
  4. Fuck yes! One of my favorite working directors. You're Next and especially The Guest are the epitomization of so much of what I love about movies. While I'd gladly watch him make smaller films with Simon Barrett forever, I'm thrilled he's getting a big payday and a chance to show the world what he's got. Here's hoping he isn't let down by a subpar script (cough Blair Witch coughcoughcoughcough). The Guest is also low-key one of my favorite directing performances I've seen. The plot is standard genre homage, but it's so densely packed with marvelous camera, performances, and use of
  5. I was pretty cynical going in, but I really liked it. I don't know that I'd call it great in any conventional sense, but it was all very effective and it lacked the wonkiness of Prometheus. What largely surprised me was how much better the Prometheus sequel was than the Alien reboot. I think at this point what I'd really like to see (but isn't going to happen, now) is Ridley Scott doing more Prometheus movies while somebody fresh (Jeremy Saulnier would be a dream, I'd also be fascinated to see what Adam Wingard could do) makes a proper Alien sequel, which as good as Aliens is and as much as I
  6. I can confirm that viewing the movie a second time after having listened to the soundtrack and learning the lyrics is much kinder to the early musical numbers, especially "Another Day of Sun". When the lyrics aren't easy to understand, there's really no context for any of it.
  7. My disdain for musicals fell to my adoration of Whiplash and Ryan Gosling and got me to see this. It starts... people start getting out of their cars and dancing and singing... fuck, this isn't for me. At least I tried. Well, hey, it actually is pretty impressive how much work must have gone into choreographing all of this, but, alas... Then, another number. The interplay between Mia and her roommates is kind of charming. Wow, this quiet section with everything slowed down is actually rather breathtaking! Then, two hours later, I'm dancing out of the theater to the end
  8. Hey, you're entitled to enjoy it. You're the show's target audience, after all. I can appreciate that you got something out of it. However, it's kind of insulting to say that because I thought this cliffhanger was cheap and lame, I don't understand how cliffhangers work. I don't even need to point to shows like Bojack Horseman, Mr. Robot, and Better Call Saul that regularly end episodes with excellent cliffhangers--The Walking Dead itself has had tons of great cliffhangers! But the season six finale was the complete opposite of a good cliffhanger. It was a gimmick cliffhanger that
  9. And it sucked in the comics, too. EDIT: and the episode sucking has little to do with it being too violent. It's a hodgepodge of narrative shortcuts and transparently manipulative writing. Not to mention the series' trademark feet-dragging. If nothing else, it would've been much more effective at the end of last season without that insulting cliffhanger.
  10. Wow, what a miserable, sadistic episode of television. And not in the good Game of Thrones way. In the senseless, messy The Walking Dead way. I was basically expecting as much from the negative reviews, but I was still taken a bit off-guard.
  11. It probably wouldn't have helped the box office any (it's hard to say) but I'm pretty confident it would've been much better received by critics. It still would've been pretty mixed, but I think it'd be more 50-70 on RT than down in the dumps where it is now. But the movie was always Blair Witch in reality, it's the entire reason for its existence. If you changed the name, people would've thought it was weird that they just lifted the premise from TBWP. Those early teasers implied it could've been anything in the woods. Now, if you're asking if it would've been better received if we simply got
  12. From what I know of the original, if you hated it I think it's likely you'd enjoy this one more. It's a very conventional found footage horror movie. On the other hand, if you loved the original, this one won't live up to it at all.
  13. I actually dug it. It isn't You're Next and it sure as hell isn't The Guest, but as far as found footage films go, I think it holds up better than most. Adam Wingard really directs the hell out of the movie--there's one moment about two-thirds of the way through with this extended, still close-up that was breathtaking. The acting by and large is serviceable if completely bland; Valorie Curry (who I dug in the otherwise terrible The Following) is very good, and I'd go so far as to call the female lead great. The real issue, it pains me to say, is Simon Barrett's script. It's hard t
  14. Goddammit, I knew I was right to be disappointed they were making a Blair Witch sequel. And on deck for them, Death Note and I Saw the Devil. I really hope they aren't two more wastes of talent. It'd be a real shame for such a promising career to be derailed by a string of unneeded adaptations. I have faith that they can do I Saw the Devil justice. Death Note is a total mystery to me though. Has there ever been a great North American live-action Manga adaptation?
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