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  1. I'll never forget the craziness on the Mojo forums of those first two Avatar weekends. That was one of the wildest 1st to 2nd week swings in people's attitudes I've ever seen after those numbers were announced.
  2. It's only happened once for me. I've exprienced shock, awe, boredom, disappointment, joy, and a whole host of other emotions watching films, but only once have I ever been angry about seeing a film. For once I finally understood people ranting about wanting their money back. It was a very odd feeling.
  3. I'm curious about this. I also wear 3D glasses over regular glasses and I've never had a problem. When you say it doesn't work, do you mean that it's too uncomfortable? Or do you not get a 3D effect?
  4. Gail Simone recently had a twitter thread discussing the fact that comic shop owners have told her that with very few exceptions (most notably Watchmen and Wonder Woman) CBM almost never have any impact on sales at all. They are very puzzled over the phenomenon. Intuition would lead us to think that successful CBM should certainly lead to a spike in comic sales, but it is rarely true.
  5. Back when Night Watch was in theaters I saw it at the local AMC and when the film got to the 2nd or 3rd reel it was upside down. For a minute the audience just sat there puzzled thinking it was some weird stylistic choice that the director was using for the scene. Once it became clear that wasn't the case I notified management. They gave us passes to come see the film at a later showing since it wasn't something they could correct on the spot.
  6. Batman 89 hype was something unreal. The marketing was just everywhere. Every newsstand and magazine rack was like a posterboard collage for the movies. Arguably the biggest musical artist of the time had a completely goofy and awesome song in heavy rotation on the radio and MTV(which was a complete and utter juggernaut in those days). You couldn't buy snack foods or visit a fast food restaurant without having Keaton and crew plastered all over the packaging. I was 16 at the time and I remember one of the entertainment mags put out a special issue in the months leading up to release that featured photos and breakdowns of all of Batman's gadgets from the movies and had a centerfold of the Batmobile. That thing was reverantly passed among my friends like it was one of Dad's stolen Playboys. Not even any of the Star Wars films released since have accomplished the level of marketing carpet bombing that Batman 89 achieved.
  7. Lurking in here these last few pages has made me feel older than dirt. My first theatrical superhero flick was Superman '78 at the age of 6. All of you young whippersnappers don't know how good you have it with your CBM Golden Age. Now get off my lawn.
  8. I love showings like that. Put the armrests down and stretch out across three or four seats. Best thing edver.
  9. I'll see anything scripted by Sorkin and when I tried to get a couple of my friends who I would describe as definitely in the "cult" to see it with me they seemed pretty offended by what they described as inaccuracies about Jobs' life. Maybe a lot of Jobs fans felt the same way.
  10. The Abyss was my favorite movie for most of my 20s. I have a similar opinion about the The Abyss extended editions. I enjoy the extended cut, but to me the film just works better in it's original theatrical form. I think I'm just about the only person I know who feels that way.
  11. It was beautifully shot and the acting was definitely top notch, but I guess I just didn't connect with it like most seem to be doing. There were several stretches of the film that bored me, and the only times that really engaged me were all of the moments between Phoenix and Adams. I'd say it's my least favorite Jonze feature so far, but that being said I'd still give it a B.
  12. I'm starting to become a little distressed about the fact that almost none of my friends are planning on seeing this in theaters. I'm dying to see it as soon as possible, but the main response I'm getting from most of my friends is "I'll wait 'til Blu Ray."
  13. I'd call it a B- There were some very funny scenes, just not enough of them for me to rate it any higher.
  14. That is the most screams I've ever heard from an audience. A guy even screamed at one point. I loved the flick from start to finish and give it a solid A.
  15. I gave it a very solid B+ It's a very good summer blockbuster The only things that kept the film from an A for me was all of the cliche characters and dialogue and some pretty dodgy 3D conversion in a few spots, but damn if this thing isn't entertaining when the fighting is happening. Not only is the mech vs monster combat awesome, but there are a couple of human vs human fight scenes in the film that are equally entertaining. The FX work by ILM is among the best out there, but it would have been nice if we'd had a few more scenes in bright daylight to really show everything off better.
  16. I'd give it a C+ or B- You can really tell they had trouble figuring out a way to end the film so they just kind of end it. There were a few good action sequences but the CGI is bad enough that at no time did I ever feel there was ever really any danger in the movie. It just felt like people running around with a bunch of video game monsters. For what it's worth there was a small bit of applause from my audience so at least some of them enjoyed it much more than I did.
  17. That sounds like the greatest thing ever.
  18. Baumer, Man of Steel was a special case. If you didn't have a WM ticket then you had to do midnight. In the US the WM deal was an exclusive and was the only way to get tickets for Thursday previews. Every one else had to go midnight. This is the best proof I have. It's from my AMC Stubs account. We still have midnights for pretty much every movie we just also have earlier shows as well.
  19. And that works great in the context of a comic book when the scope is limited to a panel on a small printed page. On a big cinematic screen it just falls completely apart by dropping a skyscraper on him. It just LOOKS ridiculous and when that happens your movie's believability falls apart. Again. I hope they get it right because I've wanted a JLA movie more than any other property for pretty much my entire life, but I'm really worried at how this can work in a cinematic sense.
  20. There is a very real problem WB will face moving forward with JLA. It's like every one wants to see a Batman/Superman team up on the big screen, but if you consider it logically for just one second it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. To push Superman's limits you have to create situations that would logically leave Batman out of the mix. It just doesn't work. I mean can you imagine Batman in Man of Steel? He'd be relegated to running interference for bystanders on the streets. It works to a decent degree in the Marvel flicks because there power level disparity isn't so drastic but even in The Avengers you have to really work hard to get characters like Hawkeye and Black Widow decent and meaningful screen time. Maybe Whedon is the only guy out there can do that since he seems to be able to write ensembles better than anyone else right now. I'd love a Wonder Woman flick, but I'm afraid a JLA flick is going to look ridiculous. I hope they can nail it though because it is pretty much my dream movie.
  21. I think it might be an age thing as well. Hardly anyone in my circles(mostly people in their late 30s or early 40s) is talking about CF, but a lot of them are really excited about seeing Smaug on the big screen.
  22. I don't care what any of you guys say! This film will be successful. Call me a Cameron Crazy all you want, but in Cameron I trust.
  23. 1. Star Trek Into Darkness2. Man of Steel3. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug4. Oz: The Great and Powerful5. Elysium6. Ender's Game7. Kick-Ass 28. OldBoy9. Monsters University10. Carrie
  24. According to this article it only cost about $3 million to converthttp://www.latimes.com/entertainment/envelope/cotown/la-et-box-office-monsters-inc-3d-guilt-trip-20121218,0,3936984.story
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