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  1. They pretty much all collect admissions data, its just whether the data is released publicly and at what level of detail(for example AEG admissions might get stated in article for a territory where that data normally isn't released, or maybe an offical nationwide number for the year covering all films etc ), it all various by territory. Domestic for example data is not collected for Flash BO but when theatres send in BOR reports at the end of week for checking/invoicing it will include admissions often down to the various ticket types, so in the end they do know pretty much exactly how many people went.. Some rental terms deals that theatres pay distributors, admissions can be part of the calculation along with the BO amount(This happens Domestic as well as a number of other territories)
  2. In this instance I was just stating the studio released numbers , I did figure TJB/AIW seemed low but i didn't delve into it.. AEG 2wks they had it 18.7 so not too far of your 19.5m., also as far as Hollywood films go its usual in T&C's to state all theatres have to report admissions with the BOR reports they submits for invoicing,but some of cause may not India being India of cause nothing is easy with reporting. UTVDIS has Dangal over 50m admits interesting
  3. Hollywood studios(some) do tracks admits. Titanic 25.3, bit of a difference with the others in the list Jurassic atm I don't have . AEG 19.5m, AIW 13.6m, TJB 13m(big diff) from 18.
  4. Nigeria BO (can often be listed as West Africa) is BO from several countries of which Nigeria is by far the lion share (Ghana is one of the others) IW about us1.3m, also AEG is over 1m now . That figure you have would be roughly the 1st weekend(Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia)
  5. Wrong way around TFA was around 2m, Avatar was like 3.8m. Pretty good for a single screen :), off the cuff it was one of the highest grossing cinemas in the world to run it. Imagine if they had AEG Hoyts have dropped Minimax. No more at Carousel or Highpoint and EQ finishes on 23/6
  6. Basically its just they only mention the count for what they call material or main markets/territories, so yes that number is actually a lot higher than 55 its got nothing to do with the actual BO they report its covering everything they are getting(inclu markets like Saudi Arabia)
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