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  1. Rthmar-vell

    Monday - CM 5.2m

  2. Wasn't going to post anything today,Mon go with CM 5.3m
  3. top playdates 18-Mar 1-Vue Westfield London 2-NAC Showcase Bluewater 3-CW Crawley 4-Imax Southbank 5-CW Basildon 6-CW Sheffield 7-CW Milton Keynes 8-NAC Showcase Southhampton 9-CW Glasgow 10-Odeon Trafford 11-CW Leicester Square (Combined with Odeon would be #1) 12-Vue Stratford
  4. Top playdates 18-Mar All CM 1-AMC Burbank 2-AMC Empire 25, NYC (Combined with E-Walk #1, Empire over 2x E-Walk) Even with E-walk now playing some movies same as Empire 25, Empire still retain #1 complex in Country since 2002 If you combine it with E-walk it and absolute monster 3-AMC Disney Spring, Orlando FL 4-CPLX Queensways, Etobicoke ON 5-AMC Lincoln Square, NYC 6-AMC Metreon , San fRancisco 7-CM Mountain View CA 8-Regal Warren , Moore OK 9-AMC Tysons Corner, Mclean VA 10-AMC Alderwood, Lynwood WA 11-Regal Kaufman Astoria, Astoria NY 12-CPLX Silvercity, Brampton ON Ontario Mills + Ontario Palace combined would rank #6 Top Canada 1-CPLX Queensways, Etobicoke ON,2-CPLX Silvercity, Brampton ON,3-CPLX Vaugham ON, 4-CPLX Yonge Dundas, Toronto ON, 5-CPLX Mississauga ON
  5. CM F 19,036,521 -69 S 29,418,618 -44 S 19,532,991 -50 WE 67,988,130 -56 Cume 264,884,063
  6. Fri 18.9, Sat 29.2, Sun 19.4, see whats reported monday
  7. Rthmar-vell


    CM WE AP -53% cume 294m (strong hold inclu SIN -42%, AUS -45%, TAI -49%, NZ -50%) , INDO now 2nd Highest grossing MCU, 4th Highest grosses all time EMEA -47% Cume 125m(strong hold Fin -34%, AUT/HUN/NET-36%, , SWI/ISR -38%,SWE -39%, SA -39%, Czech -41%, GER -42, GRE -44%, DEN -45%. Passed BP ITA, Czech, HUN, SLO, TUR LA -48% cume 75m (Strong holds CHI -30%,URU -38%, ARG -41%, BRA -45% PAR-46%, ECU/COL -47%) Imax Intl 2nd biggest 2nd weekend MCU behind AIW
  8. I was thinking CM looking 400k mark
  9. Should have just stuck with original set, Sat 29.1, Fri 18.9

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