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  1. 5 yes, 3 day no probably #2-4,( TAF, MME, TDF all neck and neck), looking around 2m 3day, 2.8 5day
  2. There is nothing regulatory regular example $21, saver session https://www.eventcinemas.com.au/Orders/Tickets#sessionId=10145199&bookingSource=www|sessions&step=tickets
  3. Not So some examples going as high as $au42 https://www.eventcinemas.com.au/Orders/Tickets#sessionId=10113718&bookingSource=www|sessions&step=tickets https://www.eventcinemas.com.au/Orders/Tickets#sessionId=10143047&bookingSource=www|sessions&step=tickets Housefull4 $20, $24 https://www.hoyts.com.au/movies/purchase?cinemaId=WESCIN&sessionId=235058&refreshed=1 https://www.hoyts.com.au/movies/purchase?cinemaId=MCECIN&sessionId=247962&refreshed=1
  4. You might be referring to Disney Per Cap its been in place for a couple of years it relates to min price(min return per ticket to a Distributor) ,not max. There is no cap on how high ticket price can go.
  5. International weekend is as follows Opening weekend is everything (inclu previews, even if territories don't inclu previews locally in OPWE numbers ) up to Sunday,if a territory opens after 1st international weekend it the same (so that territories previews+ opening weekend in that weekends international total, and same rule with previews its included even if its not locally ) A Standard weekend is the total of all territories standard weekend BO added up , so for some its Wed-Sun, majority its Thu-Sun, then there's Fri-Sun and the likes of Japan its Sat-Sun. So some of Wed BO and a lot of Thu BO, all Fri BO (Exclu Japan) is included in the weekend BO figure. Theres isn't an actual international week total per say because it would be the total BO across a mix of Wed-Tue, Thu-Wed, Fri-Thu, Sat-Fri. All territory based records are based on the records for that territory and how that territory normally reports its weekend/week & records ,so if a territory doesn't include previews in opening weekend that is also excluded from any "it broke records" announcements. France only reports admissions so BO is 100% estimated (remain so until billing time from theatres and then they hope the estimates on BO were accurate otherwise adjustments are made) also France a lot of theatres don't report dailies numbers(only report opening day, Wed-Sun and Wed-Tue totals ) so daily figures are estimates. Also conversion to $us is based on Studio/distributors intercompany rates (which can be a monthly rate)
  6. @DAJK https://www.cinoche.com/films/box-office/2019-10-11 Joker only dropped something like 8% in Quebec this weekend Idk if there's a site somewhere that shows Canada's box office as a whole, but this is a start I guess. Wonder if the drop in Canada was as good across all the provinces. Since Tribune.ca stopped featuring the Canadian only chart about the only place (other then QC BO site ) is playbackonline http://playbackonline.ca/tag/hotsheet/
  7. Splits are little off but you have general idea w-s, sat may end up at least close to 300
  8. The orig TLK was Radio City Music Hall 5000 approx seats per session and selling out(something around $25 ticket) , it was also El Capitan in LA. Both theatres had exclusive 1st wk
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