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  1. It depends, if film is from distributor already then generally yes. If the film is sold during or after a festival the bo from the festival most of the time(there are exceptions) doesn't belong to who it was sold to, so let's say WB buy film when that film is release the festival BO most likely not included because wb didn't own the film at festival time, so only the producer/ sales agent knows the bo
  2. OK when I took a really quick look at DL I thought they had 33 with Thu previews, which apparently not, I was including Thu, however it was still under the current est
  3. Quick stop by between screenings, from about 3 hrs ago I was going with similar to DL 32-33 mark, take another look later
  4. Top playdates 5-Aug-19 2+ H&S 1-Pac Arclight Hollywood -OUATIH 2-AMC Burbank 30 3-AMC Empire 25, NYC 4-CT Cons Victoria Ward, Honolulu HI 5-AMC Century City CA 6-Regal Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn NY 7-AMC Orange 30 CA 8-AMC Ontario Mills, Ontario CA 9-AMC Bay Plaza Bronx NYC 10-CM Egyptian , Hanova MD 11-AMC Aventura FL 12-AMC Venterans, Tampa FL 13-HK Estrella Falls, Goodyear AZ 14-AMC Fresh Meadows NY 15-AMC Tysons Corner , Mclean VA 16-HK Cerritos CA 17-Pac Winnetka , Chatsworth CA 18-Regal New Rochelle NY 19-ST Casa Blanca, San Antonio TX 20-Regal Warren 14, Moore OK 21-AMC Disney Springs FL 22-Cen Dolphin, Miami FL
  5. Sorry hadn't realised the typo TLK should have been 22.5 not 17 the OuA number , although should check if either of those figures should be updated
  6. Yes re Empire + Regal There are around 10 30-plexs (Ontario Mills 30 + Palace 22, 52 screens total and they are pretty much across road from each other) Burbank 30 is actually 3 separate complexes treated as one. They are basically in the same shopping precinct two are across from each other(Burbank 16, Burbank Town Centre 6 & Burbank Town Centre 8 )
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