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  1. the US1.7m is Wed night prev+ Thu close to $lc2.3m. The Thu-Sun $lc7-8m.
  2. True ,Tenet wkending 23/12 over $au15.7 (weekend 15.59) wkending 16/12 15.4m (weekend $au15.28m) wkending 9/12 15m Boxofficemojo getting more data now as well, but it only seems to be in $us
  3. Intl should be fine , it'll be Domestic that may not see anything released, but we'll see come Xmas day.
  4. Numbers should get released, it's in 2nd week in Canada with different distributor, which may mean Canda BO won't be reported with USA total(it happens) at times when USA, Canada (and sometimes separately QC) have different distributors the Domestic total may/may not include all of the various Distributors totals
  5. You can see weekly Canada top 10 along with Canada only films at playback.ca. BO reporting was stop in March but been back since mid Jun https://playbackonline.ca/tag/hot-sheet/
  6. Tenet of cause previewing this weekend, doubt figures will be released before it official opens
  7. Gather your aware Tenet previews thou s weekend, not Auckland of cause
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