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  1. I can't see how it gets to $250, it's lead is down to $14M over Fantastic Beasts and dropping on a daily basis with more competition coming up than Fantastic Beasts had last year. $245 would be best it can do IMO, probably $240M or lower.
  2. Pulse TLJ TLJ 3D Coco Wonder TLJ Imax 3d TLJ up to 19.9% on MT and rising quickly.
  3. You are a troll or literally one of the dumbest people in existence. Oh and let's compare Justice League to Avengers, the movie WB was trying to replicate, it's going to finish almost $400M shy of that domestically and Over $800M shy worldwide. I'm sure WB is just thrille with its performance.
  4. I'm interested to see the trailer. Jurassic Park is an all time favorite, Jurassic World was ok and it was fun to see the park open (although the dinosaur escape require ridiculous stupidity by the characters even by movie standards to the point it was bothersome) and the other sequels have some fun moments while not being very good overall but I just don't see where you can take this movie that would be particularly interesting. To me the militarized dinosaur angle is just dumb, you can't do another park escape, and a return to the island to research them while loose just becomes a Lost Wor
  5. Awesome, so DC rushed a poorly made film so they could copy the well developed universe and story that Marvel has been building to for about 10 years. Sounds about right.
  6. It is locked unless it somehow starts having much bigger drops than it has to date. It has largely tracked Doctor Strange's drops so no reason to expect that to change and Doctor Strange earned another $25M after the same day and Thor is still beating it in the dailies pretty handily.
  7. The Last Jedi has been #1 on Pulse every time I've checked today with the 3D shows also being top 5. Pulse right now is: TLJ Coco Wonder JL TLJ 3D
  8. It is a ridiculously dumb statement. That basically says that if it holds well that it is better than if it holds poorly.
  9. No one had said anything bad about the JL number before he brought up Fantastic Beasts. The Sunday to Monday drop is totally normal. It isn't good or bad and I'm guessing pretty much every movie will fall into that bucket.
  10. TLJ - 21.4% Coco - 20.2% JL - 12.8% Wonder - 8.7% Thor - 5.7% Coco is still #1 on Pulse right now.
  11. I really liked the first one and enjoyed the second but holy crap this looks awful.
  12. And based on its hold this weekend there is zero reason to expect it to do that. I think this is finishing right around Fantastic Beasts number domestically.
  13. If they do one and can actually keep the budget under control (around $150M), I'm sure they'd make money on it. While they've made a ton of money on this series it is pretty clear based on declining returns if they do another it has to be at a way lower budget.
  14. Thor 2 didn't have a freaking holiday weekend. Justice League is having bad holds after a disastrous opening weekend. Just accept it.
  15. There is a real chance that Justice League finishes with a total below Dr. Strange. That is absolutely incredible. And I'm starting to wonder if it can drop to as low as Logan numbers.
  16. I know you are dense but are you really doing this? Are you going to completely ignore how JL is having way worse holds than relatively comparable movies like Mockingjay 2 and Fantastic Beasts from the last 2 years? Are you going to completely ignore that Wonder had a ridiculously good Monday hold (when Justice League's was worse than most we have seen in recent years), that even with its insane Monday hold it still had a better increase on Tuesday than JL and despite its great Monday hold and its bigger Tuesday increase it still increased yesterday rather than decreased? Or how about that
  17. A similar release date to BvS didn't hurt Beauty and the Beast. Batman v Superman was an unbelievably bad movie that had unbelievably bad reception. There isn't even an argument to the contrary at this point.
  18. I don't see why it would have a higher Friday than Fantastic Beasts when it already fell behind it in dailies and clearly doesn't have as good of WOM.
  19. It isn't just that. Look at in the context of Fantastic Beasts and Mockingjay 2 and it looks even worse. Fantastic Beasts had good legs but it's legs weren't so huge that a movie that opened $20M lower should have already passed JL in dailies.
  20. It is a bad number. It is one of the only movies that's dropped even with movies having big jumps on Tuesday but more importantly, its way lower than Mockingjay Part 2 which opened only $8M higher for its weekend and actually behind Fantastic Beasts which opened $20M lower. There is no argument that this is anything other than a bad number.
  21. It would not have done better in the summer against more competition. This weekend is traditionally good for legs.
  22. No, it's getting bigger here but not enough to impact box office a whole lot and with the US not in it I'm guessing interest and ratings will be down substantially.
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