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  1. Rogue One did $29M last year and this seems to be incredibly far ahead of Rogue One in sales.
  2. I just did a 1 minute count rather than 5 since I didn't want to keep counting but the one minute I counted had about 360 TLJ sets of tickets.
  3. Up to 175 per minute as people on the east coast in the midwest are getting off work.
  4. So around $2.5M. That seems pretty damn good especially since the pace of sales seems to be increasing.
  5. Just did a 5 minute Pulse check and it was selling about 103 sets per minute.
  6. I think so too, if we were comparing this to a franchise other than Star Wars that would be concerning actually with the increase in presales but TFA had such huge presales Im not sure if the increase we've seen for other movies really impacts what we should expect here. Plus with reviews coming out tomorrow, if they are as good as people expect, you actually have an extra day to build additional hype about the quality of the movie. Also notable is TFA opened closer to Christmas so it's possible it's presales could have been more spread out.
  7. I don't think any of these are good comps but from earlier in the thread during the Monday of JL opening week the following was posted for tickets sold per minute (with JL coming in at around 20): SM: HC: 15 avg (11am), 20 avg (3pm) WW: 15 avg (1pm) Thor: 13.5 (12pm) It: 20 avg (9pm)
  8. Just did a 5 minute pulse tracking where the average tickets per minute (using time stamps in upper left corner) was bout 85 sets of tickets per minute. Never have looked at this before so hopefully that is accurate.
  9. I agree entirely. Some good stuff but also some horrible movies in there. And I'm with you on Deadpool, I hope that gets left alone although I want the rest of the characters incorporated in the MCU. I would definitely anticipate Disney and Marvel leaving Deadpool alone as well since the first movie was such a huge success and the 2nd one almost assuredly will be as well. Plus, Deadpool frankly works best on his own. The breaking the 4th wall stuff and the tone for Deadpool just works best if you aren't trying to incorporate him as part of a larger universe.
  10. Pulse right now TLJ TLJ 3D Coco TLJ 3D IMAX TLJ 2d IMAX
  11. This looks about as bad as I feared. Maybe marketing down the road changes my mind but this movie looks like a complete waste of time. I'm sure it will still do incredibly well but I'd be shocked if there isn't a big drop from Jurassic World (which would have been a good film to end the series on but it just made way too much for that to happen).
  12. Ok, but how is comparing Rogue One's presales to other franchises relevant at all to a discussion of how much above Rogue One's presales TLJ's should be for us to feel good about $200M.
  13. Why would it have to have sales that much higher? We are comparing a Star Wars movie to a Star Wars movie that are opening at the same time of the year and roughly the same amount before Christmas.
  14. Pre-sales were already 15% higher than RO's final total as of Monday so I would be pretty surprised if pre-sales don't reflect at least 29% greater opening (I suspect they will be quite a bit higher than that).
  15. It looks like the jumps yesterday were just huge. Hopefully Coco had a similar jump.
  16. This has been my fear all along with this franchise. Where do you go after the park was opened and ultimately failed? You can't reopen it after that and anything where you just have people visiting the island is going to be largely a rehash of The Lost World and JPIII.
  17. I can't see how it gets to $250, it's lead is down to $14M over Fantastic Beasts and dropping on a daily basis with more competition coming up than Fantastic Beasts had last year. $245 would be best it can do IMO, probably $240M or lower.
  18. Pulse TLJ TLJ 3D Coco Wonder TLJ Imax 3d TLJ up to 19.9% on MT and rising quickly.
  19. You are a troll or literally one of the dumbest people in existence. Oh and let's compare Justice League to Avengers, the movie WB was trying to replicate, it's going to finish almost $400M shy of that domestically and Over $800M shy worldwide. I'm sure WB is just thrille with its performance.
  20. I'm interested to see the trailer. Jurassic Park is an all time favorite, Jurassic World was ok and it was fun to see the park open (although the dinosaur escape require ridiculous stupidity by the characters even by movie standards to the point it was bothersome) and the other sequels have some fun moments while not being very good overall but I just don't see where you can take this movie that would be particularly interesting. To me the militarized dinosaur angle is just dumb, you can't do another park escape, and a return to the island to research them while loose just becomes a Lost World remake.
  21. Awesome, so DC rushed a poorly made film so they could copy the well developed universe and story that Marvel has been building to for about 10 years. Sounds about right.
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