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  1. should happen. Not as revolutionay as Goodbye Mr Loser, same team, but still easily the best comedy of 2017. 2B+ total coming.
  2. Chinese audiences prefer traditional pure actioners like XXX/FF8/WW2 to superheroes. Superhero flicks on a whole have always been B-level in China. Action will account for about one third of 2017's yearly box office. China must be the most action-friendly market of the world.
  3. FF8 390 TF5 229 Dangal 193 POTC 172 Kong 168 XXX3 164 RE6 159.5 DM3 158 10.Spidey/Apes You're forgetting #Family Kingsman could go as high as #7 #6 or #5 or #4. That should be the list of top 10 imports. Very likely: no superheroes in top 10
  4. Kingsman, bigger than all superheroes of 2017
  5. 2nd wkn Power Rangers dropped 98% Ghost in the Shell dropped 97% King Arthur dropped 92% Aliens Covenant dropped 92%
  6. watch Contratiempo to become a leggy sleeper hit. OD is about $1m. 20x+ mul on the way.
  7. Apes was underestimated. Apes could outweighs SMH in total for real, with significantly less competition and seemly better WOM. who would have thought... From what we have seen in the past two years, Marvel's fanbase in China apparently get staturated, continuously resulting into $100~$120m grosses for solo MCU films. Now a well received Spiderman flick couldnt beat a 'flopped' Apes sequal. I won't be surprised if Avengers 2 remains the height of MCU in China for a very LONG time. Also, it turns out China is the only(?) market where Apes 3 is not experiencing a decrease from its predecessor. That 93% Rottentomatoes score is not lying... Here it comes the day that China recognizes true good movies while everywhere else do not, Apes say. what a twist... Worldwide (Unadjusted) Rank Title (click to view) Studio Worldwide Domestic / % Overseas / % Year 1 Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Fox $710.6 $208.5 29.3% $502.1 70.7% 2014 2 Rise of the Planet of the Apes Fox $481.8 $176.8 36.7% $305.0 63.3% 2011 3 War for the Planet of the Apes Fox $368.4 $145.5 39.5% $222.9 60.5% 2017
  8. Thor 3 I think should produce similar mumbers to SMH or just a bit lower.
  9. BD not acclimatized in China is so surprising. I know a lot of unfamiliar songs is a problem but......complaining "plot is too simple" is just picky. It's not like xXx3 has got a more compelling story.
  10. that's what happens when you put Kris Wu in your film. "little fresh meat" = box office poison As for BD, too many old English songs might be the problem...
  11. Apes on 9/1 will be barely impact Dunkirk. Spidey might be a competitive factor. But one major release on each Friday is very normal. Agree with Gavin that WOM is king.
  12. BD should have some solid legs, outrunning Valerian.
  13. @Barnack @titanic1871 @peludo thanks. Now that makes sense. So theater attendance was really crazy high when TV was not around.
  14. yes but these rereleases can add up to 202 million adms? I doubt. I think BOM must have adjusted all these rereleases to 1939 ticket price which is unfair for films coming out later than GWTW.

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