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  1. There barely seems to be any interest here and I don't think most people even realize that its opened.
  2. Are the yearly Worldwide charts gone? Those were my favorite things to check. When I was bored I would randomly look at a random worldwide chart and enjoy browsing. Are they really gone? Tell me they are still there somewhere
  3. First sentence Perfectly sums up how I feel watching high frame rates Perfect
  4. Awesome number. Purely anecdotal but a lot of my friends who rarely go to the cinema have been posting about how much they enjoyed Joker
  5. Oh as for the movie. The trailers looked meh for me but I am big Will Smith fan and will check it out.
  6. The effect of HFR is something I have been thinking about for years. When I go to an electronics store I always see these Super Hidef TV's and I see them showing an old film and no doubt it looks a lot sharper and clearer and you can see the pores on the face etc. Yet there is always this disconnect as the high level of realism is a turn off for me. I think because I want the movie to be fake or I can enjoy a movie because it is different from reality but when the movie looks exactly like reality then that feeling of escape is gone. Maybe its something that takes getting used to and that if everything is like that our eyes will eventually adjust
  7. I like this poster. It's unique and thankfully isn't filled with floating heads. It would definitely have grabbed my attention if I were skimming through posters in a cinema.
  8. I used to think that a non-English film or non-Hollywood production could be a hit in most countries except in the USA. That seems like the hardest market to penetrate for foreign films. Now it has become doubly hard in the age of franchises and reliance on popular IP's. I do think some foreign TV shows have broken out worldwide on Netflix though its impossible to confirm with no numbers. The Spanish show Money Heist for example seems to have a huge following all over Europe and Asia. The Korean series Kingdom and German series Dark were both amazing and seem to have garnered a following in the U.S. as well. Hard to really measure but I think Netflix is slowly opening the doors for many foreign shows to reach a global audience so maybe that could pave the way for a film to do the same in theaters in the future
  9. Rotten Tomatoes is wonderful if you understand how it works and use it as a guide instead of blindly following the tomato meter. I always take a peak at the average rate. I don't have time to watch everything. I have also discovered lots of critics I enjoy following because of the site and who I now follow regularly. I also love going to the site after watching a movie and loving it to read all the blurbs from the positive reviews that feel the same way I did. I also don't get the hate for the site. The don't rate anything, they simply compile all the reviews into one easy to access place. What is wrong with that?
  10. That trailer got me interested in seeing this. It looks like it has a vibrancy and an energy that will make the period setting feel alive and less stodgy. I like it.
  11. After reading all the bad signs in the tracking thread for a week. I think a 60 million opening is really great for Hobbs and Shaw.
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