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  1. That is an excellent hold for Mission Impossible Fallout if that number holds
  2. It was pretty noticeable especially at the start but I eventually got used to it and stopped noticing.
  3. I love reading and really appreciate your weekly theater reports. May I ask out of curiosity where your theater is located? You've probably stated it before so sorry that I missed it.
  4. I get what you are saying about the potential of the YA genre. A good comparison would be zombie movies where under this sub genre we now have funny ones (Zombieland) Romcoms (Warm Bodies) family dramas (Cargo, Maggie) blockbuster action (World War Z) and much more In theory, there is no reason the YA genre couldn't do the same. Harry Potter, Perks of being a wallflower, and Love Simon were great and got good reviews. Hunger Games got good reviews. I like the Sisterhood of Traveling Pants I thought the 5th Wave and The book thief were not that good I think they show the potential of YA films to tell diverse stories But most of them look either generic (Percy Jackson, Divergent, Maze Runner, the upcoming Mortal Engines) or pretty bad, Mortal Instruments, Beautiful Creatures, Twilight So you can't blame people for seeing the sub genre the way they do.
  5. The second trailer was great. The tone felt right. The dialogue seemed spot on. One small complaint was that Pooh and the gang didn't look that cute or appealing. And my excitement has gone down a bit since then. I still hope the movie is good but I am getting a little worried.
  6. I used to hate fudging but seeing Black Panther at 699 week after week has me begging Disney to fudge. Good opening for Fallout. My gut tells me the Saturday bump will be a bit higher than expected. Hopefully its right.
  7. Whoever decided to use Claire De Lune as the music for this trailer deserves a raise.
  8. The movie was great. Seeing Cruise actually doing the stunts really makes a difference. Easily the best in the series for me.
  9. Sadly I also have the same feeling. I loved Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation so I really hope I am wrong and this does well.
  10. Jonan23

    Black Panther > Infinity War Domestic Club

    Agree that this was a great club and both films performed excellently.
  11. Nice club and nice try. Avengers still counts towards the total since you made an argument about why it would not reach 400 million in your opening post. So now it is 2 out of 4. Will be interesting to see Fallen Kingdom's second weekend drop.
  12. Uncle Drew still at 56% with 34 reviews in. This movie being over 50% is the biggest summer surprise for me yet.
  13. Final numbers from boxofficemojo. Overall a wonderful run. Domestic: $5,017,246 + Foreign: $350,281,024 = Worldwide: $355,298,270
  14. Jonan23

    Ender's Game <60M Club

    In. There seems to be no buzz for this and it looks very generic.

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