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  1. Been super busy this past month but was able to watch stuff here and there Holidate - Hated it - 2/10 Trial of the Chicago 7 - Highly entertaining throughout with great performances - 8/10 Hubie Halloween - I surprisingly found it quite funny and enjoyable - 6/10 Enola Holmes - Enjoyable mid level blockbuster. Millie Bobby Brown is great - 7/10 TV The Queen's Gambit - I loved every moment and Anya Tayloy Joy is mesmerizingly awesome. Great whether you know chess or not - 9/10 Dash % Lily - Really well done feel good romantic series which is just what some of us need right now 8/10 Raised By Wolves - Excellent world and robots. I felt the last few eps focused too much on plot rather than the robot children dynamic but still good and looking forward to next season 7/10 The Boys Season 2 - Still good 7.5/10
  2. Stuck to TV this week Umbrella Academy Season 2 - I liked a lot better than the first, I felt the storyline was more focused and each cast member seemed more comfortable with their characters and the sibling chemistry was awesome - 8.5 Community Season 1 - Mostly hilarious show, Troy and Abed are the best, Pierce can be annoying at times, Jeff is great except when paired with Brita, spoofing sitcom conventions is done really well - 8.5 As for Breaking Bad, it's one of my favorite shows of all time but I understand if it doesn't appeal to others. I myself wasn't really hooked until season 2 episode 2 Grilled
  3. Including some stuff I forgot to put last time 1. Onward - Fun okay adventure but that third act is glorious - 8 2. Greyhound - The naval action was well done and Tom Hanks is always dependable - 7 3. Three Idiots - Tried my first Indian movie other than youtube clips of over the top action shared by friends (Does Slumdog count?) as this had been recommended and while it was a bit long the positive uplifting vibe really got to me. The message was so simple yet really felt full of wisdom. Aamir Khan was great as Rancho, I wish I had a friend like him in College. - 9 4. Dangal - Tried another Aamir Khan after that and this was also well made and enjoyable. A bit more serious but I was engaged throughout. The wrestling scenes were really intense. - 8 5. Artemis Fowl - Yikes! - 2 6. Umbrella Academy Season 2 eps 1 tp 4 - I'm liking it a lot better than season 1 so far. The characters feel more natural and comfortable. The performances are just as good and better. The humor and fun is still there but there is a cohesiveness that was lacking in season 1. No rate yet but great so far. 7. Weathering With You - Not as good as Your Name but still enjoyable. Absolutely gorgeous to look at. - 7.5
  4. Been depressed about the lack of box office so didn't go to this forum for a long time which is a shame cause this thread is excellent. Loved reading through it. Here is my list for the month to catch up. 1. Better Call Saul - Excellent and just as good as Breaking Bad - 9.5 out of 10 2. Succession - First season was good but about below what everyone was saying for me 7.5 out of 10 but season 2 is one of the best seasons of TV I've seen - 10 out of 10 3. The Old Guard - Decent way to pass the time - 6.5 4. Dark - Couldn't connect much with the characters in season 1 but the plot is excellent throughout all 3 seasons - 9 out of 10 5. Crash Landing On You - The Coronavirus has made me watch shows I never would have paid attention to before like this Korean series on Netflix that turned out to be excellent and lovely - 9 out of 10 6. Palm Springs - Delightful - 8.5 out of 10 7. Schindler's List - As good as I remember - 10 out of 10 8. Eurovision - Meh, the songs were fun - 5 out of 10 9. A Whisker Away - Netflix anime film was fun - 7 out of 10 10. Space Force - I probably laughed more than others - 7 out of 10
  5. There barely seems to be any interest here and I don't think most people even realize that its opened.
  6. Are the yearly Worldwide charts gone? Those were my favorite things to check. When I was bored I would randomly look at a random worldwide chart and enjoy browsing. Are they really gone? Tell me they are still there somewhere
  7. First sentence Perfectly sums up how I feel watching high frame rates Perfect
  8. Awesome number. Purely anecdotal but a lot of my friends who rarely go to the cinema have been posting about how much they enjoyed Joker
  9. Oh as for the movie. The trailers looked meh for me but I am big Will Smith fan and will check it out.
  10. The effect of HFR is something I have been thinking about for years. When I go to an electronics store I always see these Super Hidef TV's and I see them showing an old film and no doubt it looks a lot sharper and clearer and you can see the pores on the face etc. Yet there is always this disconnect as the high level of realism is a turn off for me. I think because I want the movie to be fake or I can enjoy a movie because it is different from reality but when the movie looks exactly like reality then that feeling of escape is gone. Maybe its something that takes getting used to and that if everything is like that our eyes will eventually adjust
  11. I like this poster. It's unique and thankfully isn't filled with floating heads. It would definitely have grabbed my attention if I were skimming through posters in a cinema.
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