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  1. I still think it won't quite reach $900m but it's going to be very close. The fact that it can come closer to 900 than 850 is already astonishing and absurd. I think it has reached all time top ten in a few countries as well (in Australia it sure has). Just....WOW. It should do well on home video market as well. People who think this movie won't be remembered well compared to other Oscar winning movies are either clueless or biased.
  2. People who love BR (GA and awards members/voters) are the ones who can actually make the difference at the Box Office and the award season so of course their opinions do matter.
  3. You people who think Rami is bad in BR are certainly entitled to your opinion. Fortunately most people whose opinion do matter seem to disagree with you, otherwise the movie wouldn't have made that much money and Rami wouldn't have been nominated/won these many awards.
  4. Any reasons why MP is underperforming in Japan of all places? I thought Disney's musical is their bread and butter. I know it's underperformed anywhere but UK but Japan is one market that doesn't always follow the WW trend.😐
  5. Only non-Cameron & non-franchise on the list. And it's basically a mid-budget musical drama. This is just insane.😶😶
  6. Of course not. People just choose to see the movie that look appealing to them and if they like it recommend it to other people. Some critically good movies don't always have that appeal. GA don't see a movies to analyse it. They just want to have a good time.
  7. I remember it's like what in the bold letters.
  8. The article only stated what the unnamed 'source' said about how much money he 'could' earn based on the BO number. They wouldn't know shit how much he will actually earn because how could they know what kind of agreement FOX had with Singer before firing him? In short, just another negative article aiming to bring this movie down after the gazillion ones before this couldn't do the job. Any dollars I've spent on the movies I enjoyed are the money well-spent. I don't care if those movies were made from the 'right' people or not. They should have attacked every named A-listers who've worked with Singer in the past while they're at it. Why shaming just ONE movie like it's his only work that matters?
  9. Not in my country where BR just entered the all time top 10. Certainly not in Europe, South Korea and Japan. And since the number of people have seen it multiple times, if the movie was really forgotten in 3 months, that'd be case of mass Alzheimer's than the fault of the movie.
  10. So true. BR is insanely beloved by GA and no amount of negative online articles/tweets/comments/reactions can convince me otherwise. Which is why I find the tweet about Rami being forgotten for such iconic role stupid AF.
  11. 10 years? I still can't find anyone in my real life who can actually remember the name of the best picture winner LAST YEAR. lol.
  12. This is so stupid. BR makes more than $200m dom, $800m WW. Rami won't be forgotten even if he hadn't received any awards nor nominations.
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