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  1. Posting in a historical thread. No movie will come close to this in the next 20-25 years. it will have to be a 22 movie successful run event finale. That’s not going to happen anytime maybe in next 2-3 decades . I don’t see a RDJ or CE like charismatic actor attracting the fans anytime soon. Lighting never strikes twice in the same generation . Younger folks tell this to your kids, older folks tell this to your grandkids you were witness on the first weekend where history was made
  2. Damn this movie was good. completely different to other DC movies. so much packed into a movie. i think this will have a lot of replay value. The Black Manta storyline although small is very well done. A lot of cheese, a lot of fun. This is how it should have always been. i liked this better than Wonder Woman Aquaman >>>>> Wonder Woman >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Man of Steel >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> BvS>>>> SS
  3. make or break movie for DCEU. regardless of the fact that WW is coming next, the universe basically ends or continues with the performance of Aquaman. if its well received critically and box office wise, the team movies will begin anew , if it goes away, we will get WW and the promised Shazam with each movie disconnecting itself from the DCEU more and more until a FULL reboot either through Flash Flashpoint or different actors. Aquaman will likely not exist if there is a reboot because he is a side character in comics
  4. I do not think this movie will do as well as normal comic books. probably will end up around 140-150 Domestic. There just does NOT seem to be any hype outside of nerddom
  5. Because critics are weird. They ignored blasphemous actions done to legacy characters and the force as “bold” because as an isolated movie it was 8/10 but as a part of this saga it was just a 5/10 i say weird because when dc universe made characters different than expected the same critics frothed from their mouth “muh Superman” but they were excused because as a singular movie those movies were actually not good
  6. Weinstein sexual predator nature got out into the public . Affleck writes condemning his acts . Rose McGowan misrepresents his statement by saying Affleck wrote I never knew about this when he never wrote that though she did say Affleck admitted to her years ago that he told Weinstein to stop harassing women which somehow makes Affleck a hypocrit . Meanwhile another actress says affleck harassed her by touching her breasts while the video shows his hands nowhere near her breasts but it might have taken plan in other takes. Affleck publicly apologizes to Ms Burton for doing what he did in the video . Meanwhile another video comes out where he has a journalist on his lap and he is hugging and kissing her . People say it’s another example of him harassing women then the journalist on the video says it was all played up as a joke between him and her and he did nothing wrong . So in the end Affleck is as bad as Weinstein in some people’s eyes
  7. I didn't know I emotionally impacted you that badly 2 years ago I forgot what I ate this morning . get with the times, I used to be emotionally attached to opinions about films like batman movies and Nolan movies but now I just like them without them emotionally affecting me as one of the reasons to be happy or sad. I don't go after rotten tomatoes critics like i used to, I have grown up . for the most part they are just movies you win and you lose and most if it is just opinion . learn the lesson I got and accept not all changing and differing opinions are trolling . I might just play along my old style to rile people up or old times sake but I have moved on from being like a kid, you should too. For example I joked about contacting RT regarding a review , I didn't like old times but I joke aboutnit here and other forums just to make folks laugh. Sorry that blade runner flopped
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