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  1. Believe the hype. Critics are wrong again. This is the best terminator movie since 1 and 2. Of course this is nowhere near 1 and 2 but the other terminator movies are nowhere near this . You can tell the movie when you see it that has what was missing since T2 , you care for the characters finally . Again terminator 1 > terminator 2 >>>> Dark Fate >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Other junk
  2. Ok I just saw you joined 3 weeks ago here. Welcome . But you got a lot to learn about box office and context kid . You will learn
  3. Why wouldn’t you call a 55 million budget movie which was about a DC comic book villian with no action and all story, a slow burn tale told surrounded by controversy and media airing articles that screenings might be hit by violence and in the end getting more than 250 million and onwards to 300+ million as one of the highest rated R Rated domestic movies of all time despite top critics piling on it as not impressive ?
  4. Fuck you Jeff bezos fuck you first you killed IMDb forums then you do this fuck you
  5. It’s ok to admit this was not a good trailer. The movie just does not feel epic or grand. It seems like JJ trying to save the franchise rather than finishing it . Underwhelming
  6. You know what really turned me off this movie ? Their choice to use “I’m going hunting” like this is a fast and furious spin off movie or something. i mean seriously, if Cameron really was even 5% involved in this project that trailer would have been edited with a better music choice the music choice completely takes me out of getting excited for the trailer and thus the movie
  7. Ahhh... newbies....so much to learn . Don’t worry, we were all asking the same question even 15 years ago when we joined here
  8. The profit gained from this movie for WB is off the charts. Todd Phillips will be on God Mode in next pitch to WB , he will be wondering, I guess this is how Nolan feels
  9. Oh look the pedo music controversy was manufactured with no research
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