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  1. I don't really give a shit if GOTG is bigger than Avengers, I like them both. But I think it's gonna happen.
  2. Yep. I think this is the moment GOTG becomes a bigger franchise in the US than Avengers.
  3. Top 10: 10 Arrested Development 9 Deadwood 8 Fargo 7 Rick and Morty 6 Game of Thrones 5 Angel 4 Seinfeld 3 Battlestar Galactica 2 Buffy 1 The Wire
  4. 500m DOM. Way out.
  5. Depends how good it is. If it's better than the first one it could do 500m.
  6. In. 190m opening. 530m total.
  7. Captain America: Civil War (2016)

    I'll have to see it again before I cement my opinion, but I suspect this might end up being my favourite Marvel movie. TWS is tighter from start to finish, but this is much more emotionally powerful and much more funny. Plus the airport scene is pure bliss. The only real negative I can think of - other than the Sharon Carter kiss that came out of nowhere - was the shaky cam in the first half hour. Seriously, unless you're Paul Greengrass cut the fucking shaky cam out! A
  8. EPVIII: The Force Takes A Nap EPVIII: The Force Gets Out Of Bed
  9. Cheers Baumer. I visited a couple times at the end of last year to predict 1bn dom for TFA... which turned out to be way, way optimistic. But it's good to see the community still going strong!
  10. Given the ecstatic buzz coming out of Marvel and the great trailer I can't see any way this does under 400m. And Baumer: forget about this being a sequel to WS - it's an Avengers film in all but name, and it's likely to be orgasmically received by fans and the public. AOU is the floor, IMO. I'll put in $10. But I won't be paying out.
  11. Wednesday Estimates (Nilephelan)

    The Daily Mail: Spewing hate and bile since 1896.

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