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  1. This films comes out on my bday and it better be good or I'm key locking Ijack.
  2. Crap Story 4 has been officially upgraded to Good Story 4.
  3. Hey at least I don't go around personally attacking people.
  4. MCU fans proving themselves once again to be the worst fanbase on the internet. Cameron fans are now finding out what DC fans have known for years. Come at me.
  5. Fucking pathetic how the other studios are just content with Iger jizzing all over their faces every year. Is there any sense of pride and competitiveness with the other studios?
  6. Disney's dominance just goes to show you how much the other studios have been out outmaneuvered by Disney. With WB being the ones hurting the most because of it.
  7. WB needs some serious help with their blockbusters. All under performed so far this year.
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