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  1. Reviews are about where I thought they would be. DC/WB just need to keep trucking on eventually the bias towards Disney/Marvel will go away.
  2. AM missing 1 billion will trigger the click bait assholes to go on the attack. We know this to be true.
  3. Still have the RT drop to get through and you know the DC hating sites will be looking for any traction they can get.
  4. Hailee is better looking and a better actress than Watson.
  5. Passing 1 billion would be a massive win for DC and easily showing they can compete with the MCU.
  6. Captain Marvel trailer will get dislike nuked tomorrow. Just more confirmation about how arrogant and entitled the MCU fanbase truly is.
  7. Disney is probably waiting for the trailer to be released so they can instantly counter with Avengers 4.
  8. Great news with the reviews for Spider-man and Sony itself. Also Black Panther does not deserve any Oscar love but will get in purely for politics. Oh and about the Oscars let's see if Spider-man can take it because honestly I would be surprised if it won over I2.

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