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  1. Warmaster506

    Crazy Rich Asians over 150 million club

    Algren always predicts like that to stir the pot.
  2. Warmaster506

    Crazy Rich Asians over 150 million club

    In this film is amazing.
  3. An award show on a Disney owned network with a new category? Yeah I'm going to instantly get suspicious. Furthermore I've had with the massive overpraise of Disney both with their films and as a company. People act like they are they only company that makes good films while at the same time being the biggest company that can buy anyone out.
  4. Bumblebee is what could hurt Aquaman due to audience crossover and the film being good according to test screenings. MPR could perform like Jumanji.
  5. Looks like Disney bought themselves an award. I bet a Disney films wins this for the next 5 years. Suicide Squad winning an Oscar must have really pissed them off.
  6. Can't wait for this. T1/T2 are both in my top ten. So I can't wait for this.
  7. Avatar backed by the talent of Cameron and the muscle of Disney will do great. I just hope people attribute the success of the Avatar franchise to Camaron and not to Disney.
  8. It looks beautiful. This, Aquaman and Bumblebee all look very good.

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