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  1. The shit that has been thrown at DC fans will come back to Marvel/Disney fans eventually. I'm glad Aquaman curbed MPR. Hell even James Wan talked about it. DC/WB aren't taking Disney's shit anymore. Disney will have their record year this year and Marvel will have their swan song but from here on out the fight is going to be much closer.
  2. DC will continue it's march to becoming on par with the MCU.
  3. Only a matter of time before the Disney/Marvel fan base starts to target this.
  4. Without Vin this franchise is massively less of a tool-bag movie.
  5. It was actually good the trailer was not released today. The trailer would be massively drowned out by the BP best picture talk.
  6. People will always have opinions about DC but thankfully that is finally starting to go away. Unlike Star Trek vs Star Wars, DC can hit back against Marvel on a far more even playing field. Disney/Feige damn well know this too.
  7. Because they keep making shit movies about Superman. Make a good one and watch the money roll in.
  8. Like what I'm hearing. Expect studios to go to war over adapting anime properties.
  9. Titans was good and hopefully will be even better next season.
  10. Cameron fans are as arrogant and entitled as the MCU fanbase and I say this as a massive fan of Cameron. No on here has seen the damn film. So no one can comment on quality right now.

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