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  1. The fandom menace idiots are starting to attack this film.
  2. ESB ANH Revenge of the Sith R1 ROTJ Rise of Skywalker TFA Solo TPM AOTC TLJ
  3. Avatar 2 3.2 B Batman 1.6 B JW 3 1.5 B Thor 1.1 B Spidey 1.1B Matrix 1 B SS2 900M MI7 850M Black Adam 800m
  4. I thought the film was a solid 8/10 but I can see why its not performing well too. People still don't trust DC and honestly WB/Warner Media as a whole. The Snyder era DCEU might have permanently damaged DC and WB as a studio. Disney of course has ruthlessly exploited this.
  5. Disney does it to Warner every chance they get. Its good I like the nasty.
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