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  1. Avatar 2 3.2 B Batman 1.6 B JW 3 1.5 B Thor 1.1 B Spidey 1.1B Matrix 1 B SS2 900M MI7 850M Black Adam 800m
  2. I thought the film was a solid 8/10 but I can see why its not performing well too. People still don't trust DC and honestly WB/Warner Media as a whole. The Snyder era DCEU might have permanently damaged DC and WB as a studio. Disney of course has ruthlessly exploited this.
  3. Disney does it to Warner every chance they get. Its good I like the nasty.
  4. Downsizing was absolute trash. Glad to see DC is on the rise. About damn time. The next 3 years will see DC far more competitive with Marvel.
  5. The Marvel vs DC war is going to escalate in the next few years. Expect lots of nasty from both sides.
  6. Watchmen may have just put out the best episode on TV this year. Strong day for DC. DC's time is coming.
  7. LMAO at the MCU fanboys in the comments section. The growing power of DC is becoming more evident.
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