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  1. Will probably take a break myself it this does not do well. Tired of only Disney films hitting it big lately.
  2. Going to get nasty in 2021 between Marvel and DC fans. Marvel fans already running their mouths about SJW Panther.
  3. It feels like that with WB/DC beung unable to compete with Marvel/Disney at the moment has hurt any the entire film industry outside of DIsney films. Disney has soaked up the attention and box office for going on two months now while rival studios can't seem to get a hit out.
  4. Marvel/Disney fans have done nothing but rub in the success of their films for years and as a result when DC has it's day again DC fans won't hold back. Years of frustration and anger will come out.
  5. Seems like it's getting more and more difficult for WB films to truly break out at the moment.
  6. WB seems content on letting Disney having the spotlight this year.
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