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  1. Disney is the most sucked off company there is right now. People think they are bigger than everyone. I've heard people saying they should buy Microsoft or Amazon so they can dominate software and e-commerce. Being totally ignorant of how big the other companies are in comparison to Disney.
  2. If the trailer is good release it ASAP especially with the rumors of the Captain Marvel teaser being released soon.
  3. Star Wars weakening will no doubt be ruthlessly exploited by the other studios.
  4. That shows the potential is there. If the DCEU can improve they will hit it big.
  5. The worst of the DCEU is behind us. Aquaman will start the DCEU comeback.
  6. Going to be a good battle for the top spot next year.
  7. WB/DC have massive potential if they can get it together. WW showed that they could and I'm hoping Aquaman is a new beginning. The worst is behind us.
  8. A winning spot and to fuck over WW2. Nice to know you are getting it.

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