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  1. Empire Force Awakens New Hope Return of the Jedi Jedi Fallen Order Last Jedi Rogue One Rise of Skywalker Revenge of the Sith Phantom Menace Attack of the Clones
  2. Just got out from Jojo Rabbit, was pretty busy outside the front 3 rows, hope it's doing well outside of London too.
  3. So, yeah, this was pretty horrific. If you can get enjoyment out of it, more power to you, but this was a horrific time at the movies for me.
  4. Wait longer. 2030 at the earliest before the next big screen adventure.
  5. There's still a handful of cinemas open in the UK, mainly in heavily Indian areas like Bradford, Luton or bits of London.
  6. OK, let me try a different track. It's still opened under The Greatest Showman by £1m, which was against week 2 of TLJ and the opening of Jumanji, and I remember that only having small rooms too.
  7. Both classic West end shows turned in to musical films. So pretty comparable to me.
  8. Very late to confirm, but I got mine a couple of weeks ago haha. It's only been slightly manic for me lately, eh @Plain Old Tele 🤣
  9. Because its less than half of Les Mis? Although that was the only big game in town that weekend
  10. The exchange rate fluctuates for us, but real money, Stirling, that does not.
  11. Corpse has plenty of data to say otherwise
  12. You're simple to buy for, bat shit crazy Japanese RPG's and you're sorted
  13. Yes it was, I think it was golden week
  14. I will hear no slander of creature features, the best kind of movies ever! OK I'm in the minority, but I got my eye on you kiddo
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