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  1. Just checked a few places near me for Frozen. 2D shows are doing very well, especially for Saturday afternoon. PLFs looking pretty anaemic apart from Friday evening.
  2. The 30,000 is only for Chasmmi, for his slights against Ferrari and Pokémon
  3. It's how Le Mans finishes pretty much every year if there is more than one car from a manufacturer at the finish. I adored this movie BTW, the only thing I wish they'd have done, and it's the same complaint I've had a lot this year, its that they should have ended it earlier. Having Ken Miles drive off in to the sunset around the track after Le Mans would have been a much better ending than actually seeing him be killed and have a moping Shelby after.
  4. And there was me planning to get you 30,000 Vietnamese dong
  5. Sweetie, you missed the point of what I was saying entirely, the highest grossing Film in JPY isn't related to USD at all. But yes, the highest grossing in USD is relevant to this forum.
  6. The amount of MoCap in The Irishman might put the Irishman out of contention, which is a shame because De Niro, Pesci and Pacino are all fan-fucking-tastic!
  7. Kinda defeats the object of it being a secret eh 😉
  8. Ford v Ferrari is getting a huge number of screens, easily going to be number one. Last Christmas will be a slow burner, but around for a while.
  9. Who the hell ever thought it would be Joker that breaks through the barrier. That's insane.
  10. Agreed. Normally they need 2 or 3 screens if not more in most places.
  11. I demand that this is nominated for a best original short film Oscar!
  12. USD numbers have no bearing on what the highest crossing film is in JPY
  13. Seen some cinemas here in London planning to show Frozen 2 every 20 minutes or more on opening Saturday and Sunday. That's absolutely bonkers!
  14. Only the really big venues can do that. Places like the Chinese theater or BFI IMAX.
  15. Proof that you fucked up Mass Effect, if you didn't save Wrex, you go back to a previous save, up your paramour or renegade and save that beautiful Bastard
  16. The awful title here in Europe doesn't help. Le Mans '66 only moves the needle for hardcore fans, whereas just the name Ferrari in your title evokes something.
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