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  • Disney Update: STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Estimated for $220.05M Domestic Weekend

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  1. Wednesday Numbers, Deadpool $8.62m

    Well, they may have good reason to be...also I don't think this is a "preachy" movie. It's more like Ben Hur, etc. You're not going to feel like the message sledge hammer hit you in the head after watching it.
  2. Wednesday Numbers, Deadpool $8.62m

    Anyone can say anything about what's already happened and make up their own story. Everything is super clear in hindsight. It's pointless to debate about it. Let's move on.
  3. Wednesday Numbers, Deadpool $8.62m

  4. Wednesday Numbers, Deadpool $8.62m

    It's awfully early. But Reynolds' films have had some Christian themes(Count of Monte Cristo, Robin Hood, even the Waterworld had a Christ figure) so I guess we shouldn't be totally shocked he could possibly deliver a competent overtly Christian movie.
  5. Wednesday Numbers, Deadpool $8.62m

  6. Wednesday Numbers, Deadpool $8.62m

    Hope you're right.
  7. Wednesday Numbers, Deadpool $8.62m

    25% was exactly what I had. 8-8.5m Thurs, 16-17m Friday and a 56-61% drop this weekend. (Still amazing though)
  8. You know, strictly looking at RT scores, Fox has now made 8 films based on the X-Men franchise and only 2 are not fresh(one only 2 percentage points from being so). That means they are batting .750. Three out of Four films they have produced are 70% or higher on RT. The Spider-Man franchise can't make that boast, even if you ignore the Amazings. Only 2 out of three of the Raimi Spideys are over 70%(That's .667% for those scoring at home). Even vaunted "All films we make are fresh" Marvel Films has let one out of six of their films fall below the 70% line. Since leaving X-Men Origins Wolverine and X3 behind with 2011's First Class, the aggregate RT score for X-Franchise films is 83%. MCU films are at 80% since their inception. Let's cut Fox some slack...
  9. Tuesday Numbers (DP) 11.6 RTH

    Oooohhh, charts. I get all tingly.
  10. Tuesday Numbers (DP) 11.6 RTH

    Do you mean just yesterday or overall? X3 adjusted is ahead by about 9m(according to BOM).
  11. Tuesday Numbers (DP) 11.6 RTH

    That's another insane thing about this performance...the grosses are not truly representative of its actual popularity(butts in seats).
  12. Spider-Man's 403.7m or bust. Go big or go home(Of course DP would ask whether I mean the 403.7m or the bust when I say "big") Title...............Day 1...Day 2...Day 3...Day 4...Day 5...Day 6 SM1...............39.4m..43.6m..31.8m..11.0m..10.0m..8.3m DP..................47.3m..42.5m..42.6m..19.8m..11.6m?..?? Est total after Day 5: DP: 163.8m(+28.0m) SM1: 135.8m (Do I really think it will get there? No. But it would be hilarious if it did.)
  13. Tuesday's are more lucrative these days...
  14. My wife liked it more than I did. In fact, on IMDb females rate it higher than males in all age ranges. I mean Betty White liked it.
  15. Nope...only talking about DP vs Star Wars here...

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