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  1. That's pushing it a little bit. I'd say 400-500 million.
  2. The Divergent Series are essentially just placeholder movies right now for the studio until they find an actual Twilight/HG replacement.
  3. Preach this. Not to mention Scorch Trials only just released their trailer, and that film is like three and a half months away... People are getting worked up over something so incredibly stupid lmao.
  4. It's no different to the current comic book superhero fad of old men being "special" with their silly fantasy superpowers in major cities saving the "world" from "aliens" in unrealistic battle sequences
  5. Shailene Woodley is an annoying actress. Almost as bad as TFiOS.
  6. I'm so glad you don't direct the films because the idea of a 160m cut is a terrible idea. If this film is 123, and Part 2 is 130-140m, I don't see how that would work. The film would be a mess.
  7. As long as it's better than Interflop, than I'm fine and happy.
  8. 1. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 2. Boyhood 3. The Maze Runner 4. Big Hero 6 5. Inside Out 6. Insurgent 7. Jurrasic World 8. Lucy 9. Fury 10. Exodus
  9. But the same can be said for the old comic book nerds. Always dishing out coins for the same, repetitive superhero films without caring much for quality.
  10. 1. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 2. American Hustle 3. Divergent 4. 47 Ronin 5. Winter's Tale 6. Gone Girl 7. Captain America 8. The Wind Rises 9. Lego Movie 10. Noah
  11. Harry Potter was a boring series CA and Thor were better than TA THG was better than CF Frozen was a crappy movie MU over DM2
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