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  1. There are a lot of examples of movies with reshoots and delays that finally were succesful. Just to name one: WWZ
  2. Agreed. But over reactions are one of the hallmarks of this forum. Funny to read them all
  3. I guess it's pretty much safe for FB2 to open over 65M. And I am expecting something in the 68-72M range. Just what tracking was expecting. IF number is really solid given the muted presales. The definition of a walk-up movie. 20M+ opening in the horizon. Widows preview number is fine also.
  4. In the end, kind of solid number, coming from 7-7.5M early estimates. With 8x previews (slightly worse multiplier than first FB), it could reach 72M
  5. I will wait for definitive previews before pressing panic button... Usually early preview estimates are low against oficial numbers.
  6. You know, kids today still love to see HP movies in their home. It's not as if the saga vanished after theatrical run. My 8 year old daughter, and many children I know, have seen HP movies and are waiting for FB2. So FB benefits from new generation of young audience.
  7. DOFP was already a sequel that benefited from returning characters. APOC didn't have Wolverine as a lead. Also, different audiences. Like the first FB, hype is solid but fans are not rushing to see it. Can't see it falling below 7x the previews
  8. Venom skewed younger than a HP movie? HP universe movie always skews younger than a CBM, IMHO. Even more if the CBM is about a dark character, no matter how light the film is in the end. I know the tone in FB2 is darker than first, but I doubt it's darker than DH1&2.
  9. Venom reached 80M, so it bodes well for FB2. I am surprised with some pesimists here.
  10. Just as awful as Venom. And look at the poor BO that movie had. Oh, wait...
  11. What? Not even 60M? What are the data to sustain that? For me, all signs point to around 70M opening. Presales are solid. Trailer views are solid. Marketing last push is strong. HP movies are so consistent. Awareness between Potter fans is solid. Stronger links to the original HP saga. Also, the market this year is healthy.
  12. FB 2 - 76M Grinch - 37M IF - 23M BR - 19M Widows - 15M ASIB - 5.5M Nutcracker - 5M Overlord - 5M Spiderweb - 4M NF - 3.5M top 10 - 193M
  13. Left only family films. Grinch way ahead of HT3. Good sign for a strong opening
  14. Agreed. But there are a lot of characters and plot strong problems, specially in 1rst and 2nd movies. The idea of "a chosen one", Anakin being a child in 1st (disbelief), the whole midiclorians explanation, the whole "mistery" in clones... With the help of Kasdan, the movies would have been a lot better.

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