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  1. And all three are Disney properties... Greedy Mouse
  2. Every daily number that's over SMH helps FFH to approach 400M, so that's good Anyways, I don't get why BOM doesnt make a showdown with Far From Home vs Homecoming vs Amazing SM vs SM2. July's Spiderman movies. Useful info, IMHO
  3. 45.5M 2nd weekend is quite solid FFH slightly better than HC 2nd weekend (44,2M). HC made around 120M after this weekend. If FFH mirrors HC from now, 400M is soooo close.
  4. Many movies with huge potential in the horizon, and Just Mercy also enters the fight for awards recognition Ford v Ferrari Harriet Just Mercy Once upon a time in Hollywood 1917 Goldfinch Beautiful day in the neighbourhood Good Liar Ad Astra Queen and Slim JoJo Rabbit Irishman Little Women A Hidden Life Despite great reviews, it will be really difficult to see mainstream movies from first part of the year (TS4, EG, Us) And what about TLK? Early reactions are more than great
  5. FFH number is solid. Let's guess: 8.8M Thursday 12.8M Friday (around 45% increase) 18M Saturday (around 40% increase) 14.2M Sunday (around 21% decrease) 45M 2nd weekend. Around 274M DOM
  6. So glad this might be great! Even more for Paramount recovery Smelling minibreakout potential. Do we know budget?
  7. SMH grossed 207M after its 45M second weekend. Then it added around 120M for the rest of its run. I am expecting a similar or even slightly higuer 45M second weekend for FFH to around 270M DOM. From there matching SMH run, a possible 120M late run to 390M.
  8. Shit! I would love to see it over 25M! Six consecutive days over that mark would be incredible! Anyways, it's a great start for FFH. It should have a solid 2nd weekend also, close to 50M.
  9. This can be less significant with FFH. July is well known for expanding legs. And this particular July only has one film opening looking as real competition for Spidey. Theater count won't drop much
  10. Maybe it will close with bigger DOM. Let's see: FFH should be at 180M after first weekend vs 117M OW for HC. Both movies should have a similar 2nd weekend: 45M (FFH won't drop much thanks to opening Tuesday) So, after 2nd weekend, HC grossed 207M... And FFH could be at 280M+ after second weekend. From there, runs should be similar.
  11. I remember when people freaked with Indiana Jones 4 Thursday opening (25M), and then it played great through its 5day opening, to reach 150M. Truth is, we cant picture FFH run after one day opening. Moreso if that day is a Tuesday and we don't have barely anything else to compare it with
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