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  1. 2020: Before Black Widow 100M+ grossers (2, with 4 assured) Sonic, Bad Boys, Onward, Quiet Place, Mulan and No Time to Die. With other 2 possible additions (Trolls, Peter Rabbit). And put in the mix the expansion of 1917, almost a 2020 film. Movies over 50M+ (4 assured): Dolittle, Birds of Prey, Call of the Wild and Invisible Man. And lets see about The Hunt, Boodshot, New Mutants, Lovebirds, Bad Trip, Antebellum or Antlers. 2019: Before Endgame 100M+ grossers (8): Upside, Glass, Lego 2, Dragon 3, Captain Marvel, Us, Dumbo, Shazam 50M+ grossers (4): Alita, Madea, What Men Want, Escape Room So pretty much in line with last year. Not bad considering it's the worst year ever against the best line-up year ever
  2. Invisible Man - 33M Sonic - 16M Call of the wild - 15M Bad Boys - 4M Emma - 4M Birds of Prey - 4M 1917 - 3M Parasite - 2M Jumanji - 2M Boy 2 - 2M top 10 - 85M
  3. Also so happy. Paramount deserved better. The combo Sonic / A quiet place will change things for them. Then, Summer tentpoles Maverick and Spongebob are likely to be hits. Add Without remorse, Trial of the Chicago 7, Snake Eyes, Coming 2 America, Tomorrow war, Infinite... Possibly over 1billion DOM since...
  4. Did you actually see JP3? Because there you'll find worse
  5. This Tuesday would be 10th biggest day for Parasite in its entire 124 day run
  6. Parasite increasing over already incredible Monday is awesome
  7. Oscar nommed movies should have extra staying power. Add some recovery thanks to Sunday better holds. And... Birds of Prey - 62M BBFL - 11M 1917 - 7.5M Dolittle - 6M Jumanji - 4.5M Gentlemen - 3.5M Gretel and Hansel - 3M Little Women - 2.5M SW9 - 2M Knives Out - 2M Top 10 - 104M
  8. That's quite solid all around Last monday BBFL 2.22M 1917 1.18M Gentlemen 0.79M Jumanji 0.43M
  9. To reach the record there has to be 3 movies per month over 100M. First quarter is always hard to match that. January will have 1. Dolittle will miss, with around 75-85M DOM. February has 1 sure (Birds of Prey), 1 really likely (Sonic) and 2 possibilities (Invisible Man, Call of the Wild). March has 3 assured 100M grossers (Onward, A Quiet Place and Mulan) but anything else looks likely. Longshots are Bloodshot and The Way Back. April has No Time to Die and Trolls as sure bets. But hard to see another 100M in that month. Maybe Bad Trip or Peter Rabbit 2? So 8 100M grossers after 4 months. Not bad.
  10. Bad Boys - 29M 1917 - 15M The Turning - 14M Gentlemen - 12M Dolittle - 11M Jumanji - 6M Star Wars - 5M Just Mercy - 4M Little Women - 4M Knives Out - 3.5M Top 10 - 103.5M
  11. That's 3.75M more than estimates!! Awesome! And Monday should also be better. Can't see BB3 missing 70M+ 4day
  12. Glass had 16M Friday after 3.7M previews. I would say 20-22M (Thursday + Friday) is likely. 6.4 + 14 + 16 + 12 + 9 = 57M
  13. LOL 40M+ 4day is more than locked at this point. 60M likely, and watch out with WOM spreading
  14. AMAZING! Glass had 3.7M Thursday last year and opened to over 40M for the 3day. I would say that 50M 3day and 60M+ 4day more than likely. WOM seems solid also.
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