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  1. Not interested in comparing this to Solo. The real goal here: MI2 215M DOM for highest grossing movie of the saga.
  2. No way just 50k to reach it. I guess they're waiting for Christopher Robin to open for the final "push"
  3. The IM for this weekend will be more than solid for Fallout once WOM spreads No way it misses 60M at this point. And there's nothing wrong if it opens in that range. Anything over 65M is great
  4. stripe

    Tuesday numbers

    advance tickets online sales increase with every year, so I am still cautious
  5. I don't want to be disappointed once the numbers come, so I am trying to be conservative and expect just 60-65M
  6. After this weekend, July gross is close to 900M. headed for a cumulative 1.2 b gross. In line with 2017
  7. MI6 - 65M MM2 - 18M EQ2 - 17M TTG! - 16M HT3 - 14M AMATW - 9M I2 - 7M JW2 - 6.5M SKYSCRAPPER - 5.5M TFP - 3M top 10 - 161M
  8. LIstening to the score now A shame this saga has so many problems with the soundtracks. Silvestri score for the first was rejected and Elfman replaced him with not many time to compose a new score. Zimmer delivered two great themes for MI2, but there's nothing more. Giacchino score for MI3 is formulaic and far from memorable. Hard to remember pieces from Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation.
  9. Mamma Mia 2 - 43M Eq2 - 27M HT3 - 23.5M AMTW - 17M Skyscraper - 11M I2 - 10.5M JW2 - 10M PURGE - 5M UNFRIENDED - 4.5M STBY - 3.5M TOP 10 - 155M
  10. So glad with this awesome reviews! And we have still two weeks to see how the hype grows and grows. At this point, 70-80M OW wouldm't surprise me, and given August release schedule, we are going to witness also some sexy legs.
  11. stripe

    Tuesday's Numbers:

    Expecting 105M+ before 2nd weekend (6.2+5.8) Then 31M 2nd weekend (9+12.5+9.5) to 136M - 10 day cume 4+6+3.5+3.5+5+6.5+5.5 to 170M - 17 day cume Thinking 210-220M DOM for ant-man sequel
  12. stripe

    Monday's Numbers

    Both O8 and Tag dropping slightly over 50% from Sunday. Given the not-so-good Sunday they had, not an ecouraging sign for the rest of the movies
  13. HT3 - 42M Skyscrapper - 39M AMATW - 34M JWFK - 16M I2 - 15M TFP - 8M STBY - 5M Sicario - 3.5M UD - 3.5M 08 - 3M Top 10 - 169M

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