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  1. When will we know the winners at TIFF?
  2. Well, when I wrote this jojo first reviews weren't that mild. Obviously, it's almost out of the race now. regarding Marriage Story, it's from Netflix. There are a lot of examples of praised Netflix films that didn't receive AMPAS support. Thematically and visually, it lacks the auterish flavour of Roma. I can perfectly picture an scenario where Marriage Story gets two acting noms and screenplay but non BP nom.
  3. Already seen and in the run Joker Once upon a time in Hollywood Farewell A beautiful day in the neighborhood Jojo Rabbit Ford v Ferrari Seen and... Maybe? Hustlers A hidden life Marriage story Unseen, but watch out! 1917 Irishman Queen and Slim Harriet Little Women
  4. The reviews for Hustlers are really strong. We really have a breakout there It2 - 42M Hustlers - 38M Goldfinch - 5.5M AHF - 3.5M GB - 3.5M TLK - 3M Overcomer - 2.5M H&S - 2M Peanut - 1.5M Hollywood - 1.5M Top10 - 103M
  5. So looking at data you are providing, we should expect previews around 10-13M, right? Maybe more if walkups are strong (and I think it will)
  6. I would love to see this breaking out Gonna say 35M OW / 105M DOM
  7. 73M after increasing their predictions a huge 22%. They're smelling something. Of course, they can be wrong
  8. I am as surprised as you. But tracking suggests some kind of breakout there. Lets see Another movie that could hit that mark is Gemini man
  9. What about Hustlers? BOpro tracking suggests a solid hit. Can it overperform to reach 100M?
  10. I have been out for several days and I dont have many time to read all the updates... Can someone tease me how well It2 is doing with presales?
  11. Out! Want a bold club? Make it a 3 August movies over 80M DOM besides H&S. I would join
  12. In It will be really hard... but awareness is here, trailers are great, it's a real sequel, concept still works, and casting is strong.
  13. FFH is now closely mirroring Homecoming. From this Tuesday, Homecoming grossed 75M. If FFH grosses more or less the same, it will finish just over 400M. This weekend, lack of new competition will help FFH to have a good/great hold. Let's see legs through August, but it will be dificult to follow the strong holds Homecoming had.
  14. not a strong Monday for TLK. Anyways, Tuesday will see huge increase. Expecting something over 26M
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