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  1. stripe

    US WEEKEND THREAD l 7.4M Previews

    Obviously they only threw that number thinking it would normally do more or less the same as AQP or The Nun. WRONG!!!!
  2. stripe

    US WEEKEND THREAD l 7.4M Previews

    WOW INCREDIBLE number! Deadline and the awfully funny early guesses...
  3. stripe

    US WEEKEND THREAD l 7.4M Previews

    So funny to read the overreactions. And we still don't have a real number! Just guesses from Deadline. We all should know that we should take Deadline early guesses with a grain of salt. Even more when they are talking about Horror movies. We have seen them lowballing many horror films recently. Us will do stellar numbers. Still headed for 60M+ OW for sure.
  4. Can't believe BOPro is sticking with an opening lower than 60M. At this point, with the HUGE presales, HUGE awareness, HUGE reviews, GREAT moment for the genre and GREAT release schedule (no new competition, last horror movie released months ago), we are going to witness a stellar OW Don't have a clue where it will land, but 60M+ is certain. And I wouldn't be surprised with 100M
  5. Great point! Black Panther delivered a stellar drop the weekend before IW (-14.6%) and almost stayed flat during IW opening (-4%) This could be the needed push to reach the mark
  6. stripe

    Tuesday - CM 7.6m

    Anyways, 7,8M would be a really solid number. Around 45% drop vs last week number.
  7. stripe

    Tuesday - CM 7.6m

    WTF Almost 60% drop in third weekend when 2nd weekend drop already was lower, at 55%? People continue underestimating CM staying power. Us goes for a different audience. Also, there is enough room for two movies to coexist and do solid numbers. Only one movie opening means less screens lost. Be prepared for a high 30s M weekend, guys
  8. I have Us opening at 65M. Crazy that this number might be seen as conservative at this moment.
  9. Us – 65M CM – 38.5M WP – 9M FFA – 7M HTTYD3 – 6M Madea – 4M Frida2 – 2M Lego2 – 1.5M CS – 1M Alita – 1M Top 10 - 135M
  10. stripe

    Monday - CM 5.2m

    It's going to be soooo close. The gap will begin to reduce today 5.3M for CM vs 4.7M for CW and 4.6M for IM3 3rd weekend for CW was 33M and 35.8M for IM3. I am expecting something like 38-39M for Captain Marvel
  11. This is BOT. Daily meltdowns and overreactions are part of its DNA
  12. Yes. 40% drop from Tuesday. Still 700k over THG Wednesday number
  13. Ok After reading all the early reactions I am sold. This will have a stronger opening than expected, and I am happy with that since I loved the original when I was kid. I saw it dozens of times! My prediction, atm 70M OW / 275M DOM
  14. stripe

    Tuesday #s - CM 14.6m

    Huge bump for CM! Thanks to our gods for providing us early estimates! I can't believe there are members of a BO forum that go against the providers of data. WTF are they doing here??
  15. Get Out was also weird and unvconventional and audiences loved it. If pace is good and characters are relatable, it should receive audiences approval

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