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  1. Finally a real number! Let's guess 14.1M previews + 25M Friday = 39M 32M Saturday 28M Sunday 22M Monday 3day - 100M 4day - 121M
  2. 45+ pages in this thread and we still don't have a final previews number... Star Wars. Its power
  3. Obviously someone's friends are not a objective sample or proof of anything. But it's legit to note how the people we know is reacting to a certain movie. It's just some empirical data that may be helpful to draw a possible future.
  4. After seeing the movie, this could get decent legs. WOM will be healthy. I know many friends that went OD for previous SW entries but now are not rushing to see Solo. Anyways, they definitely will go see it soon.
  5. While it lacks the epicness of a SW film, Solo was a solid fun adventure. I am unsure about the decision to bring back Darth Maul and leave Qi'ra & Solo romance unsolved. It's like all this will be unveiled with Bobba Fett movie. Best: characters are well defined. Solid performances. Always entertaining. L3 revolution! Chewie and Falcon origins. It's moving when it wants to. No necesary to be a SW fan to enjoy the movie. Worst: lack of a strong villain. Ok, there's Beckett treason, but I refuse to consider him a villain. Editing is hit/miss with some action scenes. And that perception they left things unsolved for an hypothetical sequel.
  6. LOL 90% of BOT members would give better numbers than Mendelson 10M Thursday after 8M Wednesday? 60M 4day after 10M Thursday? And he is paid for this nonsense
  7. Huge for BC! Another much needed hit for Paramount. Really happy for this
  8. Damn Baumer, what about some numbers we care about?
  9. Black Panther > Infinity War Domestic Club

    Still early, but given MCU is on a roll at this moment, I wouldn't be surprised if AM&TW doubles the OW, DOM and WW gross of the original movie (57M OW / 180M DOM / 520M WW)
  10. Black Panther > Infinity War Domestic Club

    Even if IW doesn't match BP, it will be by a mere 20-30M. This is awesome. Mind blowing. Unique. In January everyone would have laughed at anyone who had guessed that BP / AIW would be grossing around 700M each. In fact, I would have said that the sum of both DOM grosses could be around 700M.
  11. More confident than ever this will surprise many here, both quality and BO wise
  12. It won't drop that much during MD! That would mean around 66% 3day drop with an inflated Sunday gross. And reception is good.
  13. Really solid drop. Let's see if Tuesday can stay almost flat, though I wouldn't be surprised with 5%+ drop. If AIW drops in that range, Monday gross will be around 3.6-3.7M range. So close to 600M
  14. Solo - 120M/150M DP2 - 57M/68.5M AIW - 19M/24M Book Club - 9M/10.5M Life of the Party - 4M/5M Show Dogs - 3.5M/4.5M Breaking in - 3.5M/4M AQP - 2.5M/3M Overboard - 2.5M/3M Rampage - around 1M Top 10 - 222M/273.5M

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