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  1. I perfectly understood what was going on. My issues came with the way Nolan shows what's going on. Of course, I will see Tenet again. Hope the movie gets better with a second viewing. Sorry if someone thinks my comment was spoilery. I tried hard to explain my issues with the action sequences without telling anything!
  2. Sorry, but no. The action sequence in the end is one of the worst supposedly climatic action sequences I have seen recently. It has horrible editing and zero gravitas. The viewer is most of the time lost in the noise seeing people running and shooting everywhere to unseen objectives. Same with the second part of the cars' chase. And also with the opening sequence, were is hard to clarify who is who.
  3. After more than 6 months I finally went to cinemas again to see this... To think about this is as crazy as Tenet's plot itself I would rate Tenet with 5/10. Obvious issues with editing and script. Nolan's greatest weakness is how he handles action sequences.
  4. LOL 5day Thanksgiving against normal weekend! No possible comparission. Good Dinosaur 2nd weekend was 15.3M. Onward will easily outgross that, to around 20-24M. In fact, Onward will surely outgross Good Dinosaur. Not that finishing around 125M DOM would be great for the film.
  5. Back on topic Trailer was great without giving too much of the plot. It gives me the same feelings of Winter Soldier
  6. Maybe a part of the population is not locked at home in Italy, but all public reunions have been cancelled, and there are a lot of difficulties to travel. In a couple of days the number of new contagions will begin to decrease. Not necessary to do it like China. Just like Korea.
  7. Italy already locked. Spain in the process. France, the same. Korea stabilized. It's a matter of weeks. You'll see
  8. China and Corea are already recovering from Coronavirus. Weather will be warmer by May, so even less risks. No need to move the schedule, IMHO.
  9. Not bad. It's just previews from an original animated film. Kids still at school. And some upfront demand burnt with Leap day screenings. HTTYD3 had 3M Thursday last year and it was the end chapter of an established franchise appealing also to young adults. The OW was 55M
  10. 2020: Before Black Widow 100M+ grossers (2, with 4 assured) Sonic, Bad Boys, Onward, Quiet Place, Mulan and No Time to Die. With other 2 possible additions (Trolls, Peter Rabbit). And put in the mix the expansion of 1917, almost a 2020 film. Movies over 50M+ (4 assured): Dolittle, Birds of Prey, Call of the Wild and Invisible Man. And lets see about The Hunt, Boodshot, New Mutants, Lovebirds, Bad Trip, Antebellum or Antlers. 2019: Before Endgame 100M+ grossers (8): Upside, Glass, Lego 2, Dragon 3, Captain Marvel, Us, Dumbo, Shazam 50M+ grossers (4): Alita, Madea, What Men Want, Escape Room So pretty much in line with last year. Not bad considering it's the worst year ever against the best line-up year ever
  11. Invisible Man - 33M Sonic - 16M Call of the wild - 15M Bad Boys - 4M Emma - 4M Birds of Prey - 4M 1917 - 3M Parasite - 2M Jumanji - 2M Boy 2 - 2M top 10 - 85M
  12. Also so happy. Paramount deserved better. The combo Sonic / A quiet place will change things for them. Then, Summer tentpoles Maverick and Spongebob are likely to be hits. Add Without remorse, Trial of the Chicago 7, Snake Eyes, Coming 2 America, Tomorrow war, Infinite... Possibly over 1billion DOM since...
  13. This Tuesday would be 10th biggest day for Parasite in its entire 124 day run
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