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  1. 50 Shades Freed - 39M Peter Rabbit - 27M 15:17 Paris - 17M Jumanji - 9M Maze3 - 6M Showman - 6M Winchester - 4.5M Post - 4M Shape of Water - 3.5M Hostiles - 3M Top 10 - 119M
  2. Early reactions + excelent release date + it works as an Avengers prologue + first big blockbuster of the year + Marvel at its peak of awareness = over 200M 4day
  3. Rank the Best Picture nominees

    I have seen Get Out (A), Dunkirk (B+) and The Post (A-). Planning to see Three Billboards this weekend. Shape of Water opens here 16th February, and Lady Bird a week later.
  4. 90th Academy Awards nominations

    Still embarrassed with Three Billboards nommed for its meh score. Even more when this year they had Coco to root for. AMPAS are constantly overlooking Giacchino's scores. The fact he didin't get nom for Inside Out, Coco, The Incredibles, Super 8, Apes, Doctor Strange, Rogue One... All of them overlooked for already forgotten scores like Sicario, Argo, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy...
  5. Jumanji 18M 12 Strong 14M Post 13M Greatest Showman 9M Paddington 7.5M Commuter 6.5M Insidious 6M SW8 6M Den of Thieves 5.5M Proud Mary 4.5M Top 10 - 90M
  6. Best Picture predictions-2017!

    Slightly updated, adding I, Tonya and The Big Sick to complete a 10 wide list.
  7. 2017 Critics/Alternate Awards Discussion

    The Post continues to be ommited.
  8. 2017 Critics/Alternate Awards Discussion

    Now, this is a clear sign how crowded and dificult to predict this year is. We have wins for Get Out (2), Three Billboards, Lady Bird (3), Dunkirk, and Shape of Water.
  9. BAFTA Nominations

    And there you have. As I predicted, Darkest Hour wasn't dead. The most troubling omission is The Post. Poor Spielberg. Maybe Get Out is too American for BAFTA. It will be better considered by AMPAS
  10. 3day Post 31M Jumanji 30M Paddington2 22M Proud Mary 15M Last Jedi 14M Commuter 13M Insidious4 13M Greatest Showman 10M Pitch Perfect3 5.5M Molly 4.5M Top 10 - 162M
  11. I like the boldness nature of this club. DOM? In! I have a feeling this will be the biggest animated film ever. And that should be enough to beat Avengers and Jurassic World 2. Incredibles 2 - 560M Avengers - 540M JW2 - 520M
  12. 2017 Critics/Alternate Awards Discussion

    I would not say that I Tonya is on the same level as Get Out, Lady Bird or 3 Billboards. It doesn't have ensemble SAG nom. Neither has it The Shape of Water. For me, a movie can only be considered SAG nommed with ensemble category So we have four movies leading with 5 mentions: Shape of Water, Lady Bird, Get Out, Three billboards. With 4 guilds mentions: The Big Sick and I, Tonya. With 3 guilds: Dunkirk, The Post, Molly's Game. With 2 guilds: Mudbound, Wonder Woman, Logan, Darkest Hour, Call Me By Your Name.
  13. Best Picture predictions-2017!

    In early December, Get Out was a longshot in categories such as Best Actor, Editing and Director. It even got an ensemble SAG nom. If not for that feminism argument, it would be the clearest contender for the win. Backlash for Three billboards is already here, slowly increasing. Let's see if it's strong enough once final ballots come. Lady Bird is the most plausible female pic winner, IMHO.
  14. Best Picture predictions-2017!

    Which conversations? There is a lot of noise still surrounding films like Florida Project (indie's choice, lot of critic prizes), Molly's game (last minute surge), Phantom Thread (they love PTA, movie has its devotes), and Darkest Hour (solid BO run, and AMPAS love this kind of movies more than critics/globes/guilds)
  15. Best Picture predictions-2017!

    The large amount of female driven BP candidates (3 billboards, Shape, Lady Bird) can easily split votes and allow other strong candidates to surge. And I believe AMPAS is really prepared to embrace a popular crossgenre hit everyone loved. I am not saying Get Out will win. But its staying power, theme, relevance and success are going to be important factors

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