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  1. stripe

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    I don't know if BP would be 4-5 or 6th in a 5 best picture field. Race is fierce at this moment, with Favourite, Panther & Green Book (divisive) fighting. However, I would say that BP has had more support than TDK. It received two key precursors that TDK didn't have: SAG ensemble nom and Globe Best Picture nom. Also, it's more accesible and more cultural resonant in the US with the themes it touches. BP only missed two precursors: DGA and BAFTA.
  2. stripe

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    Another guild nominations: Sound (CAS) Black Panther A Star is Born Bohemian Rhapsody First Man A Quiet Place
  3. stripe

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    Casting Society of America Not related to an Oscar category, but it shows industry preferences
  4. stripe

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    A bit surprised BP didn't sneak in with ACE Guilds support, before DGA and CAS with 7 noms Star is Born - PGA, ACE, ASC, ADG, SAG, WGA, CSA with 5 noms Blackkkansman - PGA, SAG, WGA, ACE, CSA Crazy Rich Asians - PGA, SAG, ACE, ADG, CSA Roma - PGA, WGA, ASC, ADG, ACE with 4 noms Favourite - PGA, ACE, ADG, ASC Black Panther - PGA, SAG, WGA, ADG Green Book - PGA, WGA, ACE, CSA Vice - PGA, WGA, ACE, CSA Bohemian Rhapsody - PGA, SAG, ACE, ADG with 3 noms A quiet place - PGA, WGA, ADG First man - ACE, ADG, ASC
  5. Smelling a Dog's Way Home overperforming next weekend to 18-20M Upside 9M Replicas 4.5M
  6. stripe

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    What a weird year! BR continues to surge as a contender, even for the win. In a 5 BP field it would even have strong chances to be nommed. All this despite a troubled production and mild critics reception. Great news also for Green Book and Roma. It's a fascinating fight for the gold without a real frontrunner. At this point I can't see any of this missing the cut Black Panther Blackkkansman A Star is Born Roma Green Book Bohemian Rhapsody Favourite And after PGA, I am quite confident the other 2 nominees will be Vice and... Crazy Rich Asians.
  7. stripe

    Best Picture Predictions - 2019

    I had to check what the hell most of those movies are and the names behind them... The Pope?
  8. stripe

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    I think it's either Crazy Rich Asians or A Quiet Place. There are 6 strong candidates: A Star is Born, Roma, Black Panther, Favourite, Green Book, Blakkkansman. Then 2 more from between these 4: A Quiet Place, MPR, CRA and Bohemian Rhapsody. And other 2 from these 4: Vice, Eighth grade, If Beale Street, and First Man (be careful with that one! I have an increasing feel it's going to make a surprising surge due to the lack of passion for Vice).
  9. Angry Birds 2 and JW3 are not as likely as MIB and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. We are headed for some extremely huge movies in 2019, but I can't see this record falling. I am rooting for 2019 being the first year over 12 billion DOM.
  10. Why? In 2012... Friday: the increases were from 5-25% Saturday: the increases were between 5-15% Sunday: I the drops were between 15-25% IMHO, MPR is headed to a 2nd weekend of 31-35M
  11. 200M is definitely looking likely for MPR. And if it manages to be a BP nominee, late legs could be great
  12. Unexpected number... Let's expect a surge from now on
  13. There's nothing really comparable to Mary Poppins Returns, so many analysts might be really wrong pronosticating that opening. I have a feeling there is a huge hidden audience ready to embrace it once it opens. Walk-ups could be surprising. Just like they were with first JW. Nostalgia, perfect release date, whole family espectacle, Oscars buzz... And already great presales. Watch out!!
  14. I am going to be on the optimistic side this time. Why not? It would be a great to close the year with great news and 12b DOM Aquaman - 80M MPR - 45M Bumblebee - 30M ITSV - 20M Mule - 12M SA - 9M Grinch - 8M Marwen - 6M Ralph2 - 6M ME - 4M Top 10 - 220M

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