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  1. My Best Editing guesses. Full of BP nominees this year, because I can't see a praised action movie sneaking in. 1917 Ford v Ferrari Irishman JoJo Rabbit Once upon a time in Hollywood alt. Parasite Possible challengers? Endgame, Joker, Us, Bombshell, Star Wars 9
  2. Even crazier to predict! We can see a film no one was calling nommed. Right now, my make-up predict Joker Bombshell Once upon a time in Hollywood Star Wars 9 Endgame
  3. FvF - 29M CA - 16.5M Good liar - 10M Midway - 9.5M Doctor Sleep - 7M PWF - 7M Last Christmas - 7M Dark Fate - 5.5M Joker - 5.5M Maleficent - 5M top 10 - 102M
  4. There's only room for 3, right? This is every year the most unpredictable category. I guess Joker / Bombshell / Once upon a time in Hollywood ?? With possible Star Wars 9
  5. Are we already talking about winners? Too early! I can still picture a winning scenario for Parasite, 1917, Little Women, Marriage Story, Irishman and Jojo Rabbit. Even for Once upon a time in Hollywood. Also, I'm kind of surprised with the lack of confidence with Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. I only have two things clear: 1/ There won't be 3 Netflix movies nommed in BP. 2/ One of the December movies (1917, Bombshell and Little Women) won't be nommed in BP. With that in mind, my predictions: Once upon a time in Hollywood Marriage Story Irishman Jojo Rabbit Parasite Little Women 1917 A Beautiful Day in the Neigborhood Joker (weakest contender) Alt. Ford v Ferrari, Bombshell, Farewell
  6. Harriet and Motherless Brooklyn getting 2 noms Score and Song. Great for them. Ad Astra not nommed, biggest surprise for me. 1917 and Star Wars might join all these scores
  7. Great for Terminator. Increased much more than I expected. Now, let's wait for Wednesday to foresee if legs will be solid. 40% drop would translate to 2.05M Anything over 1.8M Thursday would be nice, IMHO
  8. Doctor Sleep - 31M Last Christmas - 21M Midway - 14.5M Dark Fate - 14M Joker - 8.5M Maleficent - 8M Playing with Fire - 8M Harriet - 8M Addams Family - 5M Zombieland - 4M top 10 - 122M
  9. If OW is over 30M and WOM spreads, it can find a way to 100M DOM. Competition isn't crazy this November. Crossing fingers
  10. GA reaction will be key to avoid the bomb territory. If it's as crowdpleasing as it appears to be, then legs through November should be quite solid
  11. October 2019 going to become 2nd best October ever, just behind amazing 2018. Quite curious to see if November 2019 can come close to 2012's record
  12. I would add Beautiful day in the neighbourhood to the mix. Anyways, we won't reach the record this year. My guess 23. Addams 24. Maleficent 25. Terminator (and I'm optimistic) 26. Frozen 2 27. Beautiful Day in Neighbourhood 28. Jumanji 29. Star Wars 30. Cats
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