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  1. Do you know if the movie is bad or mediocre? NO! I refuse to root for bad BO prior to know the quality. I always try to expect the best. Anyways, making a movie is a hard task with many people involved trying to do their best. Not just a studio. It's not easy to deliver a great/good film.
  2. Hard to say. Good club. Gonna stay out, because I (almost) always route for films to do as nice/great as possible.
  3. NEXT WEEKEND JW3 - 51M EG - 36M DP - 28M Dog Journey - 16M Hustle - 6.5M Intruder - 4.5M Sun Star - 4.5M Long Shot - 4M Poms - 3M Uglydolls - 2M Top10 - 155.5M MD WEEKEND Aladdin - 65M / 80M JW3 - 27M / 34M EG - 23M / 29M DP - 17M / 22M Brightburn - 10M / 12M Dog Journey - 9M /12M Booksmart - 8M / 9.5M Hustle - 3.5M / 4.5M Intruder - 3M / 4M Long Shot - 2.5M / 3M Top10 - 168M / 210M
  4. DP was always a wild card. The opening is not bad by any means. I wouldn't expect strong legs. If I had to guess, after this opening, I would say 140-150M DOM gross is likely
  5. 850-870M DOM is where EG will land. I was crossing fingers for this to outgross TFA, but I am fine with this: EG WW crown TFA DOM crown Avatar OS crown
  6. All the MCU is an anomaly, so who knows? Anyways, I wouldn't compare MCU to Potter. Different franchises. Different times. Different social impact.
  7. Right now The good liar is WB best bet for this year awards season, IMO I agree Endgame is a longshot for BP, despite the BO phenomenom, but I wouldn't rule out a nom due to its cultural relevance. Oscars are not that closed to recognize praised phenomenoms like this. In an expanded field we would have possibly seen nominations for TDK and even POTC. Even Force Awakens was sooooo close to a nom.
  8. EG - 72M DP - 68M Hustle - 14M Poms - 11M Long Shot - 6M Intruder - 5M Uglydolls - 4.5M Tolkien - 4M CM - 2.5M Breakthrough - 2.5M top10 - 189.5M
  9. Better Sunday than estimated, but still short for the record... SAD
  10. The only chance for this to not get DOM record is if Thanos wipes out half of the future audience
  11. Conservative 42M 63M 45M 150M I expect... 44M 66M 50M 160M
  12. I have no doubt Endgame will take the crown both DOM and WW. But OS crown should still be for Avatar.
  13. Once again, awesome number. And still any sign of frontloadness. Around 640M after 2nd weekend is kind of assured at this point. Think about this: TFA will barely reduce the gap with EG despite the incredible Holiday legs it had.
  14. Out. Now see some here disappointed with 160M 2nd weekend and around 640M 10day gross...
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