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  1. Disney will pull a $200m even ow estimate on Sunday for headlines, then it’ll drop to like 194 on Monday. I know it’s not like Disney to do that, but these are “desperate” times lol.
  2. Recently got back. My lowered expectations helped I think as I thought it was enjoyable enough. I was expecting BvS levels of terrible after all the reviews but it was fine. Def the weakest of the ST atm though and was def meh on Rey being Palpatine's granddaughter and Reylo kiss at the end, but the action was really good, 3PO was great, the funny parts were funny and weren't cringy or anything, seeing Luke again was nice, the flash back with Luke and Leia was cool, the ending with Rey on Tatooine was great, the lightsaber force swap fight with Rey and Kylo was cool, seeing Lando was great, Finn and Poe had better roles, Rey saying she was a Skywalker at the end, etc. so there was def alot of positives. The store was a mess though and def felt rushed as JJ was under such a time crunch. Def feel it would have been better if he had more time/an extra year and this came out Dec 2020 instead of now. Oh well. It's def a bummer and feeling of melancholy now that the trilogy is over though...feels like just yesterday there was the teaser trailer for TFA and how amazing leading up to that release was and seeing it in theaters 4 years ago, etc. I will be seeing this again tomorrow and I always feel the second showings of much anticipated movies are more enjoyable/I'm able to judge them better since there's no build up of anticipation and I can just watch it for what it is, etc. so curious if my feeling change (for better or worse) after additional viewing(s). atm: B-
  3. Even they couldn't fuck up that much right?!? I just want it to start with a 4 now. Give me just $40m at the nose and I'll be ok with that. But if it is $45m like they have, that's just awesome.
  4. Don't...don't tease me like this deadline. Even if they're off by $5m, a $39-43m preview # is excellent at this point.
  5. Here for the last big SW movie for a while. Thinking $190m ow but rooting hard for $200m. Also seeing it tomorrow and a Friday night and hopefully I enjoy it enough. And great OP ELR!
  6. Yeah see this is where I feel reviews actually do play a (small) part in an OW. If it was 80+% on RT like we were all hoping, there’d be a def bigger boost in pre-sale #s.
  7. Holy shit is the new site horrible! This is fucking depressing. We'll always have this though, they can't take away the past at least! https://web.archive.org/web/20191023033914/https://www.boxofficemojo.com/
  8. Yeah but the Sunday headlines are way more important than the Monday actuals. Which is why I never understand why Disney lowballs Sun #s. Oh well, should be $190m with tomorrow's actuals.
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