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  1. I agree...I mean no recent 7th film had a big ow and then a multi like that. Like imagine a 7th film with an ow twice that even! Would awaken some forceful feelings in me. I know it's not really comparable but still lol
  2. Tickets are on sale! Was able to buy off fandango tix for Lincoln square imax. Let's go!
  3. Umm, how come every single one of those trains aren't exploding.
  4. It's ironic how 2 of the most iconic/classic sci-fi movies of all time came out that year and neither were even nominated for best picture.
  5. Well getting #s on a Friday night usually leads to dates so think of this thread as both.
  6. Just send them a link to this thread and share your feelings on WW, ladies to follow in no time. #WrathofHand
  7. I don't think you're giving Moonlight its fair due, but I agree La La Land was the best movie of 2016. Also, while Fury Road was great, it's your own fault if you actually expected it to win. It never had a chance to win best picture.
  8. It would do way more than $225m off and $87m ow.
  9. I'd say anything over a 2.5 is good and anything over a 2.9 is great. Something like that.
  10. If serious, alot: BB TDKR SM GoTG IM CA: TWS SM2 Dr.S etc

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