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  1. Update from Sweden: Sweden Disney 7/17/19 $4,199,095 36.9% $11,389,368 8/11/19 So it seems that the weekly drop was less than 20% (it made roughly 2.5m the week before last and a bit above 2m last week). My previous low end estimation of a total of 800k tickets should already be passed with this number. It will pass Endgames gross sometime this week as well. As of now I have no reason to see this going below 1000k tickets, and I can see it going quite a bit over that, with the aim I think should be Dead Man's Chest at 1137k.
  2. I have no idea really, it's hard to say what kind of legs it will have when the weather plays such an important factor. I have a hard time seeing it miss 800k though, but it could go quite a bit higher. Endgame I would estimate is right around 750k maybe a tad higher
  3. It's doing pretty damn good here in Sweden this week as the weather has cooled down a bit. Last week it was very, very warm and boxoffice went down because of that. For example here in Gothenburg (second largest city) it roughly did between 1500-2000 tickets last wednesday whereas today it will probably pass 4000 tickets. Haven't really had any updates from Sweden of what I've seen but I'm expecting a total over 600k tickets by Sunday.
  4. Good question. Lets see Force Awakens: 113187 Deathly Hallows Part II: 110977 Then I know The Last Jedi was over as well. Then I do not really know any beyond these. Return of the King and the Hobbit 3 are possbilities, but I would think they were lower.
  5. 86186 tickets in Sweden for opening day. Slightly less than I had hoped, but still incredible. Biggest opening day of the year, one of the biggest summer opening days of all time I would think (the only I know that were bigger was Deathly Hallows Part 2).
  6. TS4 and FFH both opened to 1,1m tickets for the entire opening weekend. This had an OD of 0,63m, I'm no expert in French BO but it should handily beat those.
  7. It's doing incredible numbers in Sweden for opening day. If it in any way can sustain this over the first five days it should clear 300k tickets.
  8. Well, it's a weird number alright, but not any stranger than last weeks. There's no way it actually made as much as they reported last week, so maybe it just evens out. It's going to get past Avatar in the end anyways, simply because they want it to.
  9. And take out China Avengers would be a good 400m behind Avatar. And besides, even discounting China global box office has increased a bit.
  10. Similarly, the reason Endgame outperforms Avatar in ticket sales is because of market expansion and so on, so it kind of evens out in the end. Though, looking at both runs in context, I have a hard time thinking Endgame's run is more impressive. Avatar's run is only topped by Titanic's in the past 25 years and their runs are far and away the most impressive ones.
  11. It did 51, and it held very well the 3 following weeks actually. Endgame probably will have very harsh drops comparatively considering the competition, so 40 would probably be a good outcome.
  12. Looks like Jedi will struggle to pass $650m now, it's not really any doubt at this point that it has mixed word of mouth. Long runtime and competition are poor reasons as to why it holds up so badly, other movies has been longer and had more competition and still held far, far better. Still, it will have an amazing gross. Jumanji doing great, surely has to be the box-office story of the year at this point.
  13. Leo wasn't the draw back then he is now though. It's quite clear that movies like The Wolf of Wall Street and The Revenant wouldn't have made the money they did if it wasn't for DiCaprio and neither would Gatsby. Sure you can say they're big budget films or whatnot, but it's not like Denzel makes indie flicks himself. Except for Flight he usually does action films with a budget of around $75m, it's not like it's unheard of such movies making close to $100m.
  14. Yeah, sure they did, that doesn't make TFA more popular though. If you actually want to see popularity you need to adjust for ticket price as well. Anyway, what a ridiculous argument. So what it did a whole lot in one country, that country is included in its gross. Fact is that F7 sold more tickets OS hence it was the more popular film. It beat F7 in some local currencies, lost in a whole lot as well. Gross is counted in dollars, it made less, that's just a fact.
  15. Well, its OS gross is still its OS gross. It will probably gross less than F7, it most definetely will sell less tickets OS. What exactly is achieved by adjusting for exchange rates? Yeah, other than making a film who wasn't as popular and didn't gross as much to look more popular.
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